Chained To Him

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When love and lust comes together someone is bound to get hurt! Would you choose the money or the love? Find out in this hot steamy two way romance, who has to know what goes on when the boyfriend flies out for work! Noone right?

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Chapter 1

I can't remember the last time me and Nick had sex. He's way to busy now that he's been working in the dealership. But tonight was gonna be different I'm gonna take the time to prepare and show him how proud I am of him climbing the ladder to his full potential. Nick stood tall, light skinned with tattoos that ran across his chest, damn he was a sexy beast, while his hair fell to the side and his eyes stranded out hazel brown. I often told myself that he was to good to be true sometimes but he was mine and he proved that effortlessly. But to have him promoted to CEO I had to give him a surprise dinner and some wine.

Knock Knock Knock!!!

"Coming babe." I quickly scrambled for the robe to slip over me. The table all set and the lights down low with music to match the scene.

"So babe congratulations on the promotion just wanted to let you know I'm proud and happy for you." I hugged and kissed him.

"Thanks my love a little again I swore that Mark was gonna take it but then I settled my mind and swooped it up. I love you princess. I'm gonna go shower and join you in a moment." He spoke elated much and I was overwhelmed seeing him that way. Nick loved choking on me and fucking me like his little toy when we now started dating and I loved when his hands was around my neck and his hard veiny cock was inside me thrusting against my walls and making me reach multiple orgasms. I missed it I missed the wild us the always on each other us. But I guess that's what happens when work gets the best of us.

I took my robe of and patiently waited for him to come join me for dinner. As I sat and stared at the doorway I saw his figure burst through the light the man of my dreams my CEO Nick Huns. I swore if we worked together I'd be on his cock the entire day and even when we got home. "So babe you cooked for me? And my favorite as well. That's a good girl but you know what I'm not hungry for food right now." He grinned in my direction. "Then have some wine love it's the finest down at the store!"

His hands grabbed my neck and he kissed me so rough but yet so passionately. I think this was working in my favor he knew my thoughts and what I wanted to happen tonight. And i just wanted to orgasm right there and then but the suspense was killing me so i waited.

"I want you to take your clothes of slowly for me and watch me while you do it eye contact is a must. Then sit at the edge of the table and spread that pussy for me so I can have my dinner okay luv?" Damn the way he said it with such dominance I wanted him in me just enter my needy pussy I wanted to beg him. Piece by piece I took of my garments not forgetting to maintain eye contact with him even though his bulge in his pants was my biggest distraction. Finally down to my bras and panties and I slowly let it drop to the floor. His eyes wanted to take me right there and then I knew the way he looked at me like a horny demon and I loved him and every moment of it. I pushed myself up on the table and spread my legs and rubbed my clit softly just to get me ready for whatever was coming. "Hell no! Don't you know the saying you mustn't play with your food hun? Don't play with my food please." He winked.

His tongue passed all the way over my clit to my nipples both exceptionally hard and ready for him. That's the only tongue that could make my pussy jump this way and I've missed it so much. "You like that baby, feels good? This is what you wanted you horny slut so take it." He knew I loved dirty talk and I loved being his little slut only to him as long as we lasted. "Yes right there on my clit dont move your tongue." I managed to get the words out of me. "You like when your master licks you like that when you got no control,when your my whore? Cause I fucking love it." He said in his dominant voice that which turned me on more!

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