The Flood

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Maria is in for a surprise when she finds Lily and Matthew alone. The two lovers show Maria how to open the floodgates of her own ecstasy. First try at erotica, please leave reviews and critiques! More to come soon

H. H. Williams
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Chapter 1

Trembling, Maria gently eased open the wooden door. The room within was small and cluttered. Scattered books, scrolls, and discarded clothes lay everywhere. The floorboards beneath the jumble of soiled attire were grey and though old looked to have been refurbished. The walls were painted a faded white. A lamp sat on the dresser in the left corner, but it was off, the only light coming from the window on the opposite wall, caressing the small room in shades of pale blue and grey. A large bed covered in a comforter white and fluffy as a cloud dominated the space and took up nearly half the room. At its foot the two lovers stood.

Lily and Matthew held each other in a light embrace. His hands were clasped tenderly behind her waist, while she had one arm on his right shoulder and another softly brushing his left bicep. They were both naked, Lily’s pale skin against Matthew’s tan and muscled body. Maria felt an intruder upon their intimate moment. She froze and hot blood flushed to her cheeks in embarrassment, as the couple turned their heads towards her. Lily’s smile widened and Matthew’s eyes sparkled in clear excitement. Maria felt her heart skip a beat as those deep blue eyes locked onto hers, felt a rush as she noticed his arousal. Lily disconnected from him and brushed the crimson hair out of her eyes. She walked towards Maria, her hand outstretched. Maria could not help but notice her beauty: her skin flawless, her hips wide and healthy, her full lips and blood-red hair framing her well-contoured face and stark green eyes.

Though entranced by the scene, Maria still felt apprehension. She barely knew these people. She wasn’t supposed to be here. She closed her eyes briefly. No, she thought. I’m here to do my job. This isn’t the kind of person I am. What would my friends think. What would my family think? This isn’t me. Even as she felt the delicate warmth of Lily’s fingers touch her hand, she dammed up the feelings in her mind, the urge to go down this road and where she knew it would lead. She drew her hand back, looked at the ground, away from those eyes greener than the rainforest, away from Matthew’s manhood standing in eager anticipation. She shook her head, and, tremulous, said. “I’m sorry…I should be going, I..I have work to do and…”

But those amorous points of pleasure returned as Lily reached out and clasped her hand, pulling it closer to her. The tide Maria was holding back became ever stronger. Well, maybe if I just… she knew what was creeping into her mind was just chemicals from her brain, responding to the fondling touch, reacting to the stimulation of her senses. But even so she found herself giving in ever so slightly to that warm pressure, starting to savor the trickles of excitement running down her neck and back. What was a stream turned into a river as Lily’s other hand reached up to her face and placed a finger on her quivering lips, halting her speech.

Maria turned her eyes up and Lily’s eyes held them there. Those green pools seemed to pierce her very soul, seemed to reach inside the fluttering chaos of her mind and order it, seemed to snuff out all of Maria’s doubts until the only things that remained were the hysteria of her unbridled desire and her eagerness at what was about to be unleashed within her. In recognition that Maria’s floodgates had been opened, Lily’s hand traced up the young woman’s arm, around to her waist, while the hand upon her lips slid to the base of her skull. Deftly and firmly, she pulled her close and set those bright red lips upon hers. With that the last fight in Maria went out, only to be replaced by warm and wet submission, acceptance, greediness. Lily’s lips were supple yet unyielding against Maria’s. The moistness of her mouth was intoxicating, and Maria could feel the dampness against her silk undergarments, could feel her nipples stiffen against the body rubbing against hers. Lily’s tongue slid into her mouth and she met it with her own, their mouths writhing against each other for a moment that felt like a thousand moments rolled into one. Lily pulled away somewhat suddenly, smiling. She wiped her mouth and turned back towards Matthew, now sitting on the edge of the bed, hand around his cock.

“Leave us for a moment, dear” she called to him. “We’ll be ready for you shortly”

Matthew flashed his teeth like a wolf approaching a fresh kill. His brown hair was like a mop upon his head, but was only lightly spread around the rest of his lean, naked body. He remained fully erect as he rose, and walked towards the door where Maria stood in Lily’s arms. As he shouldered past them both, he looked Maria in the eyes and as she looked back to her it seemed like she became swallowed up by their almost purple expanse, Lily’s temporarily forgotten. He stood there for a split second, and with one hand swept his hand across her waist, underneath her shirt. Maria took a sharp intake of breath at the feel of his rough skin against her smooth belly. With Lily she felt taken care of, allowed to fly into lust. With him, she felt almost scared, yet even more eager to experience him, not knowing his nature but sensing its masculine complementarity to her own. After that moment, he looked away and departed down the hall, his stride wide as he headed towards the bathroom.

With his departing, Lily closed the door on them, taking all of Maria’s focus once again. She took her lips again with force, and with her hands, lifted Maria’s shirt. She was powerless to resist as she slid it off her head, making her straight brown hair stand up with the static as the cloth brushed her face. Their hands moved across their bodies, from face to waist to back in a rhythmic dance, brushing hair out of eyes as they went. Lily’s lips and fingers began to wander; she kissed her face and forehead, her neck. Those quiet fingers strayed from her back to the clasp of her pink bra, undoing it with ease. As it fell to the floor her nipples began to ache, and the ache became an impossible contentment that blossomed from her chest to her stomach when they came into contact with Lily, her nipples, her skin, her hands. Maria began to let out sighs revealing her increasing titillation. Suddenly Lily spun her around, pushed her onto the bed. She fell breathlessly onto the blankets like a cloud. Lily’s sure hands moved quickly, unbuttoning her jeans, slipping them off her light-brown legs and past her feet. Now her panties, nearly dripping wet. A gasp escaped her as Lily fell on top of her, enthralling her face with a deep kiss and slipping those damned fingers inside of her. Maria had never felt like this before, never so predominated, never so alive. The fingers touched her deeply, like they had been in her before, like they knew her every inner part. Cries of captivated ravishment escaped her lips now, echoing through the halls, every ounce of her shyness gone; Maria was enraptured in her delectation and she didn’t care if the whole world knew it, knew her. She soaked the sheets beneath her as the raw pleasure ran up and down her being.

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