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Storm Warning

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Chapter 2

Selena wasn’t expecting that generosity from her. It wasn’t typical of her to be that way, either that or she underestimated the power of this storm. She thanked her and got up from her desk. It was time to check on Benton’s progress.

She looks down at her gold watch on her dainty wrist, it reads 11:30. She needs to get Benton finished so she could get back to her quant downtown apartment and get back into her comfy fleece pajamas. She is sorry for Benton’s personal life but she wanted an early weekend just as much, if not more than, everybody else.

He is sitting hunched over at his desk finishing what she had hoped was the last of the design. He is good at his job, just not exceptional or particular fast at any single task he is given. He manages to get as much done based on the shear amount of patience that her and Delores show him.

“How much more do you have to go,” she asks, hoping for the best case scenario.

“Maybe an hour, or so,” he nervously replies.

“Well Delores said we can all head out early if you get this to her by 1.”

He looks up surprised by the revelation. Selena knows the feeling, having just experienced the same reaction. He wants to be gone too, probably to go back home and sulk. Something she finds quite troubling. She had never been that much in love with anybody. She is married to her career, but that is her cross to bear. No matter how much she has sacrificed, it has been her decision.

“Well, don’t screw it up,” she sharply warns.

Selena walks away as Benton nods in understanding. He had to make sure that he didn’t let her down. Selena tries her best to be a great lead, but she could be just as strict and demanding as their boss. She expects a lot from her people, knowing that her job and career depended on it.

She didn’t spend 4 years at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country to waddle through bullshit for nothing. She is driven. And she wants them to be too. She is willing to do whatever she has to, by any means necessary to get the best out of each and every one of them, even sad sack Benton.


She gets back to her desk and see the already 15 emails she has received. She answers every one and stares at the clock until the small hand hits the one. The other departments get up from their desks and make their way towards the awaiting elevator to freedom. She hadn’t seen Benton in over an hour.

She is annoyed.

The view from the floors window showed the sky only getting darker and darker and the rain seems to blow sidewalks. She wants to get out of here and was growing more and more agitated as the minutes continue to pass. Benton wasn’t going to ruin a relaxing night for her.

She has earned it, damn it.

She gets up from her desk and heads over to Benton’s desk where it looks like he is putting pages into a manila envelope. He sees her coming his way and stands up from his large gray chair and stands up and meets her gaze just as she arrives. She pushes her dark hair behind her ear and tries to maintain her cool as much as she can, despite her obviously annoyed state.

“All done. Sorry, I ran into a few snags towards the end,” he nervously speaks as her stern glare seems to make him feel intimidated.

“Good. The storm is moving pretty quickly from what the Weather Channel as been reporting in the last hour. I still have to try to make it down to the subway terminal before it really hits,” Selena explains to him.

“Grab your stuff and follow me,” she sternly continues.

He picks up his backpack and the manila envelope back towards Selena’s desk, where she grabbed her purse and a few items before the two head back towards the front of the office. She is ready to get the heck out of here. She plops the manila envelope onto the desk and two of them begin to hear a loud humming noise that quickly was follow by a “cha" sound.

Boom. Lights go out.

“FUCK, she groans loudly.


There is no way to take the elevator now and Selena could feel the frustration mounting deep inside her. She could have been at the terminal by now catching the subway back towards the her neighborhood of Easton.

They could they be out of power too, she thought as she stood there trying to figure out what to do next. She could hear her haphazard coworker rummaging around in his backpack behind her. She can only bite her tongue for the moment. It didn’t make any sense for her to take it out on him. He has enough issues.

“I found it,” he excitingly announces.

Benton holds up and a long cylindrical item and she hears a click. It is a flashlight illuminating a good chunk of the room where they both stood. The light was a good start as the two of them stood there, Selena less annoyed with Benton’s sudden helpfulness in the moment.

She is far from happy though.

The howling from outside the window seems to grow more and more viscous. She knows that the storm was only going to get worse. Selena was feeling her early weekend being pushed back even further.

“Let’s head back towards the other side of the floor and just take the stairs down to at least a lower one,” Selena says to her coworker. Benton leads the way towards from where they originally came from, past where his office was located.

Thankfully the door was still slightly opened. Selena wasn’t too sure if they can make is all the way down to the first, knowing that the door locks are controlled by an electric latch system. She tries to maintain her calm, feeling like Benton could be little use to her if he ended up freaking out.

A part of her hates that she bags on him so much. Benton is a good guy and hasn’t been anything short of supportive of her since she joined the company. She also knows being determined in her career but she didn’t want to he an asshole to everybody like her boss can typically be.

“Thank you having that flashlight,” Selena lightly says to him.

She smiles.

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