Shattered By The Mafia

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Chapter 33


Chapter 33 Tell me that you don’t want me
Kaylee pov

“Are you saying that you lied when you said that you want me? It sure didn’t seems like you were lying when I whispered dirty things to you, and you were moaning my name while fucking yourself. Or perhaps you lied when you said that you didn’t think about me.” I pinch my lips together, staring into his eyes. Damn, of course, I want him, but I already like him too much for it to be safe. This man is a straight road to a major heartbreak. I know that I am not the kind of woman he would want to end up with.

“Kaylee, what have I told you about lying to me?” He asks, and the tingles inside me start to burn with the need to feel more of what I just felt.

“I can’t remember.” I say, and he presses me harder against the mattress.
“Well, then imagine this and tell me that you don’t want it.” He says, his voice turning darker, and I gulp when he leans closer to my lips.

“I would flip you over to your stomach, tie your hand to the bed before I peel those jeans off, and tie your ankles. Then I would kiss and lick my way up your legs. I would only stop to squeeze the inside of your thighs. I would squeeze hard, as a little punishment, then I would let my tongue tease you until you were screaming from frustration.” Then he hums, blowing out a breath before he continues.

“Imagine how my tongue travels down your body, how I part your pink slippery folds for a quick taste.” He says before letting his tongue swipe over my lips, and I part them in a soundless gasp.

“When you start to tremble for me, begging me to fuck you, then I would make that sexy butt of yours red. I would slap it hard as many times as you can take it.” He whispers, pushing me even harder down while dragging his stubbled cheek over my neck.

“Then I would fuck you, make you beg for me some more before I come inside you.” He continues, and I suck in a loud breath, squirming against him. He chuckles, brushing his lips over my neck, and I feel goosebumps form all over my body.

“But only if you apologize and I know that you mean it, then I would make you feel all the things you want me to make you feel.” He purrs.

“Tell me, Kaylee, when did you lie? Was it when you said that you want me, or when you said that you didn’t?” He whispers in my ear, and I breathe in hard.

“Max.” I whisper, and he nibbles at the skin on my neck, making me gasp.
“Answer me.” His tone is harsh, and I let out a long breath.

“I am sorry that I lied.” I whisper, and he gives me a look that says that I am not getting out of this.

“Not yet, you aren’t, but you will be. But first, we need to find out when you lied to me.” He says, and I squirm, my heart beating hard in my chest.

“Are you scared?” He asks when I swallow hard, trying to hold back the burning desire.

“No, I am not scared of you.” I almost yell at him. I am not angry with him, but at myself for not controlling my emotions better. I let out a shriek when he rolls over to his back, pulling me on top of him. Grabbing my ass hard, he presses me hard against him.

“I am nice to you now.” He tells me before slapping my ass hard. I narrow my eyes on him, and he smirks at me, pressing my lower body harder against his. I let out a small whimper when I feel his erection push against my still sensitive clit. I stiffen, and one of his hands travel up my back, stopping at my neck. Then he yanks my head down, glaring at me.

“Why don’t you tell me another lie?” He growls, and I swallow hard, trying to come up with something to say. He pulls my head even closer. His eyes are not just burning with lust but also a hint of irritation. I know that he hates it when I lie to him, and still, I do. Not that I would ever lie about important things. It’s just that if I admit stuff like this, then my heart is at risk.

“Why don’t you tell me that you don’t want me to fuck you? Tell me that you don’t want to feel my cock deep inside you.” He says, and I part my lips, my core tingling from the need to feel just that. I never thought that I would enjoy dirty talk. A few guys have tried and failed so badly that all I could do was giggle but not this man. Just with his words, he makes me burn, and I know that I am in trouble. Or rather, my heart is in trouble.

“Max.” I say out of breath and squirm, making him groan when my lower body rubs against his.

“I need to hear you say it.” He says with an almost pained expression, and I narrow my eyes more than before, no longer understanding what he wants me to tell him. Does he want me to tell him the truth? Or does he want me to lie and say that I don’t want him?

" I am not like Gabi. I would never share a man, and I don’t want to be someone you only come to when you need to get off.” I blurt out, and his grip on me loosens slightly. Then we stare at each other for a long time. He starts stroking my cheek with his thumb, looking like he’s lost.

“No, you are nothing like her, and I would never let another man or woman touch you.” He tells me, and I start chewing on the inside of my cheek while I wait for him to say something more.

“The mere thought of someone touching you pisses me off.” He mutters, glancing at the door before he looks back at me.

“You love her, and you have things to work on.” I whisper, and he frowns, his eyes turning sad. I have no problem with him loving Gabi, but he’s still a mess because of what happened, and I understand that, but I don’t want to end up hurt because of that.

“I do, and I will always love her, and it hurts, but you make it better.” He tells me, and my eyes widen from his last words.

“Tell me that you don’t want me.” He says, looking intently at me, his eyes turning even sadder.

“I don’t want you.” I tell him, and he smiles, shaking his head.

“Liar.” He answers, and I smile at him. Seconds later, we are kissing, and he rolls us over. When his weight is pressing me down against the bed, I don’t feel scared. It feels right. He kisses my neck while I thread my fingers through his hair. The door to the room bursts open with a slam, and I let out a scream while Max jumps up.

“What the fuck!” Max hisses at Luke, who looks from me to Max with a surprised expression. My cheeks turn stoplight red when Luke smirks at me. Then his green eyes turn to Max.

“You and I, we need to talk, now!” Luke growls.

“Get the fuck out!” Max yells, walking towards Luke, and I jump up from the bed and grab Max before he gets the chance to throw his brother out of the room.

“I am not leaving so you can get your dick wet!” Luke says, clearly angry, and I bet it has something to do with what Max said to him. Max said, “Don’t make me regret that I didn’t kill you.” and Luke deserves an explanation.

“I said get out, and if I get my dick wet or not is none of your business!” Max yells back, and I press my palms against Max’s chest before I whisper

“Max, he’s your brother. Talk to him.”
“We were busy, and he has no right to barge in like he owns the place!” Max grumbles, glaring at Luke.

“I practically do, at least for tonight!” Luke snaps from behind my back.

“That’s what’s wrong with you! You think that you own everything and can do whatever you want!” Max snaps back at him, and I pinch him hard in his side.

“Max, don’t be a pest!” I say in an angry tone, and he looks at me with one raised eyebrow.

“Calm down and talk to your brother!” I snap, and his eyes widen. Then I turn to Luke, glaring at him as I speak.

“And you, believe me, if you hurt Max, then I will hurt you.” Luke raises his eyebrows in irritation, and Max pulls me to his chest.

“She tried to kill me twice, so if I were you, then I would listen to the lady.” Jaxson says, appearing in the door.

“Shut up, Chipmunk, and choke on a nut!” Luke snaps at Jaxson, and Jaxson walks up to him, his eyes dark with anger. Then the two men start to argue like two kids fighting in the playground. Max groans behind me, leaning his head against mine while I watch his brother and Jaxson bicker. Soon Isaac is standing in the door, looking at the two men with an amused expression before his eyes turn to me.

“Do you want to get out of here?” He asks me, and Max stiffens behind me.

“I am a much more enjoyable company than these three assholes and better looking.” Isaac says, and Max lets me go before he walks up to his friend. More amusement starts shining in Isaac’s eyes, and I roll my eyes.

“If you touch her, I will kill you.” Max says in a low, deadly tone, and both Luke and Jaxson go quiet, and with big eyes, they look at Max.

“Why are you so pissy? I want to make sure the woman gets to enjoy her stay in Sweden in all the best ways.” Isaac answers, giving him a wink, and Max grabs his shirt growling something in Italian at him.

“All four of you are like damn kids.” I mutter, shaking my head before I walk up to Max and slap his hand holding Isaac’s shirt.

“Let him go!” I order him, but he doesn’t even look at me.
“Max, let him go, now!” I say, pulling at his arm, and Isaac chuckles.

“He needs to stay the fuck away from you!” Max says, still glaring at his friend.
“Isaac is my friend.” I start, but in a growl, Max interrupts me.

“He’s flirting with you.”
“Oh, someone is jealous.” Luke says, and I sigh.

“No, Max, he’s not flirting with me. Stop this. This is crazy. Why are you acting like this.” I say, and his green eyes find mine, the anger slowly fading.

“He needs to stay the fuck away from you because as long as you are here, you belong to me, and I am the one who gets you first. When we are done, and if you want to fuck him go ahead, but you are mine first.” My eyes widen, and Max looks at me with regret, letting go of Isaac. The room goes deadly quiet as I try to process his words.

“Get out!” He tells the other men, and when they don’t move, Max turns to Isaac and grabs the gun he has placed in the waistband of his jeans. Pointing it at the other men, he snaps.

“Get the fuck out now, or you will all crawl out of here bleeding!” The three men look at me, Isaac’s eyes filled with worry, and I nod at him, then the three of them leave. Sighing, Max places the gun on the bed before he starts walking towards me.

“Kaylee, I didn’t mean it like that.” Max starts to say when I take a step away from him, but I interrupt him by saying the same thing he said to me

“Tell me that you don’t want me.” He stiffens, and then he looks away from me, and I take a deep breath feeling a lump grow in my stomach.

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