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The Robertson Family Story continues with Kaleb, who is on his own for the first time attending university. Exploring the freedoms, joys and trials that come with independent adulthood for the first time, Kaleb is going to flounder before he flies. Being a bear shifter only complicates matters and Kaleb soon realizes he has a lot to learn before he can call himself 'grown up'.

Erotica / Romance
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**explicit sexuality and language**


I’m not proud when I say I was eighteen before I lost my virginity. I’m sure most teenagers are having sex sooner than that but growing up in the woods like we did, there weren’t a lot of girls to choose from and the ones that were around are all bear shifters like us. It made for a wonderful community and an awesome way to grow up but since most female shifters wait for their mates, this means no sex for the rest of us and lots of cold showers.

Being a bear shifter myself, I couldn’t have loved my childhood more. I have the best parents anyone could ever ask for – Mom is human but Dad is a bear like me and my two younger siblings, Kaiden and Isabella. I have two older half-sisters too, but they’re human like Mom and are from her first marriage – he died in a car accident leaving her pregnant with my sisters. Mom ended up working at a northern lodge I also worked at – Bridget worked a summer there too before finally reconciling with her now fiancé Merrick. That was an announcement the entire family has been expecting for awhile now – they had it rough for awhile and if I’d had my way, I’d have kicked his ass but they finally worked it out. It took them long enough to get there but once they figured it out – let’s just say they’re both big fans of PDAs and it is so gross. Watching my sister make-out is not my idea of a good time – yuck! They’re even worst than Soph and her husband Hayes and that’s saying something – Hayes has never been able to keep his hands to himself. It works for them though, because I have a new niece or nephew on the way to join little Luke – can’t believe how big he’s getting!

I lost my virginity while I was working my first job at that same nearby lodge that Mom and Dad met at and Bridget also worked at once. One of the guests who came to do some hunting brought his girlfriend who was not interested in the outdoors and quickly grew bored. She was older than me by ten years and curious if ‘everything was in proportion’ given how tall and broad I am – I’m 6’8” tall and half again as wide.

I was simply curious if sex was as incredible as I imagined it to be – it is.

“Give me a break – you just wanted to get laid,” my so-called bestfriend and bear half ‘Axel’, insists. I have to concede the point – because he’s right. I was horny, eighteen and wanted sex wherever I could get it so when the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands eagerly. She wasn’t a one-time ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ situation either – her boyfriend ignored her the entire five days they were there so being the good lodge employee I was; I ensured her needs were looked after.

Oh, the things that woman taught me.

That was two years ago and I’ve worked at the lodge every summer since – I’ve never seen that woman again but I’ve met other new lovers and enjoyed mutually beneficial relationships with all of them. The women get all of my attention when I’m with them – I dote on them and make them feel special.

Plus they orgasm until their heads are ready to explode, mustn’t forget that.

In exchange I get as much noncommittal sex as I can handle – which as it turns out, is a lot. It has truly turned out to be my dream job – crazy amounts of anonymous sex, good pay, great tips, close to home – what more could I ask for? The money I make each summer is enough to cover my extracurricular expenses and groceries for the entire school year if I’m careful – my scholarships cover the rest.

Academically I did well but it turns out being this big has another benefit – football. When I was first looking at schools, Dad figured the University would be interested in me and he was right – the fact that I’m a decent runner didn’t hurt. The hard part has always been keeping Axel under control and not using my shifter strength during game play – I’m not going to cheat to win. I can be proud when I say I’ve only ever played honest, relying exclusively on my size and skills.

So, I have my size to attract women – apparently it is appealing for some reason and for the last two years of school, I’ve had football as well. The women that come with playing football… that was unexpected but definitely not unwelcome. Some parties – shit, I had sex with more than one woman in a night – sometimes, more than one woman at a time. In the past two years I have had a tremendous amount of sex and it has been fantastic – I have zero expectations of finding my mate so no way in hell I’m sitting around being lonely or feeling sorry for myself. Shifters are rare, bear shifters even more so and the nearest group of bears other than the one I grew up in is located thousands of kilometers away – I’m not waiting around. The she-bears may be starry-eyed and dream of their princes but I have no such delusions.

Entering the third year of my four-year Bachelor of Science degree, I have another exciting season of football to look forward to plus my baby brother Kaiden is starting this fall. We’re taking different classes and he’s two years behind so odds are, we won’t overlap a lot except socially and when we need to take our bears out for runs but he’ll be here and that’s exciting!

That has been tricky – finding enough time for Axel to get exercise. Coming from the woods of the north to the concrete of the city was a hard adjustment. Thankfully, Saskatoon isn’t that big and there is a free shuttle that goes south of the city numerous times a day… it takes you to a certain, popular destination that just so happens to be near a small, wooded area perfect for a bear to stretch his legs. It is too close to the city to allow hunting so I never have to worry about an errant bullet and Axel still gets some time to be him. It isn’t the great north, but it holds our shifter halves over between visits home.

Here’s to a great year!

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