It's Just a Room

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Struggling to pay bills during the quarantine, a young couple rents out a room to an attractive stranger. As fetishes are brought to light, the three enter into an agreement that suits all parties perfectly, revitalizing the stale sex life of the married couple.

Erotica / Romance
Bella Bellua
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Chapter 1


I groaned into my hands, rubbing my aching temples with my fingers. Sitting at the table of our breakfast nook, I had papers strewn before me. I had to figure out some way to make extra money. I had already combed through the classifieds applying to any telecommuting job that I even remotely had skills for, to no avail. Three times a week I drove over an hour to check in on my Gran, who just turned 91 this past December. There is no way that I could risk an in-person job on the chance that I could get something that I could pass to her.

I had to come up with something, but what? Flipping over the local paper I saw a section that caught my eye. Tenants looking to rent rooms. This could be problematic as well as I didn’t want to let anyone into my home who could carry the virus, or all this effort would be in vain. Skimming over the lines, I found a few possible that I resolved to contact to see what their employment situation was. I still had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, but this was a last resort kind of situation.

In posing the idea to my husband, Dan, but he did not mirror my hesitance. In fact, he seemed as unenthusiastic about this as he did everything else these days. I think the cancellation of this years’ sports season combined with missing our friends groups has taken its toll on his mood. Preparing to email the four possible that I found in the listing, I kissed Dan goodbye as he headed off to work. He was an IT lead for a small e-learning company about half an hour from our home. While he had to go into the office each day, as was required by his contract, he was able to work isolated in a room separate from any coworkers. So he stayed as safe as his position would allow.

As I debated clicking send on my completed draft, Dan’s words bounced around my head. “It’s just a room.” He said to me. Maybe for him, but for me it was a sign of defeat. We were struggling to afford the mortgage since this awful virus started. I was an event photographer, so my income dropped to virtually zero seemingly overnight.

Taking a deep breath, I clicked send. Resolving that this really was a good idea, and since I was out of work there was no shame in day-drinking I poured myself a tall glass of wine and continued my re-watching of the show Friends. God, I hope someone like Monica replies to me. That would be great.

I don’t know when I fell asleep but I woke around mid-day. Opening my laptop, I refreshed my email to find that I had gotten three responses. The first was a young college student who would resume classes at our local university this coming August. While nice and polite, she did relay that she worked part-time on campus so would be there physically every day. The next reply was a cordial thank you but they had already rented a room elsewhere. I could feel my heart sink as I hesitated opening the last email. If this plan didn’t work, I was out of options. I would have to have food delivered to my Gran’s small apartment and hope for the best.

Opening the last email, my eyes were glued to the page as I read and re-read the message. It from was a single, 30 year old male, non-smoker. He was looking for a room to rent because he just got out of a long term relationship and needs to find alternate housing immediately. He was a website software developer, so worked from home. His name was Alex Cross.

Not waiting for Dan to get home to approve of the selection, I excitedly replied immediately. He was willing to pay my asking price, plus utilities and even offered to buy groceries every other week. This guy was a dream come true! I invited him to come over to see the room at the end of the week, not wanting to be too pushy about it.

Clicking send on the message, I stood to go catch up on some dishes, my mind whirling with the new development. I only took a few steps before I heard my laptop ping with new mail. He replied already! He asked if I had availability tomorrow to come tour our home. Smiling I sent him our address and driving instructions just in case he got lost. He was to arrive at 6 pm, so Dan could be home in time to meet him. Not that I was overly worried, but just in case he’s a secret serial killer, I thought it best to have someone else present for his first visit.

My happiness was short lived as I glanced around realizing how much cleaning would be required before tomorrow. Groaning, I got to work cleaning our kitchen before moving onto other areas. Dan and my home was a two story, single family with a two car garage and an enclosed pool. We lived in the suburbs outside of a large city, so it was the perfect mix of a quiet family neighborhood while being less than a 20 minutes’ drive from the bustling downtown scene.

Before I knew it, it was 5:00 pm. I had successfully swept, mopped, vacuumed and dusted every possible surface. Just in case this guy was a kleptomaniac, I had also removed all valuables from all public areas, securing them in our master closet. Dan arrived home by 5:30 and tried to console my raw nerves at inviting someone over to view our private lives. I was having major second thoughts about his whole thing, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all?

The doorbell rang at 5:55pm on the dot. “He’s early,” Dan commented, smirking at me. I ran my fingers through my shoulder length blonde hair, checking my reflection in the entryway mirror one last time before Dan got the door. Opening the door wide, I peeked around Dan’s larger frame to see who I had invited to view our home.

I loved Dan, but he had let himself go in the past few years. We had married right out of college, where I had met him as a TA for one of my lower level courses. He was 32 years old, warm ivory skin, light brown hair and eyes to match, average height and held his few extra pounds squarely in his stomach. I would be 29 this year and always managed to stay on the slender side. While Dan wasn’t a fan of exercising, I used it as a stress reliever, converting our spare room into a small indoor gym with a stationary bike, elliptical, and weight rack.

Alex seemed to be the exact opposite. He was tall, at least 6 feet and had a lean muscular build. He looked like he may have been a recreational runner or biker. His deep mocha colored skin matched perfectly with his dark eyes and black hair, styled a little longer no doubt from the quarantine restrictions on hair salons. He smiled, introducing himself to Dan with a hearty handshake.

Inviting him in, I extended my hand in the same fashion. “Hello Alex, I’m Lyla Sullivan, it’s nice to meet you.” I said, a smile overtaking my features. “The pleasure is mine,” he replied, taking my hand in his. His skin was warm and his palm enveloped my hand securely in his grasp. I could feel my face flush as I cleared my throat. “You have a beautiful home, I’m looking forward to seeing the accommodations you spoke of in your email.” He continued.

“Of – of course, please follow me. I’ll give you a tour.” I said letting my hand fall from his grip. I led him through a tour of the first floor, the front door opened up to the dining room to the immediate left, that led into the kitchen on the back left corner of the home. To the right were doors to the first floor half bathroom, laundry room and door leading to the garage. Walking past the staircase to the second level, I showed him around our family room and our large DVD collection. Dan and I were both movie junkies, so we had amassed quite the library over the years. Past the family room was the door to the master bedroom, which I kept closed as to not revel too much to this man who by all rights was still a stranger.

Moving onto the second floor, I showed him to the office, my home gym and the guest room, which would be his room if he decided to stay here. As we walked, Alex and Dan fell into comfortable conversation when Alex caught a glimpse of Dan’s patriots fan faire over his desk in the office. Dan’s family was from Mass and he kept up his loyalty to the team despite moving from the state at an early age. Alex was a Giants fan, relaying that he grew up in New York but moved here for college.

Working our way back down to the dining room, Alex accepted Dan’s offer to a beer as I poured my customary glass of wine. The three of us chatted comfortably for about 2 hours when, in a surprise turn, Dan took over the conversation. “Well Alex, I’m not going to lie. Lyla and I were a little anxious on the idea of renting out a room, but with the economy the way it is right now.” His voice trailed off as he game my hand a gentle squeeze. “We’d both be really happy if you were to choose to rent our room.” He concluded, taking a swig from his beer. “You don’t need to explain,” Alex said gently. “You’re really helping me out, as I said in my email, I just got out of a rather nasty relationship and I really need somewhere for just a few months before I can find a place I want to invest in.” He said solemnly, still putting on a smile.

“So, I guess the only question left is, when can you move in?” I piped up, a smile spreading across my own face. “Actually as soon as possible, I already moved most of my stuff to a storage unit so I’ll just be bringing clothes, personal items and my workstation with me.” Alex smiled warmly, the expression finally reaching his eyes. “How about this weekend? I can stop by with my truck and help you with any remaining furniture you want to get away from your ex.” Dan offered, he seemed to have filed Alex under his fraternity style ‘Bro Code’ rather quickly. Dan and I had personally helped some of his old frat brothers move multiple times after relationships fell through, so Alex’s situation was not that unique.

“That would be perfect, thank you so much, Dan!” Alex replied, enthusiasm evident in his tone. Sealing the deal, we all toasted our drinks and continued to chat happily. After an hour or so, Alex bid us goodnight. Following Dan into our master bedroom, he enveloped my in a tight hug and a sloppy kiss. Falling onto the sheets, we had brief but pleasurable sex. Which still made me happy as we had fallen into a dry spell the past few months. After, I snuggled against my pillow with a smile on my face. Maybe having an attractive, sultry man around would provoke some feelings of jealousy in Dan. I secretly hoped so, our sex life desperately needed some spice.


The first night I visited the Sullivan residence, I was a little apprehensive. Quickly I was taken aback by their lovely home, warm welcome from Dan and the beautiful Lyla. They seemed like a nice, stable, couple. Exactly what I needed after the nightmare that was my ex. She was a nurse who I found out had been cheating on my with a Doctor at the hospital she worked out for the last year or so. I was crushed, and I needed to get away from her, fast.

I moved in as soon as I could. My first week was a little awkward as we all found our comfort zone being adults living together. Luckily, Dan seemed to love that I was there, Lyla took a little more convincing. As to not impose, I kept my distance the first few days until she felt comfortable enough to start up conversations with me on her own. Working from home, we spent a lot of time together, so I was happy when she finally started to open up and act a little more casually around me.

My second week, I could tell that Dan and Lyla were getting used to having me around. While they were not an overly affectionate couple, I could tell that Lyla was a little shy the first few days when Dan tried to kiss her or rest his hand on her back while in my presence. Dan was the forward one of the two, almost immediately growing accustomed to having me around.

While they were doing a great job not making me feel like a third wheel, their discrete nightly activities had a severe effect on me. I could hear them through the walls, Dan’s low grunts, quick, heavy breaths. Never female cries of ecstasy, though. I shook my head, either Lyla was good at being considerate or Dan’s technique wasn’t enough to make her scream. Sliding my hand down my pants, I imagined the kinds of noises her body would make if I had a chance with her.

Flipping open my laptop to find something I could get off to, I quickly typed in ‘married petite blond’ in my incognito tab. This was definitely not a category I had a preference for before I moved in here. Now, it was all I could do to resist the urge of closing my eyes and imagining Lyla in place of the bleach blonde porn star that lit up my laptop screen. Lying back, I focused on the muffled sounds of the room below me as I stroked my shaft. The combination of the porn and imagining that I was in Dan’s place sent me over the edge quickly as I had to bite the inside of my cheek to suppress a groan.

Like here was good, and the rent was cheap for this area, so I wasn’t about to screw it all up by lusting after my married house mate. Fuck, I cursed inwardly, feeling immediate remorse for jerking off to the thought of Lyla. Closing my laptop roughly, I rolled over and tried to get some sleep.

Three more weeks rolled by as I fell into a comfortable routine. Lyla found some freelance work editing and retouching some of her old photos as stock images for a few even companies. I could see her happiness that she was able to make some money, I knew it grated on her that her income had been decimated by this damned virus. Dan would sometimes work late to make a little extra money, on those nights I would hang out with Lyla and binge horror and action movies. In their collection I found that these genres were her contribution as Dan was more of the coming of age sports and historical documentary kinds guy. I felt myself getting more and more comfortable with her as our shared love of corny slasher movies entertained us many nights.

One day, about five weeks in, Dan approached me while Lyla was out visiting her grandmother. He seemed hesitant, clenching his hands into fists and releasing them multiple times before finally speaking. “I, uh, I was wondering if you could help me with my laptop. It seems to have a virus and, uh, I’m not sure how to fix it.” He stammered, more flustered than I had ever seen him. “Sure, Dan, let me see what I can do” I said cheerfully, still slightly confused at his hesitance. Maybe he didn’t want to impose.

Following him to the office, I sat in one of the office chairs and started digging through his desktop computer files. At first I didn’t see any evidence of a virus, when suddenly his browser popped upon with tab after tab of lewd sites. I immediately moved to minimize the browser, my cheeks flushing red, when Dan interjected. “I – I think the virus is from one of those sites, can you check them for me?” He continued to stammer. “Um, sure” I said in a lower voice, suddenly very uncomfortable with this whole situation.

Clicking on the first few tabs my eyes went wide, it was all cuckold porn. Chat sites where you could pretend to be in a cuckold marriage, listings for Bulls in your area, and multiple how-to pages, videos and descriptions of the process of introducing your spouse to the fetish. I was shocked to say the least, my eyes kept scanning the pages, trying to decide if he was punking me. The silence was broken when Dan continued to speak.

“It’s Lyla, I know she likes you and, uh, she doesn’t know about…my preferences.” He stammered, not looking me in the eye. I cleared my suddenly dry throat, the realization dawning on me that there was no virus. I sighed deeply, siting back in the office chair, stunned at what this meant.

I turned to him, the seriousness of my stare boring into his averted gaze. “Dan, look at me.” I commanded. “Are you serious about this?” I questioned forcefully. He nodded, still avoiding my gaze. Glancing up at me, he continued. “Yes, I’ve hidden this from Lyla for years. After months and months of searching through forums looking for Bulls they were all so…wrong for her.” He paused, I don’t know what came over me but the idea of Dan setting up Lyla with someone she has never met set a fire in my chest. The feeling was almost like jealousy but with a foundation of anger. “You can’t just have her fuck some random man you found online!” I seethed, not sure where my new found anger came from, but I was damn sure how I felt in this moment. “I know, I know” he said defensively. “That’s why I’ve never been able to bring it up to her. But when she came to me with this idea of renting out a room and you walked in, well, I –“ His voice trailed off.

“I would never have brought this up, but I see the way you look at her. And she talks about you all the time, she’s happier now that you’re around.” He continued, rubbing the back of his hand nervously. “I wanted to bring this up to you before I talked to her, I think it would help if you were…into it before I bring it up to her.”

I sat silent for a long moment. “Let me get this straight, you want me to…” I swallowed hard. “Have sex with your wife, while you…?” I let my sentence drop for him to fill in what he plans to do in this hypothetical scenario. “I just want to watch, that’s it.” He said, a little more hope in his voice. “I need to think about this, I’m sorry this is a lot to take in.” I said rubbing my temples, blood pounding in my head. “No problem man, please do and if you’re not interested, it’s no problem, I promise I’ll never bring it up again.” He said, standing and turning to leave the room. He carefully closed the door behind him, leaving me to my thoughts. This can’t be happening, could it? I thought to myself.

I sat with my thoughts for two days, two days is how long it took me to realize that I would regret it forever if I didn’t at least try this. Waiting for when Lyla next visited her grandmother, I approached Dan to let him know of my decision. He was elated to say the least, I was a little more apprehensive as I had done some background reading on the particulars of being a Bull. But if it allowed me to get my chance of acting out one of my many fantasies with Lyla, I had to go for it.

Dan told me that he would talk to her within the next few days, he wanted to wait for the ‘right time’ he said. Whatever that meant. In the meantime, I hit their home gym, hard. I already exercised a few times a week, but with the prospect of Lyla seeing all of me, I wanted to be in top shape for the grand reveal. A few days went by without so much as a whisper of what Dan and I had talked about, I was going out of my mind, thinking about her every night. Finally, I’d had enough, I would bring it up to Dan again if he hadn’t found the right time to discuss it yet with Lyla.

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