Pandemia: Erotic Stories in an Uncertain Time

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Lives in a small midwestern town intertwine during the pandemic of 2020.

Erotica / Romance
Tremour Lee
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Chapter One - "Natalie"

My name is Natalie Granger. And no, I’m not related to a fictional character in that movie about a teenage wizard. I am just a typical girl living in a boring small town in the Midwest, trying desperately to survive this stupid pandemic. I am also a week removed from my 18th birthday.

I am a month into this quarantine and I am bored out of my mind. I was working as a waitress until my restaurant closed per the governor’s order. It truly sucks because I’m an only child and usually stuck at home by myself because my parents are still working their jobs like normal.

My father is a truck driver and is typically gone for a week or two at a time, while my mother works as an emergency room nurse at the local hospital. She’s been working mostly afternoon and midnight shifts, leaving me all alone most of the time. It’s been tough, I’m not going to lie.

I haven’t seen any of my friends with the exception of the occasional Facetime or an accidental butt dial. It’s been tougher than I realized it was going to be. I’m usually just bored and alone. You can only watch so much television, you can only be on social media for so long, and you can only stare at the wall until you get annoyed with that too. It just becomes a blur every day.

I’m seriously over this whole damn thing.

But hey, at least I am still safe through this whole thing.

It is currently 10:30 on a Friday night and I’m laying on the living room couch in my underwear and a thin white tank top watching reruns of Friends. I am also eating ice cream straight out of a carton. This is how far I have fallen.

I should be out cruising the town, going out to parties with my friends and trying to hook up with boys. But no, I’m doing this instead. Sitting at home watching the same show that my mom watched when she was my age. What fun! And I mean that as sarcastically as that sounds.

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My mother left for work shortly before 10 o’clock and would be gone for the next twelve hours until tomorrow morning. My dad left earlier in the week for a route that would lead him to Oklahoma and then Texas and wouldn’t be returning until tomorrow or Sunday. Then he’s home for day before heading back out. At least he gets to see the country, even with a cotton mask on.

God, he’s so fucking lucky.

He has no idea.

I am growing restless. I pause the episode of Friends and decide to grab a cigarette from my mom’s “secret" stash, before grabbing a wine cooler from the fridge that was hidden in the back of the refrigerator. I crack open the bottle and grab a lighter from my purse and head to the front porch. It’s a pretty poorly lit street so going out in my panties isn’t that uncommon for me, or anybody in my house to be completely honest.

And to be pretty blunt, there is nothing currently sexy about the way I look at all anyways. Lavender bikini cut cotton panties and my dark brown hair up in a messy bun doesn’t really scream, “hey, come fuck me neighborhood creepers.”

I lit my cigarette and inhale the dark cloud and exhale out. I take a swig of the wine cooler and look out at my dark, quiet street. It was too quiet, especially for a Friday night. Sure plenty of living room lights were illuminating through thinly veiled curtains, but other than that – silence.

Well, that was until I saw bright headlights coming down the street and realized at it approached closer that it was my neighbor across the street who would pull his large black SUV into his driveway. It was Mr. Johnson. I looked at my phone and saw that the time read 10:55, pretty late for him to still be out. He was a professor at the local college and was usually home no later than 7 o’clock.

I crossed my legs and squinted my eyes to see what he was doing. He was carrying a few grocery bags and his black briefcase. He turned towards my direct and I courteously waved at him. He lifted his briefcase above his head as to wave back. I smiled at him softly as he went back to paying attention to his bags.

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Mr. Johnson was such a nerd.

But, honestly I found him so weirdly hot.

I watched him fumble with his front door as I took another hit of my cigarette, trying to keep it low so that he wouldn’t see, even though he clearly wasn’t paying any attention to me.

I had my attention on Mr. Johnson though. He was at least in his mid-40s and dressed like it was much older, wearing plaid suit jackets with elbow patches like he lived in the 1940s. He wore thick framed black plastic glasses and wore his short salt and peppered dark brown hair messy like he always just woke up.

All the girls probably swooned over him as he talked about history or math or whatever the hell he taught. There was just a certain quality about him that I couldn’t really explain. He was nerdy and hot.

I watched him let himself into his house. It looked like the living room light was still on, indicating most likely, that his wife was still up. Mrs. Johnson seemed nice enough. I never really had much interaction with her. They had got married a few years ago when she was going to get her doctorate at the same college where he worked. Now she works as a medical doctor in the same hospital that my mom works at, just in a different department.

My mom doesn’t care for her much but doesn’t ever really say why, and I never cared enough to ask. I just laughed it off. My mom doesn’t really care for anybody honestly, especially since this pandemic.

I don’t blame her either.

I have little patience for the few that I have to deal with on a regular basis, and yes, that means both my parents. I can’t wait to be done with high school in a month and a half. It seems so close, yet so far away. I was already thinking about moving away for college. The state university three hours away.

Away from this boring ass small town. Away from the small town mentality. Away from small town whispers and small town insertions.

(page 3)

I put out my cigarette and headed back inside after I saw Mr. Johnson’s living room light go out. I was bored again. I peaked out the door one last time before locking it behind me. What to do now?

I hit play on the episode of Friends and finished drinking the rest of my now warm wine cooler that I had lost the taste for. I closed my eyes and thought about going to bed, but I was restless. TV wasn’t working like I had hoped, it was just the same old, same old that had become my normal routine.

The wine cooler had me feeling a little loose though. Maybe some self care was next on my list. I was alone and had been horny for what seemed like forever, of course isn’t that the same for every teenage girl?

I laid back onto several pillows and closed my eyes to get a picture of some hunky, ripped jock from my school. Somebody like Connor, the star running back, or Tyler, the beefy linebacker. Neither came into my mind though, it was somebody far different from my usual lustful catalog of studs.

It was Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson, the nerdy yet attractive professor from across the street. It may seems so predictable but I thought about being a naughty school girl, dressed up in a white buttoned down blouse and a red and green plaid skirt. He was at the chalk board giving me a history lesson of some sort, looking all buff and muscular under his dress shirt and tight cardigan sweater. I bit my lower lip as my fingers began wandering down towards my lavender panties.

I pushed them to the side, exposing my already glistening pussy. Just the image of him started to make me moist. My thin middle finger began to work my clit in a circular motion. The slickness seemed to guide it. The image got stronger and more vivid as my thoughts went to him coming over to me with a disapproving look like I had made a fateful mistake. I bit my lip a little harder as his gray eyes felt like they burrowed into my loins.

I moaned as his disappointment grew harder and stronger, pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I wanted him. I needed him.

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As he grabbed my neck forcefully and pulled me closer to him, I rubbed my clit faster, at an almost feverish pace. It sent waves cascading throughout me as he aggressively inserted his tongue in-between my pursed lips, turning his own displeasure for me into driven lust. I shook as my middle finger worked harder and faster as my orgasm overtook me, sending spasms throughout my entire body. I began to writhe all over the couch, fingering my clit harder and sending me insanely over the edge.

My orgasm completely overtook me as I clenched the pillow behind my head even tighter. My hips lifted from the cushions as my moans turned into guttural groans and muted screams. I collapsed exhaustingly back onto the couch, covered in sweat as I tried to catch my breath. I removed my finger slowly, which was now covered in my juices. I wiped it on my tank and tried to regain my composure.

It took a couple minutes but I got there.

I repositioned my underwear and got up, grabbing another one of my mother’s secret cigarettes and headed to the front door. I walked onto the porch and lit it and quickly dropped down into the chair.

I could feel the biggest smile on my face.

Thank you Mr. Johnson.

I slowly smoked the cigarette as my right hand shook for several minutes afterwards. It got quite a work out. I was still trying to wrap my head around how hard my orgasm truly was. Even visualizing somebody before I had never had such an intense one. It was earth shattering.

I finished the cigarette and put it out and sat there for a few more minutes. I was trying to recollect myself before even attempting to stand back up. But eventually I did and closed the front door and locked it. I looked at the still frozen Friends episode and hit play to continue it.

I laid back onto the couch and closed my eyes. What began as another typical boring night ended up turning into something completely different. Not that I was going to complain. I quickly drifted off with that smile on my face courtesy of my unsuspecting neighbor.

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