Storm Warning

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Selena is caught at work during an intense storm that has hit her city. All she wanted to do was leave and make it home, but when plans don't go as expected, she realizes she is glad that she ended up staying.

Erotica / Romance
Tremour Lee
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Chapter 1

Selena walks across through the busy traffic as she makes her way towards the third floor advertising company where she has worked for the last three years. She is 26 and still trying her damn best to make it through the ranks and to be finally taken seriously. That is a long shot and she realizes it.

The rain’s cold on her bare shoulder, stressing now the fact that she wishes she would grab a light sweater or coat before she left the apartment. But she was running late and she couldn’t leave Dolores Richmond waiting, her boss waiting.

Dolores is a stern, harsh, and very direct older woman who has made her way to the very top of the company. She didn’t give favors and didn’t have favorites, she rode every employee until the work she expected was delivered right.

She is in her late 60s and many people within the company were hoping that she would retire fairly soon, but just like everybody else, Selena knew that wasn’t at all going to be the case. She has to much at stake with the company, and even though it was the new millennium, women didn’t always have the kind of power that Dolores Richmond has. And she wasn’t willing to give that power up.

Not without a fight at least.

Selena is dressed in a sleek black dress that reaches barely to her knees. Her long, slender, bare legs are cold in the changing weather of the spring. “Why didn’t I wear something warmer,” she thinks to herself as she carries her bulky umbrella and make her way to the front of the large office building.

She opens the door, closes her umbrella, and heads to the elevator, pressing the fourth floor button and waiting for it to close. She takes a deep breath and quickly reminds herself that it was Friday. Her frustratingly long week was almost over.

Her dark chocolate colored hair is saturated despite having held the umbrella for the last several blocks. She is cold, wet, and just happy to be out of the storm that is currently brewing as the gloomy sky sets the tone of the day. She shakes her soaked hair, trying not to get her dress wet in the process. She takes a deep breath and tries to psych herself up for the day ahead.


She arrives at her floor and walks out of the elevator. A coworker of hers, Benton Hobbs, is hovering near as if he was waiting on her to come out. He has a frantic look on his face and is sweating profusely. She sets her umbrella off to the side and slowly walks over to him. She places her small, soft hand on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong Benton,” she asks sweetly, her voice remaining calm and solidly steadfast, as it always remains. He looks at her with his deep hazel eyes, and gives himself a moment to clear the chaos running amok in his head.

“She is on a tear,” he finally gets out.

“Somebody didn’t get the specs to publishing for that Spark perfume advertisement that you have been working on.”

“Are you fucking serious right now,” Selena calmly asks.

“As a heart attack,” Benton remarks.

Selena regains her composure and heads to her cubicle and sets her purse down the bland, beige carpeting that lined the office’s floor. She knows that it is just a matter of time before Delores yells out her name and the riot act will be soon to begin. Not the kind of morning that she was hoping for.

She knows there is going to be a mess to clean up that will end up taking most of the day to fix. Not just her but her team as well. She powers up her computer and sits down in her uncomfortable and cheap office chair and begins to check the morning emails. Just as she expected there is a slew of messages regarding the mistake on the Spark perfume account that Benton warned her about.

“Fuck,” she thinks to herself.

“SELENA,” she hears Delores’ loud and abrasive voice yell out.


She stands up and announces herself. Delores points her old, skinny finger towards her and motions for her to come into her office. The next 30 minutes is spent getting berated and screamed at for stuff that wasn’t even her fault, but had no idea who dropped the ball on the account.


Selena spends half the time nodding and the other half ignoring the bullying attitude of her boss. She knew it was her responsibility but she also knew that her team was going to get a full on fucking earful from her too.

She is dismissed from the office, being told to fix the mistake and was handed another new account that needed to be finished up today. A project that Benton has been working on for the past week. She walks over to her small group and calls for a brief and direct meeting.

“Fix the fucking issue with Spark. I don’t want excuses just phone calls figuring out what happened with the publishing. You have until noon to get the kinks worked on and Delores off my back, understand?”

Her group of four nod their heads.

“And Benton, I want the your account finished up by the end of the day.”

“Yes, Selena.”

She could tell that Benton is stressed out. It hasn’t been an easy couple weeks for the 30-something year man. His wife had just left him and he has been easily distracted at work. She is pretty sure that he was the one who dropped the ball on the account. She didn’t have proof and wasn’t going to push the issue.

She just wanted it to get fixed.

She also feels a tinge sorry for the man. His wife had an affair with one of her coworkers and left him and moved in with the guy. She couldn’t understand why though, it wasn’t as if Benton is ugly. Sure, he is pretty quiet and reserved, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of man you’d cheat on.

Selena had always found him attractive.

His tall 6 foot 3 and athletic frame is one that most girls would keep their nails into. He dresses quite nice, usually in a bottom down shirt and nice pleated khakis and always looked put together. His short brown hair is always neatly combed, always cleanly shaven, and before this all happened, was a damn good employee.

She feels sorry for him.


Selena sits back in her office chair and conducts some calls of own as she looks out the large windows of the building. The sky is a very dark gray, almost black and the rain hasn’t let up the slightest. The weather outside fits her mood rather perfectly, dreary and upsetting.

She taps her neatly manicured fingernails on the glass top of her desk, she knows the days is long but hopefully not too long. Her job takes over too much of her life as it does already, there doesn’t need to take anymore of it.

Being single mainly because of how much time your job takes up can get old after a while, and self-pleasuring yourself, can only do so much. She likes her space but hates being alone. And it has been over a year since the last time she has even felt a man’s touch, let alone any type of intimacy.

She needs fucked. Desperately.

An emergency broadcast alert buzzes across her phone. She looks down and see that the April storm was only going to get worse. She sighs and gets up from her desk to check on her crew. The woman, Devin, a stone-faced ginger who also just happens to be her best crew member, assures her that the issue with publishing should be fixed by the end of the day. She thanks her.

A feeling of calm washes over Selena as she knew that one obstacle was close to being over. The second was Benton. He had to have that account done by 4 o’clock or that meant staying over. Her phone rings and she picks it up.

It is Delores.

“Hello,” she answers, hoping it isn’t more bad news.

“Good job getting that matter handled. Just got word that publishing can reprint everything by noon. Any work on Benton’s project?”

“He’s working on it.”

“Well, this storm that’s expecting to only get worse kind of forced my hand on how much I can have other departments do, so I’m just going to have everybody get done around 1. As long as you two have it on my desk by then, then you two can go start your weekend early as well,” she continues.

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