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Chapter Nine


“Oh, fuck,” I moaned, my head jamming against the headboard as Charlie slammed into me a final few times, the tightening of my walls around his cock triggering his orgasm.

Little beads of sweat had formed on my forehead and I was panting as we both tried to catch our breath.

He collapsed on top of me, dropping his head on my shoulder, and held me with both arms.

It had been two weeks since we started our little arrangement, and so far, we’d fucked twenty-nine times.

I was constantly surprised by Charlie’s stamina, but I wasn’t complaining.

Every night, one of us would sleep over at the others, all the while I was getting comfortable behind the front desk at Cendose Incorporated.

The job was easy, I had wonderful colleagues, and the prospect of coming home and getting eaten out did wonders for my mood.

Charlie groaned, lifting himself off me and walking towards his bathroom, trashing the condom.

I sat up on the bed, stretching my arms above my head, grunting and moaning.

“You okay, Baby?” Charlie asked as he walked back into the room.

“I’m a little sore,” I admitted, resting my back against the headboard, my eyes roaming over Charlie’s body.

I licked my lips as my gaze fell on his chest, his skin having a beautiful post-orgasm glow, and sighed softly when I looked at the little trail of hair, going from his belly button down.

Why did this god of a man want to fuck me on repeat?

He could have anyone he wanted.

“Let’s take a bath.”

He walked towards me, and picked me up bridal style, our naked skin sticking together as we touched.

“Charlie, you wore me out. I can’t—”

“Not to have sex, Jordan. To get cleaned up,” he smiled as he carried me to the bathroom.


The tub was already filled and smelled strongly of something sweet, a scent I couldn’t quite place, but found amazing.

Charlie carefully placed me into the bath, the water sloshing and spilling over the top, but I was grateful. The warm water was what I needed as my muscles instantly relaxed, engulfed in bubbles.

“Alright, make some room,” Charlie ordered and I leaned forward, giving him space to sit behind me.

He started rubbing soapy water over my shoulders, but I stopped him, leaning back against his chest.


“I just want to sit like this for a moment,” I mumbled, closing my eyes.

I learned over the last few weeks that Charlie was a very physical person— not just in a sexual way. He tried to hold himself back, probably afraid to give the wrong signals, but I knew it was just sex between us, and I was perfectly fine with that.

Lucky for him, I was a physical person, too.

We sat in silence for a while, the only sound was our breathing and the moving water.

I could’ve easily fallen asleep right then and there, but Charlie rudely awakened me from my slumber.

“What is your wildest fantasy, Baby?” he asked, and I bit the inside of my cheek, thinking through my answer.

In all honesty, I had a lot.

Over the years I had seen and read about some, but I had never felt comfortable enough with Eli or hook-ups to suggest them.

“Mhm, I have a few, actually,” I answered, and Charlie straightened up behind me. I turned around and scooted to the other side of the tub, leaning against the porcelain, sending more water over the edge.

“Please, do tell.”

“Well,” I looked into Charlie’s eyes, still a little hesitant to tell him the dirty things I dreamed about doing. “There’s a threesome, of course—”

“You never had a threesome?” Charlie interrupted and I shot him a scowl. “Sorry, continue.”

“I really want to have sex outside at least once, I don’t know.”

Can’t believe I just admitted that.

Charlie narrowed his eyes as he leaned back, running a finger over his lower lip.

Was that too weird for this man-whore?

“Hmm, what else?” he pressed on.

“Oh! Sex against that window in the living room,” I exclaimed, remembering the first thing I wanted to do when I stepped foot into his apartment.

Charlie chuckled. “Damn, Jordan, I might have to write this down.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever. What about you?”

“How do you feel about anal?” he asked and I raised my brows.

How did I feel about anal?

I would be lying if I said that I never thought about it. The anal plugs with a big diamond on them that all the girls in porn wore intrigued me, but maybe I was too scared to actually try it out.

The few times guys ‘accidentally’ put it in the wrong hole didn’t exactly feel amazing.

“I’m... Intrigued,” I admitted and giggled when I saw Charlie’s eyes light up.

“Really? Damn. What about handcuffs? Or letting me tie you up?”

He named a few of my other fantasies as I felt my core warm at the thought of actually experiencing them.



“Didn’t you already bruise my ass last week?” I frowned and Charlie shrugged.

“Sex with food? Role play? Striptease?”

“You know what, we might have to write this shit down after all,” I said as I lifted myself up and climbed out of the tub.

“Like a list?” Charlie suggested as he got out, grabbing a towel and drying himself off.

“Yeah, that could be fun, right?”

“I’ll get my laptop. Meet you in the living room.”

I chuckled as Charlie headed towards his walk-in closet, and I moved to my bag in the bedroom, grabbing the fresh pair of panties I brought with me.

I pulled on one of Charlie’s shirts and made my way to the living room.

Half an hour later, we found ourselves sitting at the kitchen bar, eating Chinese take out, and discussing more sex related fantasies.

“Ok, number one—” Charlie said as he grabbed his laptop and opened a new document.

“Threesome,” I replied and Charlie started typing with a giant devilish grin on his face.

“How long do we want this list to be?”

“Like fifty things?” I suggested.

“Let’s do a hundred. It’ll be like a challenge.”

I raised my brows. How long did he think we would keep screwing each other?

“But isn’t that going to take a long time? Like don’t you think we’ll get bored of each other?” I argued and Charlie crossed his arms. “I mean, you probably love a new girl in your bed every week.”

“Are you slut-shaming me, Baby?” he smirked.

“No, I’m just stating facts.”

“Well, if we make this list interesting enough, you might keep me satisfied until it’s done.”

God. I forgot how much of an asshole Charlie was.

“Are you fucking serious? Satisfy you until it’s done?” I scoffed, getting angrier than I should’ve. “What makes you think I won’t get sick of you?”

“Fine. Let’s just make this list and not fight about the details,” he huffed.

“Hmm. Ok... One Hundred things.”

“Good. Second one. Edging,” he said, giving me a wink before he started typing.

“Yes, but we can cross that off.”

Charlie cocked a brow. “You didn’t like it when I did that?”

“Well, it was worth it, I guess, but not if you haven’t had—” I stopped myself, almost spilling the beans on my non existent sex-life prior to Charlie.

“Next,” he continued, and I nodded.

“Well, tying up, handcuffs, blindfolding...”

“Good one.”

“...vibrator, nipple clamps, hair pulling— you don’t do that enough,” I added, pointing an accusing finger at him.

Charlie chuckled. “I’ll keep that in mind. What else?”

“Uhm, like that hot wax thing?” I suggested and Charlie nodded.

“Yes, and we can also do ice, and a tickler. I think I have one of those.”

I looked at him in disgust. “Yeah, we’re going to have to buy a couple of things. I don’t want to use anything you’ve used on someone else.”

“Why not?” Charlie frowned. “I clean my shit. I’m not that nasty.”

I’ve noticed.

Charlie’s apartment was always squeaky clean, unlike mine. He had taken it upon himself to casually clean up my apartment when we were there, and I continued to act like I didn’t notice.

Not that we were at mine often.

His apartment was bigger, better, cleaner, and we didn’t have to worry about junkies or robbers.

“We’ll buy new ones,” I stated, sounding more confident than I should be. The money at Cendose was good, but not amazingly good, so I still had to think about everything I bought. “Or, you’ll buy new ones?”

I batted my eyelashes, giving him my sweetest smile. I didn’t like asking others to buy stuff for me, but this was something we’d both use.

“Whatever, next,” he mumbled.

“Uhm, so we have a tickler, maybe we could also use a whip or flogger or something?”

“Let’s just put them all together.”

We continued to name all the things we could use, including anal beads— whatever those are— which lead to anal making the list.

“So we’re only at twenty-two and it’s already harder to come up with things,” I said, leaning on the counter with my elbows, my chin in my hands.

“Hmm, maybe like phone sex?” Charlie asked and I nodded.

“Yeah. And sexting— nudes?”

Charlie’s eyes widened. “You would?” he asked and I chuckled.

“Sure, but I only want sexy photos of you in good lighting, and tasteful ones of your ass and dick,” I stressed, the unsolicited dick-pics I had gotten in the past reappearing in my memories.

“Alright, alright,” Charlie chuckled, holding up his hands in defense.

“Good. Oh! I want to go down on you when you’re on an important phone call,” I added.

“Noted, but I get to do the same to you.”

“I don’t get important phone calls,” I scoffed, but Charlie shrugged.

“Well, what about a quickie in the office?” he suggested, smirking.

“I don’t want to lose my job, Charlie.”

“I meant my office. I could sneak you in one day.”

I shook my head smiling. The thought actually turned me on and I shifted in my seat, rubbing my thighs together.

Of course, nothing gets past Charlie.

“Are you turned on, right now?”

“We’ve been talking about sex for the past half hour, of course I am,” I admitted.

“Alright, let’s finish this list, then we can fuck,” Charlie said and I nodded.

Not sure how I was going to do that with how sore I was, but I wasn’t going to say no.

“So, your office,” I continued, thinking of other places. “The car, a pool, hot tub?”

“That’s kinda like a pool right?”

“Whatever. Add it in.”

“Alright, what about your outdoor fantasy?” Charlie asked and I nodded. All hesitations about my fantasies had vanished, and I was getting pretty excited about this.

“Sex outside, sex while we’re being watched, sex in a public place...” I listed, adding every place I could think of.

I wasn’t sure if we would be able to do them all, but getting to a hundred items proved to be difficult, so I just suggested everythingI could come up with.

We added a few of the classics, like vibrating panties and sex involving food, but we had to get more creative after that.

We consulted a few websites for ideas, and eventually managed to fill the list up with ninety items.

“Ten more,” I sighed, standing behind Charlie to look at the screen over his shoulder.

“What about a ceiling mirror?” he suggested and I frowned.

“Where the fuck are we going to find that?”

Charlie turned his head to look at me and shrugged. “Maybe we could find a hotel room with one.”

“Ok. Ninety-two,” I said.

“What about this one? Answer the door naked. You could do that.”

I raised my brows at his hopeful expression, but had to admit that it could be fun.

“Sure. How about you try to make me squirt?”

“Baby, please.”

“I’d like to see you try,” I teased.

“Challenge accepted,” Charlie turned to the screen, adding it to the list.

We came up with a few bullshit ones, like sex under the full moon and having five orgasms in under sixty minutes, until we reached number one hundred.

“I’m out of ideas,” I admitted, walking to the couch and plopping onto the comfortable cushions.

“We only need one more,” Charlie stated, standing up, throwing away the empty take-out boxes.

I sighed, fiddling with the corner of one of the plush pillows. “I don’t know. Honestly my brain is mush at this point.”

“Wait! Having sex a hundred times!” Charlie suddenly yelled and I turned around, leaning over the back of the couch.

“You want to have sex a hundred times?”

“Don’t suddenly act like a prude, Baby. We already did it about thirty times these last few weeks.”

“Ok. Add it in.”

Charlie walked around the couch and took a seat next to me, adding the last item to the list.

“We actually came up with a hundred sexy things to do,” he said and I grabbed his laptop, placing it on the coffee table. “What are you doing?”

I crawled towards him, unbuttoning a few buttons of the shirt I was wearing, and pushed him back on the couch. “I’m just looking forward to all the pleasure.”

Charlie chuckled and placed both hands on my ass.

“We could start right now?” he cooed, and I smiled, bringing my lips closer to his.

“The Pleasure List!” I suddenly exclaimed.


I sat back, tucking my feet under my ass. “We can call it the Pleasure List.”

Charlie looked at me with raised brows for a few seconds, before he grabbed the laptop and added the title.

“I love it,” I said as he pressed print.

We both looked up, surprised by the sound of the buzzer going off, my shirt still half open.

“Are you expecting anyone?” I asked as he stood up.

“No. Let’s see who it is,” he said as he walked to the intercom. “Hello?”

I watched as his expression slowly morphed into stressed, and I started to get worried.

“Give me five minutes before you send her up,” he said before placing the phone back on the wall.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Ashley.”

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