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Chapter Four



Pretty Boy smirked, turning on the water and letting it heat up, before we stepped in.

I tilted my head to let the water hit my face, slowly waking me up.

He appeared behind me, moving my wet hair over my shoulder.

“Beautiful,” he mumbled as he brushed his fingers over the tattoos on my back. I jumped a little when I felt his lips on my shoulders, softly kissing the dark ink.

It started to feel a little too intimate, so I quickly turned around and crashed my lips on his.

My hands traveled over his chest to his hair, tugging the strands and pulling his face even closer, feeling Pretty Boy’s smirk against my lips.

He kissed my jaw and moved down, sucking and biting as he traveled over my chest. I leaned with my back against the cold, tiled wall behind me and tried to steady myself as Pretty Boy reached my core, my heart rate increasing with each movement.

He dropped to his knees and grabbed my right leg, lifting it up to kiss the inside of my thigh. He then draped my leg over his shoulder and buried his face between my legs, eliciting a gasp from my lips.

“Oh my god,” I moaned as he circled my clit with his tongue.

I threw my head back in ecstasy, ignoring the pain from hitting my head on the shower wall, and he added two fingers to the mix.

He hummed, rubbing his face against me as he stiffened his tongue.

“Fuck, yes!” I cried out as I rocked my hips back and forth. Pretty Boy moved one of his hands to my ass, digging his fingers in my skin and I gasped when he added a third finger.

“Oh, god,” I moaned and my breathing quickened as I felt the orgasm sneaking up on me. “Yes, I’m coming!”

Pretty Boy looked up, his fingers still moving in and out at a fast pace.

“How bad do you want to come, Baby?” he said and his fingers slowed down.

"Really bad,” I whined.

He continued to torture me, denying me my orgasm, once again.

“Beg,” he commanded and I whimpered.

Oh my god.

“Please! I beg you, please,” I pleaded and Pretty Boy flattened his tongue against my clit, his fingers thrusting roughly in and out of me.


I was granted my wish and came hard, my legs shaking and muscles tensing, almost losing my footing.

Pretty Boy rode out my orgasm before standing back up, shoving his tongue inside my mouth as he kissed me. His hands rubbed over my stomach, wandering to my chest. He cupped my breasts in his hands, brushing the pads of his thumbs over my hard nipples.

We battled for dominance, but we both knew who was going to win.

I lowered a hand, and he groaned when I grabbed his shaft. I pumped him a few times, before my lips left his and I lowered myself to my knees, ready to return the favour.

I took him into my mouth as far as I could, before I tightened my lips around him and moved back.

“Fuck,” he breathed out as he grabbed my hair, controlling the pace.

Increasing my speed, I licked the vein on his length and circled the head. I moved my lips to his balls, continuing to pull him off with one hand.

I gently sucked and licked, before moving back up, taking his cock in my mouth again. I moaned as I sucked him off, going faster and faster, hitting the back of my throat.

Pretty Boy shoved himself into my mouth, my eyes watering as he reached a little too far, but I kept going.

He was getting closer to his release, his cock pulsating inside my mouth and ready to spill.

I took a knuckle and pressed it gently behind his balls, the sensation tipping him over the edge.

He emptied inside my mouth with a grunt and I swallowed, licking every last drop off.

I stood back up, licking my lips and he wiped his face, still panting.

“You’re good,” he said breathlessly, repeating what I said to him yesterday.

“You too,” I smiled.

He raised his hand and wiped the corner of my mouth, momentarily drowning me with those icy eyes.

“I’m going to get dressed,” I said— snapping the fuck out of it— and I pulled him in for a last toe-curling kiss, before I stepped out of the shower.

Okay, now it was time for the quick disappearing act.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and put on my dress, taking a quick look around to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. I walked out, closing his bedroom door too, not wanting to get caught.

I sprinted to the elevator doors, grabbing my heels and small purse, quickly shoving everything that had spilled out, back in, before looking at the grey metal doors.

How the fuck was I supposed to get them open?

I frantically looked around, almost pissing myself when I no longer heard water running. I felt like I just stole something and was running from the police, even though he would probably understand that I wasn’t interested in seeing him again.

“Shit!” I mumbled under my breath, my heart almost jumping out of my chest when I saw his key card.

I quickly grabbed it and swiped it against the scanner, hearing a click before the doors rolled open.

“Baby?” I heard, followed by doors opening, and I jumped into the elevator, pressing the ‘close doors’-button for dear life.

As the doors finally shut, I fell back against the elevator wall, sighing in relief.

I put on my heels before I reached the ground floor, and I walked out of the elevator as if I belonged there, head held high and nodding to the doorman on my way out. He gave me a weird look, probably because of my barely-there-outfit, but I ignored it.

I took off my painful shoes, looking forward to a few heel-less days. I walked into my tiny kitchen— my apartment suddenly feeling really small— and grabbed a glass.

I filled it with cold water from the fridge and took a big gulp, the temperature giving me brain freeze. Wincing at the pain in my forehead, I placed the glass down and opened my fridge.

Right, time for some grocery shopping.

I walked to my bedroom, pulling the dress over my head and chucking it on the ever growing pile of laundry.

Guess that was on my to do’s list too.

I pulled on a fresh thong and a sports bra, and grabbed my trusty black leggings. It wasn’t like I was going to do something today, and the judgemental cashier at the local grocery store could go suck a dick.

I dragged my sore ass back to the living room, avoiding the desk that was partly in my way, because it wouldn’t fit anywhere else in this house. The amount of bruises this piece of furniture had given me over the years...

I grabbed the small purse I had used last night and emptied it over the kitchen bar, the sound of my phone hitting the counter making me flinch.

I raised my brows as my eyes fell on something gold. That wasn’t there before.

I pushed my debit card, lip balm and coins aside, and grabbed the Rolex, my eyes widening when I realized what I had done.

“Oh, fuck,” I mumbled, covering my mouth with my hand and feeling the panic creep in.

What if he reports me to the police?

“Shit, shit, shit,” I cursed, carefully placing the expensive watch back on the counter before pacing around the living room, trying to think of Pretty Boy’s address.

Well, the whole ‘no name’-thing came to bite me in the ass, that’s for sure.

I grabbed the watch, feeling a little weird that I was holding something that could pay my rent for the next two years, at least, and I looked at the yellow gold and back dial, getting a little lost in it’s richness.

What now?

Hoping I was going to run into him?

I grabbed my daily purse, putting my cards and cash in my wallet, and hesitantly placed the watch in one of the small pockets, thinking it would be wise to keep it with me, in case I did run into him.

Or I just didn’t want to leave it in my apartment, in the same building where there had been four break-ins this month alone.

I sighed as I pulled on a hoodie, deciding to put my cap on too, not feeling like talking to anyone.

“I’m sorry, Miss, but it seems that your card is being declined... again,” the cashier said, handing me back my card, and I sucked my lower lip between my teeth in embarrassment.

I heard a scoff behind me, the line growing every minute I was standing there, unable to pay.

The fact that the overall price of my groceries was around thirty dollars didn’t help the awkward situation, and I decided to end my misery, fishing the fifty out of the emergency-compartment of my bag.

“I’m sorry. Here,” I mumbled with crimson cheeks, wanting to get out of there as fast as I could.

“Thank you,” she replied, taking the money and typing something on the screen, her acrylic nails tapping on the glass obnoxiously loud.

After she handed me my change, I started to pack up my groceries at lightning speed, tears forming in my eyes for no fucking reason. Maybe because I was embarrassed, maybe because this was literally the last money I had and maybe, because I just hated my life all together.

Once I was out of the store, I wiped my face and womaned the fuck up, taking a deep breath.

Next week I was going to hear from Cendose Incorporated, I had two more job interviews the week after that, and five more companies who hadn’t responded to my letters.

Everything was going to be fine.

I shrieked when my phone rang, dropping my tomatoes as I grabbed the device out of my bag.

“Of fucking course,” I huffed, pressing the green button and sandwiching my phone between my ear and shoulder.

“What?” I snapped.

“Well, good morning to you too, sunshine,” Ashley chirped as I crouched down to grab my tomatoes, half of which I could throw away as soon as I got home.

“Hey, Ash,” I sighed and I continued my journey home, luckily just a five minute walk.

“So, remember yesterday, when I said, ‘let’s go out tomorrow’?” she asked.


“Well, change of plans,” she said and I frowned, the hesitation in her voice making me a little nervous. “My brother is back in town, and my parents want to have a family dinner tonight.”

It was a shame that we weren’t going out, but then again, I couldn’t afford it anyway.

“Maybe we can go out another time, it’s no problem,” I answered, crossing the road, avoiding the sketchy group of junkies in my street.

“No, erm, you’re invited,” she muttered, stopping me in my tracks.

“What?” I snapped. The Abbots had always hated my guts, especially Ashley’s mother, and I was not ready to sit through dinner filled with nasty comments and painful questions.

“I know, but it would mean a lot to me if you were there,” she pleaded.

I sighed. Maybe when her brother was there, her mother wouldn’t pick on me as much. “Fine. Text me the time and I’ll be there.”

“Yes! Oh, I’m so happy, Jo. Ryan will be there too!” she beamed and I smiled. As long as Ashley Abbot got what she wanted, I guess.

“Going out, Jordy?”

I walked down the stairs, rolling my eyes at the man standing next to Mrs. Hellen. She was putting Spotty’s collar on, the Dalmatian excitedly wiggling his tail and trying to lick her face.

“What’s it to you?” I asked and I carefully stepped off the last step of the stairs, again, wearing painful shoes. Dinner at the Abbot mansion required a smarter outfit.

“Tsk tsk, Babe. Just a question.”

“Eli, be nice,” Mrs. Hellen warned and he crossed his arms, the muscles of his arms and shoulders straining the fabric of his sweater.

God, those arms felt amazing around me when he used to slam into me from behind. Such a shame he was such an asshole. Nothing like his mother.

“Yes, mom,” he said, pushing himself off the wall he was leaning on and giving her a kiss on the cheek. I guess he had it in him to be nice to his mother, contrary to the other people in his life. “I need to grab my phone.”

“How are you doing, Jordan?” Mrs. Hellen said, straightening up and handing her son her keys. I walked over to her, hoisting the straps of my bag higher up my shoulder.

“I’m good,” I answered. Yeah, absolutely fine. “You?”

She looked over her shoulder, checking if Eli was out of earshot.

“I’m sorry, Jordan,” she said and I smiled at her. “I know he loved you.”

“Just not enough.”

“Hmm. I would’ve loved you as my daughter in law, but I know my Eli can be a little...” she trailed off, biting the inside of her cheek.

“It doesn’t matter,” I said, taking a deep breath.

“If you say so,” she mumbled, as Eli appeared behind her and closed the door to her apartment.

“Ready?” he asked and Mrs. Hellen nodded, before her gaze fell on his pants.

“Hold on. Are you wearing ripped jeans?” she asked as she grabbed Eli by his sweater.

I chuckled and walked away, leaving them to discuss Eli’s bad boy’s clothing style without me.

Once in my car, I rolled down the windows as I didn’t have air conditioning and the late summer nights were still hot. I put on my sunglasses and headed towards my nightmare, the Abbot’s home.

I didn’t need a fancy car, as long as baby Benji still worked and helped me reach my destination, I was happy.

The drive to the Abbot mansion was a longer one, but I had driven it so many times that it seemed like less, so I actually didn’t mind.

I gave my name at the front gate and drove up the driveway towards the massive house.

I parked next to a beautiful black Camaro, and stepped out of my car with even more nerves than before.

I took a deep breath before locking my door and walking up the few steps to the house, my knees wobbling and my hands clenching and unclenching with nervousness.

“Jojo!” Ashley shouted as I walked through the hallway, and she came running down the stairs in her red, four inch heels. How?

“Hey, Ash,” I said as I returned her hug, grunting as she nearly squeezed the life out of me.

“Let her breathe, baby,” Ryan teased as he walked down the stairs as well.

“Hi, Ryan,” I greeted, giving him a kiss on the cheek, before we walked further into the house.

Ashley suddenly pulled me aside, just outside the dining room, and I raised my brows.

“Okay, so. I want to warn you,” she said cautiously and I crossed my arms.


“Charlie is kind of... well...” she trailed off, thinking about a good way to describe her brother, and I raised my brows. “Well, he’s a man whore and treats women like trash.”

Of course he does.

“I mean, as long as he treats you right, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, I adore him. But,” she continued. “He’s a fucking ladies man and I guess I just want you to keep your distance. Plus, it really grosses me out.”

“Okay,” I said as I nodded, and Ashley let out a relieved breath.

“Good, well, that’s all I wanted to say.”

I chuckled, still a little weirded out by our conversation, and followed her into the dining room, where her parents were already seated.

“Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Abbot,” I tried and I received a nod from Mr. Abbot. Progress, I guess.

“Ms. Sawyer,” Mrs. Abbot responded coldly and I sat down as far away from Ashley’s parents as I could. Ashley and Ryan sat across from me, next to Ashley’s mother, and a weird tension filled the air.

“Erm, how are you? Thank you again for inviting me,” I said in an attempt to break the silence as I nervously played with the piece of string around my wrist.

“We didn’t invite you,” Mrs. Abbot retorted and I sighed, my smile faltering a little.

“Mom!” Ashley said firmly.

“What?” Mrs. Abbot shrugged. Dinner was going to be fun.

"I invited her, because Ryan and I have news.”

“Oh god, don’t tell me you’re pregnant,” Mrs. Abbot said and I sniggered.

“No, no. I—”

“I’m sure you’ve all missed me, but fear not,” A voice boomed through the dining room, cutting Ashley off and attracting all the attention. “I’m here.”

Where did I hear that voice before?

I turned and faced the entrance, my eyes widening when I looked at Charlie.

Pretty boy?

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