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It's the year 2089. Alice is a successful executive in a big technology company. She's 38 years old but thanks to genetic therapy she looks much younger. Governments and big companies are run by women now. Most men have turned bland, only interested in immersive, virtual reality online gaming and unable to satisfy women neither emotionally nor sexually. Automata (commonly called "auts") are quite common these days, and many successful woman own one or two to cover their necessities.

Erotica / Scifi
Amanda Delacroix
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Alice is lying in the still perfectly made bed, her naked body almost glowing in the purple-tinted gloom of the hotel room. The man she just had sex with is also lying next to her, motionless.

“Just as I thought,” Alice tells herself, “another completely useless human guy who can’t use his dick at all.”

They had met for breakfast in the hotel, the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Alice uses to spend the night in a room and meet her dates very early in the morning, so that none of them feels tempted to ask her to spend the night. After a cappuccino and a piece of fruit, they had gone up to the room and had clumsy, dull, uninteresting sex for around four minutes, including the time she had to wait for him to get undressed.

As she puts her panties back on, she peeks at her phone. There’s a notification. She’s received a message from her assistant. “You have a holomeeting at work in half an hour”. A phone is an extravagance these days, a retro luxury reserved for those privileged that can afford to ignore convenience. The sensible thing to do is to get an embedded personal device, or EPD, and rely on the OTA updates that come in weekly.

Alice sighs and checks the clock. “Ugh, I’m going to be late again.” She glances at the guy lying in the bed next to her. “I guess I have to leave now.” She gets dressed in a rush and leaves the hotel without looking back.

By the time she’s riding the self-driving taxi, Alice doesn’t care anymore about neither the man nor his disappointing sexual skills. Her body still needs an orgasm, nevertheless; she knows that much about herself.

She only gets to her office after the holomeeting has already started. She feels grossed out by the dress she’s in. It reeks of boredom and disappointment. Even though she’s late, she takes a couple of minutes to change clothes before connecting to the meeting through the VR terminal integrated in her desk.

Alice puts on her a white office suit, one of her most favorite outfits considering how desirable it looks on her and how well it’s tailored. Nobody’s going to see the it either way, but it still makes her feel great.

After the ridiculous sex earlier, she deserves it.

Her assistant has left a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and a folder on the desk. She takes a sip of wine as she opens the folder and takes the stylus, the only pen she ever uses. Only then she connects her terminal to the holomeeting.

She’s 7 minutes late. Her colleagues are already discussing the architecture to build the next automata platform. Thanks to the VR terminal, she can see them as holograms around her, each of them seated in a chair surrounding a virtual table. A few colleagues nod their heads silently in her direction, but nobody mentions her being late, despite not being the first time this week.

Every person in the holomeeting is represented by a real-time holographic avatar, thoroughly defined: full facial features, body hair, clothes... Her avatar is the only one that is naked. Alice loves how this always makes her feel. She has, after all, made herself the most senior executive in the room, and she has earned the right to show it to everyone else. Her biggest pride is that she hardly ever has to ask her assistants to make her look younger using software; the genetic therapy treatments she has gone through for years have been so effective that she’ll likely be able to keep looking young and beautiful for her entire life.

Once the meeting is over, Alice disconnects. It’s already late. She then turns to her right and stares through the window, striving to gain full awareness of her own thoughts. She looses track of time and ends up absorbed in her own mind’s emptiness for three whole hours.

Then, after taking the last sip of wine, she leaves her office and walks to the elevator, which is only twenty steps away. The vibration of her body longing for an orgasm has become too bothering for her to ignore.

As she’s trying to cover those twenty steps, she can’t wait anymore. She starts rubbing her own vulva over the suit as she’s walking, but it doesn’t do much for her. She needs to be connected to something, or someone.

The elevator opens to a short, empty corridor. Alice looks around. She’s quite literally the last person at work. The man who usually closes the building is busy cleaning the hall right now. Alice leaves the elevator and starts walking down the corridor, still rubbing her vulva with one hand.

The man raises his head and smirks at Alice. “Good evening, Twenty-five Ninety Fourty-seven Ninety-two Nine Eight Four Six Four!” he shouts enthusiastically across the lobby. “I didn’t expect to see you this late!”

Alice grins back without trying to show any bit of enthusiasm. She crosses the lobby, almost running, even though she’s wearing white stilettos. She’s embarrassed when she realizes the man might have seen her touching herself. “Nah, he was quite far away, and the lights in the lobby are already off. I don’t think he noticed.” She goes out on the street without giving it any more though and walks down the street in direction to her place. She rushes, walking even faster than usual.

After a couple of minutes, she gets to her building. It’s an upscale apartment construction with a vintage flavor, which means it’s only 4 floors high and there’s no elevator. As she’s walking up the stairs, she stops for a few seconds and rubs her vulva against the stair handrail. When she arrives on her floor, she places her hand on the handle to unlock the door, letting herself in the apartment and closing the door behind her.

After taking off her suit, Alice sits on the big red synthetic leather couch in her living room with only her black lingerie bra and panties on, and her white heels. She’s still wet from the touch with the stair handrail back down on the stairs, but her body is still screaming to be filled. Ravaged. Satisfied.

“XY, come to me,” she whispers. A masculine figure appears right away in the dimly lit corridor. Alice turns around to look at him. “I need you to fill me, fully.” XY steps forward into the light. He’s naked from head to toe. Her eyes lands on his cock and she sees him already prepared to give her what she needs. Always ready to serve.

He sits down on the opposite end of the couch. She stands up and takes off her bra and panties as she walks closer to him, sits down on his lap and seamlessly melts into his embrace. She feels him penetrating her just as she was thinking about.

It has already been more than a year since she bought XY. He’s an automaton, but one advanced enough to be notoriously difficult to distinguish from a human. Both his physique and his behavior are like those of a man from the first half of the century, with a few subtle exceptions and a couple of not so subtle enhancements.

Alice screams with pleasure as XY penetrates her. Her body is trembling for release and she wants him to fuck her with no breaks. “Fill my body,” she whispers to him, “and my soul, XY. Fill me as you never have.”

XY paces himself, not letting his body touch her too hard, but she’s still crying with pleasure the whole time, her body still refusing to hold out.

After a minute, she is ready for the orgasm she knows is coming, one of her favorite orgasms, one that has no ending. During the second wave of pleasure, she feels XY cum inside of her. Her entire body is pulsing.

As the pleasure fades away, she opens her eyes and keeps a hold of XY’s chest. She looks him in the eye, hoping to find a feeling inside him. But there’s nothing there. Her body is indeed filled, but not her soul.

Not being human is both the best and the worst thing about automata, after all.

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