Shattered By The Mafia

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MAX POV a few minutes earlier

Another explosion is heard, and I jolt awake, cursing myself for falling asleep. Crawling towards him, I hear the door behind me open. I roll to my side, the gun in a tight grip, but I am too slow. The gun gets kicked out of my hand, the black shoe hitting my hand hard. I’m sure some of the bone breaks, but I am too exhausted to care. I hear Miguel scream and stomp around me, but I ignore him.

I reach out a hand towards Isaac, with my eye fixated on his chest. He hasn’t moved, and I’m not sure if I can see his chest rising. My vision is blurry, and my head is spinning. Pushing myself harder, I make my arm as long as I can. I’m so close that I can almost touch him, but Miguel kicks my hand again.

Then he grabs my hair and neck forcing me up on my knees. I feel the barrel of his gun gets pressed against my forehead. I straighten my neck, looking up at him and into his dark eyes, using all my strength. They are furious, full of hate and anger. I get it that he is angry with me. After all, I killed his men. The number one law in my world is an eye for an eye, so I get it that I’m here, but I would never have dragged innocent women into this.

I might die now, but this is not the end. My men will hunt him down, and his family will be killed. The only question is who will do it? Will the one giving the order say a quick clean kill, or will it be someone like Antonio, someone who wants them to suffer as much as possible before they die.

I glance over at Bella, who stands there by his side, her bruised face looking pale. More gunshots are heard, this time closer, and she flinches.

“This is not a game for pussies.”

I say, my voice gruff from the pain and smirk at her. Miguel hits me in the head with his gun, and the world starts to spin even more. Grabbing my hair, he growls in my face.

“Tell me about Iza Romano. Why did you help her? Where is Logan?” He screams, his bad breath flowing over me, almost making me gag.

“He’s on his way here to kill you!”

I scream back at him, earning a slap in the face. Blood flows down my cheek, and I take a deep breath and open my eyes.

Max pov now present time (where chapter one started)

My body aches with so much pain that I have to use more willpower than I thought I possessed to keep myself upright. Standing here on my knees with my hands laced behind my head, waiting for him to kill me, wasn’t precisely how I pictured this year to end.

I can’t help but laugh at myself and the irony of the situation, which causes my broken ribs to protest wildly in my chest. Once again, he hits me in the head with his gun, and with a loud groan, I pinch my eyes shut in an attempt to fight off the dizziness. How the hell did I end up here? When did I turn into a complete idiot?

“Any last words?”

Miguel asks me in a malicious tone, and yes, I have a lot that I want to say to them, but I know that it’s not the words they want to hear from me. They want to see me broken and beg, but I won’t bow down to anyone or let them hear me beg for my life. I am not scared at all, this is what I do, and it is not the first time I had a gun pointed at me or been close to death.

I have always known that the possibility that this day might come my way was big, but I feel far from done with my life, and it pisses me off. I look into the barrel of his gun, and my thoughts start to wander to another place, a much better place and brighter time.

If this is the end, then I refuse to spend my last minutes alive thinking about this shit show. It is bad enough that I have to see him, see them, but I won’t close my eyes.

Memories of Gabi and my years together starts to play like a movie inside my head. Smiling, I remember all the craziness she has put me through, how her sassy mouth and firey attitude always kept me on my toes. I was so stupid for not telling her how I felt earlier. A few short moments with Luke comes back to mind, and I have to hold back my chuckle. That damn stubborn idiot.

Pictures of my amazing mother and Jaxson makes me smile. The memories are calming the raging feelings inside me, and I take a deep breath. More gunshots are heard, this time a lot closer.

“Kill him if I don’t come back in five minutes.”

Miguel says, placing the gun in Bella’s hands, then he runs out of the room. Smirking at Bella, I say

“He won’t be back. He’s probably halfway to Mexico by now. He doesn’t give a shit about you. He will leave you here, and you will die here.”

She snorts and gives the door a worried glance. Deep down, she knows that I’m right, but I get it, she loves him, and hope is the last thing that leaves us. Looking down at her phone from time to time, we wait. I don’t beg. I don’t say a word. There’s nothing I have to say to her. Struggles are heard from outside the room, and Bella squirms nervously, looking at her phone again. Her eyes find mine, and she smiles.

“Time to pay your debt.”

Bella tells me and moves closer to me. She’s standing less than five feet away from me. I stiffen when I see Kaylee enter the room, her eyes big and scared. She moves towards us, and Bella aims the gun at my head. When the barrel is pointed at my forehead, Kaylee starts running towards Bella. When I’m about to scream no, in an attempt to stop Kaylee, Bella fires the gun, and the world goes dark.


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