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Chapter Six


“I’m a guy, you were fucking amazing in bed, and frankly, I want to do it again,” he admitted and I bit my lip, trying not to blush.

God, I really wanted to fuck him again.

It was like fate heard me when I thought it was a shame I wouldn’t see him again. But I made Ashley a promise, and I respected her too much to go back on it.

Even though he looked amazing in grey, the suit fitting him perfectly, and he radiated confidence, which was a big turn on.

The way he carried himself and looked at me— no, watched me, in the same way he did yesterday at the restaurant. That mischievous sparkle in those icy eyes, intrigued me.

Maybe I could...

“We can’t,” I took a deep breath, wishing I didn’t have to shut him down.

“I always get what I want,” Charlie boldly responded to my rejection, taking a step closer and I raised a brow.

“You’re not even hiding the fact that you’re a spoiled brat,” I observed, allowing him to come closer, his scent filling my nostrils and almost making me faint. In an annoyingly good way.

“No. Why would I?”

I huffed in frustration. It was infuriating how he always had an answer to everything.

He smirked, carefully placing one hand on the small of my back, and I absentmindedly lifted my face. There was a ridiculous pull between us, forcing us together like magnets.

He watched me as his hand glided down to my ass, and I closed my eyes as his fingers played with the hem of my skirt.

“You like getting what you want, too, don’t you, Jordan?” he cooed, and I felt his warm breath on my face as he spoke, sending goosebumps down my arms.

Say my name like that again.

“I—” I breathed out as a moan escaped me.

“Jordan! Where are you?”

My eyes shot open and Charlie’s hand disappeared from my ass, the both of us springing apart at the sound of Ashley’s voice.

“Fuck,” I mumbled, my heartbeat still thumping loudly in my chest as the adrenaline from the tension filled moment still coursed through my veins.

“It’s just Ashley,” Charlie stated and I scowled at him.

“Yes, the best friend that made me promise to not go near you,” I hissed, pushing him to the wall beside the doors.

He chuckled, his head turning to look inside the house, before he faced me again, smirking.

Of course.

“Alright, can I just...” he trailed off, grabbing my ass and giving it a little squeeze. I shrieked at the contact, playfully slapping his hand away.

“Stay outside,” I demanded, walking back into the house without giving him another look, closing the balcony doors behind me.

“I’m here!” I yelled, and after a few seconds, Ashley walked in.

“What are you doing in here? And why do you look all flustered?” she asked suspiciously.

“I wanted to go to the room furthest from your parents and I accidentally dropped this,” I replied, pointing to the broken picture frame on the ground as I mentally patted myself on the shoulder for the save.

“Oh, well, this is Charlie’s old room,” she said and I grabbed my heels, putting the horrid things back on.

“I didn’t know.”


“Hmm. Well I’ll have someone clean that up. Let’s go back downstairs.”

I nodded, following her out of the room.

After managing to sit through the rest of the evening and practically running out of the house as soon as it was over, I was back in my safe space, wearing my trusty, ripped pajama shorts and bleach stained cami.

My music was blasting as I cleaned my bathroom, when my doorbell suddenly rang.

Who the fuck was disturbing my peace this morning?

I turned my music down and dropped the rag I was using in the bucket of soapy water, before I walked to my front door.

“Somewhere in the near future I need you to move to a better neighbourhood. I always feel like I’m going to get robbed when I visit you.”

I chuckled as Bailey barged into my apartment, her four year old son running up to me and holding up his little arms.

“Hi, how are you? I’m good, how nice of you to come by,” I mumbled sarcastically, picking up Jayden.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he wiped his face in disgust. I love kids.

“Yeah, where do you keep your coffee?” Bailey asked from the kitchen, and I closed the door with her son on my hip.

“Cupboard next to the stove.”

“Jordan? Guess what I did yesterday?” Jayden asked and I walked to the couch, sitting down with the sweet boy on my lap.

“You got an A in math?”

“He’s four, Jordan,” Bailey said from the kitchen.

“Right,” I muttered, waiting for the kid to just tell me.

“I walked down the stairs on my own,” he beamed and I smiled at the pride and excitement in his dark brown eyes.

“Yay! That’s amazing!” I gushed, watching Jayden as he bounced up and down on my leg, his tight dark curls bouncing with him.

“Fuck, Jordan, what’s this?” Bailey suddenly gasped and I covered Jayden’s ears in an attempt to shield him from his mother’s cursing.

“What?” I asked while Jayden jumped off my lap and grabbed a race car toy from the bag Bailey dropped next to the couch.

“Where did you get this?” she asked and I stood up, joining her in the kitchen.

“What’s wha— shit.”

“Language,” Bailey warned and I raised a brow at her. “Yeah, whatever. Where did you get the watch?”

I could slap myself in the face for not returning it to its rightful owner yesterday.

“That’s a long story... The real question is, where the fuck did you find that sexist asshole you set me up with?” I asked as Bailey crossed her arms, leaning against the counter behind her.

“Chris? Yeah, I meant to call you about your date. How was it?”

I raised my brows, mirroring her stance.

“Well, did you at least have sex?” she asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, but not with him. I wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole.”

“That bad?”

“He practically ignored the waiter, tried to order for me, only talked about himself, talked about women as if we’re less than men, and didn’t give the waiter a tip. I was surprised he didn’t complain about the food and threw a tantrum,” I explained and Bailey chuckled.

“God, I’m sorry. He works with Theo, I thought he’d be okay.”

“I need to have a talk with your husband about the men he works with.”

“He’s one of the partner’s son, I don’t think he can do much about it,” Bailey defended, before she took a sip of coffee.

“Hmm,” I hummed, pouring myself a cup of instant coffee too. It wasn’t great, but it was cheap and I needed caffeine.

“So who did you fuck then?” Bailey continued.

“Mommy?” Jayden interrupted, walking up to his mother.

“Yes, baby?”

“What does ‘fuck’ mean?” he asked, and I choked on my coffee as I tried to take a sip, spraying it all over my face.

“Jesus,” she mumbled under her breath and I wiped the hot liquid off my face, wondering how she was going to talk her way out of this one. “That’s a grown-up word. Do you remember what mommy said about those?”

“Yes. I’m allowed to use them when I’m eighteen,” he recited and I chuckled.

“Except...” Bailey added.

“Except when I’m talking to you or daddy.”

“Good boy. Now go and play with your cars, honey.”

Jayden nodded and ran back to the couch, grabbing his car and running it over the edge of the coffee table.

How can kids entertain themselves with a piece of plastic for hours?

I mean, I have one particular piece of plastic I can enjoy for a while...

“Anyway, who?” she pressed, and I sucked my lower lip between my teeth.

Bailey had never met Charlie either, and it wasn’t like I was still sleeping with him, but it didn’t feel right to tell her.

“Just some guy I met at the restaurant. He bought me a drink and we ended up going back to his place,” I answered, hoping she couldn’t hear my heartbeat. I was a terrible liar.

“Nice. How was it?”

I continued to tell her about the good sex I had with Charlie, leaving out that fact that it was him, but including every other detail.

We spend the rest of the morning talking, catching up on each other’s lives and drinking more gross coffee, that over time, tasted better and better.

“Shit, I have to be at my dad’s in fifteen minutes,” I suddenly realised as I poured the coffee I had left down the drain.

“Good luck with that,” Bailey chuckled, downing her coffee and placing her empty cup next to mine on the counter.

I ran to my bedroom and quickly threw on some decent clothes. My dad wasn’t like the Abbot’s, where everybody always looked like they were dining with the queen, but I wanted to at least look like I tried.

“Let’s go, Jay,” Bailey said and Jayden gave his mother his toy, grabbing her hand before walking to the front door.

“I’m sorry, B,” I apologised as I grabbed my keys.

“It’s fine. We’ll set up a dinner date soon.”

We went our separate ways outside, and I headed to my dad’s. It wasn’t really a long drive to his house, but I was late nonetheless.

I parked Benji in front of my childhood home, smiling at the red roses in the yard, flooded with happy memories of my father working in his garden.

It was his baby; ever since I was little he was always busy taking care of the flowers. And it paid off, because they truly looked beautiful.

I walked up to the house and rang the doorbell.

“Hey, Jordan. I was worried you forgot about me,” my dad said as he opened the door.

“I had Bailey over and we lost track of time, but I could never forget you,” I smiled, wrapping my arms around my dad’s torso.

“Is that Jordan?” I heard from behind my father, and I let him go to hug Eliza, my dad’s wife.

“How are you? Feeling better?” I asked, remembering the phone conversation I had with dad a few days ago.

“Oh, it was just a cold. You know your father.” she said and I chuckled.

My dad was always the type to go to the hospital for a sore throat, but I thought it made him sweet and caring.

“Well, uh, let’s eat,” he stammered, and he walked into the kitchen, plating the pasta he made.

“How’ve you been, Jordan?” Eliza asked, walking with me to the dinner table.

“Good. I was at the Abbots last night,” I replied, taking a seat next to her.

“You ate lobster and caviar?” Dad teased from the open kitchen and I chuckled. My father was always a little bitter about the fact that I had rich friends. Not because he disliked them, but because he couldn’t give me everything that they could.

“No, just beef.”

“Come on, Mark,” Eliza gently scolded and my dad shrugged.

“Ashley had some news, actually,” I continued, taking a sip of my water while dad sat down too, placing the plates of delicious food in front of us.

“Is she pregnant?” he asked.

“Jesus, no. Why does everybody think that? She’s getting married.”


“That’s amazing!” Eliza cheered, and I nodded absentmindedly. Yes, amazing that I’ll be the only unmarried friend in our little group.

“And where’s the princess getting married?” Dad asked.

“I don’t know yet. Probably somewhere cold, with a lot of snow. She wants to get married at Christmas,” I replied. And that’ll probably cost me a plane ticket I can’t afford.

God, I sound like such a bitch.

“Hmm,” my dad hummed.

“She asked me to be her maid of honor,” I added.

“That’s great,” Eliza smiled. “You get to plan the bridal shower, go dress shopping— Oh, it’ll be so much fun!”

“Do you want to be the maid of honor?” I retorted and Eliza chuckled.

“I think you’ll do great.” Dad reassured me.

“Thanks, Dad.”

He smiled at me before diving into his food.

“How’s that devil woman?” Eliza asked and I chuckled.

“She lived up to that name yesterday,” I replied, thinking about the nasty comments she made. I could pretend she didn’t get to me, but my skin wasn’t that thick.

“Wasn’t she on that show you watched the other day?” Dad asked and Eliza nodded.

“There was this item about Charlie Abbot, her son,” she explained and I almost choked on my food.

“Are you okay?”

I swallowed hard, still trying to catch my breath. “What was it about?”

“Just that he was back in town and became president of his father’s company. Then it quickly turned into an update on his love life, and I switched channels.”

“He sounded like a spoiled kid who never had to work for anything in his life. I’m glad you don’t associate with guys like him,” Dad said, smiling proudly.


“Have you never met Ashley’s brother?” Eliza questioned.

“I did, yesterday at dinner. But, before that he was always out of town,” I explained, taking a sip of my drink, trying not to show my dad how close I was to blushing.

Disappointing my best friend by sleeping with her brother wasn’t enough, I was letting my dad down, too. Maybe even my mom, who was probably rolling in her grave and cursing at me in Thai.


“And, nothing. I didn’t really speak to him,” I added, digging my hole deeper and deeper.

“Hmm. Well, good. I like Ashley, but the rest of her family...” dad trailed off, rolling his eyes.

I’m going to hell.

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