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The Untold Story of Us

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Author’s Note: This story has highly matured content. Some explicit words, and actions that aren’t suitable for very young readers. This is not a work of fanfiction. This is my documentary self-experimental. It’s a true to life story for I am writing my thesis about “Human Behavior” and self-awareness (about love expressions and love interactions, commitments, betrayal, and etc.). “Human behavior refers to the way humans act and interact. It is based on and influenced by several factors, such as genetic make-up, culture, and individual values and attitudes.” I just want to share this story for me to know about your reactions to how relevant people talking about love matters. Like commitments, relationship betrayals, and so many other factors. If you are case sensitive about blood related or perfect relationship you can avoid reading this story. Warning: If you do still read this, it’s not my fault anymore, and it’s your risk. But I do love to hear your opinion regarding this matter also. Content may encounter some technical, and grammar errors. And it’s in the editing process. Feel free to drop your comments and reviews here and it’s highly appreciated. I love to hear it as well. It may help me with my thesis. Thank you.

Erotica / Romance
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The Untold Story of Us

(Forbidden Love: the lustful kiss)

Love is no evil. Love is right. Love is God.


Why there is forbidden, love? If love is right.

Why is it forbidden love is the sweetest love ever?

Why is forbidden love is the most exciting love ever?

Why is forbidden love is the most romantic love ever?

Why is forbidden love is the most lustful love ever? And

Why is forbidden love is the most delicate love relationship ever?

Let’s find out in this story? Or will you help me to discover about these why’s?

Or let me know if you have any opinion about this why?

Both know what is wrong and what is right? But are they brave enough to face and choose the righteousness?

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