Shattered By The Mafia

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Chapter 35

Chapter 35 No, more Mafia guys!
Liv pov

Startled, I sit up, looking wildly around me, wondering what woke me. Breathing out hard, I see that the room is empty except for Kaylee sleeping on the couch. It must have been a dream that woke me. A loud knock on the door makes me jump, my heart almost stopping. Okay, calm down. There’s no need to worry. Kaylee mumbles something in her sleep as I hurry over to the door with soundless steps, not wanting to wake her. The woman needs to sleep. I know all about her nightmares and how they keep her awake at night.

“Who is it?” I ask.

I open the door, peaking outside, and he gives me an irritated look when instead of inviting him in, I step out, closing the door behind me. Crossing my arms over my chest, I look the tall, muscular man up and down, and he raises one eyebrow at me.

“I don’t know what you did, but Kaylee was very upset last night, and I don’t like that. Don’t do it again.” I tell him, using the same voice I use when I play at Lash. A slight smile starts to play on his lips, the same stupid smile that Luke has. The kind of smile that makes me want to whip asses.

“Miss Dellin, I know the kind of games you play with men, but let me inform you that I am not one of those men that would tolerate it.” He tells me, taking a step closer to me, invading my private space. Not backing away, I feel irritation rise. He’s trying to intimidate me for telling him off, and when men do that, well, it rubs me the wrong way and brings out the brat in me.

“Just because you are the boss.” I say, making quote marks with my fingers before I continue to speak

“Doesn’t mean that you get to mistreat her. She has been through enough shit, and if you ever hurt her again, then, believe me, I will kick your ass to the fucking moon. Mafia boy or not, no one hurts my friends.” He gives me an amused smile before chuckling softly.

“First of all, I have no bad intentions towards Kaylee. Second I am not a boy, I am a very dangerous man. Third, if I hadn’t been so happy to see that Kaylee has friends that care for her, then I wouldn’t let your little threat go unnoticed.”

“It’s not a threat. It’s a promise.” I tell him, and he steps even closer, forcing me to back away unless I want to stand pressed up against him, which I have no desire to do. When my back hits the door, my heart rate picks up, and my skin prickles with anxiety, but mostly, I feel irritated that he’s trying to intimidate me. It doesn’t matter if he gets pissed. This isn’t something I will back away from. No one hurt my friends, not even Mr. Mafia himself.

“I can see why Jaxson and Isaac like you. But perhaps you should focus on trying to whip them in shape and not me. You and I want the same thing for Kaylee, her to be happy. But you need to understand that at times the truth can be hard to hear and upsetting.” His voice is low, holding a hint of danger. I can’t say that I dislike the man, but I sure as shit doesn’t trust him. At least not yet. I haven’t met him or talked to him enough to know him.

“Now, move because I need to see her, and you are not going to be there when I talk to her.” I am just about to protest, say that it’s Kaylee’s choice to make when he gently pulls me away from the door and steps inside my room, locking the door behind him.

“Hey, it’s my room!” I yell at the closed door.

“Damn, fucking mafia guys.” I grumble, wanting to kick the door, but instead, I take a deep breath, then another. Calm down, Liv. I tell myself. I can be hot-headed at times, especially when it comes to protecting my friends. I can usually calm myself. Being calm and confident is essential when you play to make your Sub feel safe, but now I feel like a wreck and as far from a Dom as you can be. I have been on edge ever since those Mexicans came here and started shooting. I guess seeing people get killed can mess with anyone’s head.

“Are you okay?” Isaac asks from behind me, and I jump, spinning around, almost falling flat on my ass.

“I, um, I, fine. I mean, I am fine, perfect.” I say, stumbling fast, feeling my cheeks heat up. Damn, woman, get a grip. This is not the way a dom acts, and this is not how you act. I am tougher than this, but damn I am scared. I hate to admit it, but I am. I am terrified because of everything that has happened, and because of what Isaac said to me, he threatened me, and I don’t understand why. All I know is that it has something to do with Jax. What the fuck happened with Jax? He freaked out. Why?

“Liv.” He starts, and the door to my room slams open, and a furious-looking Kaylee storm outside.

“Kaylee.” Max says in an almost begging tone as she walks up to Isaac.

“It’s time to go, right? I am riding with you!” She tells Isaac, who look at her in surprise. Max, who has entered the hallway, looks far from happy by her words, and Isaac glance at his friend, then at me. I give him a slight nod, hoping that he understands that he needs to take her with him if that is what she wants.

“If that is what you want, then it will be my pleasure.” He says, giving her a soft smile. Max says something in what I assume is Italian, and Isaac gives him an are you serious look. So Max is jealous of Isaac? Well, Isaac looks like a damn God, so I guess even hot men like Max can get self-conscious around him. But seriously, is Kaylee and Max a thing? Before I get the opportunity to think more about it, Max snaps at all of us

“Let’s go!”

Less than one hour later, I am dressed up to look like Iza, all tattoos and my almost white hair covered with a wig. Staring at myself in the mirror, my eyes are glued to the fake baby bump under my dress. Maya has an amazing baby girl, and Iza will soon have two rascals to deal with. Me… what do I have? Nothing more than my dirty games at Lash.

Almost rolling my eyes at myself, I take a deep breath. It’s not like I am jealous, but one day, I want what my friends have. I want to find the love of my life, a partner that can satisfy all my needs at the same time that I can fulfill his.

I am getting too old to continue to be a player. Okay, I am not a player, but I am the person who has a lot of sex and doesn’t stick around for more. I have kept subs for a few months, but that has been during my training with Jake. Now when Jake is not always around, I usually do sessions with those who just want it one or two times.

I had a few short relationships through the years, but I got bored so fast that it can barely be counted as relationships. The only people I have met that have piqued my interest are Isaac and Jaxson. But I can’t have them both, correction, I can’t have anyone of them because they love each other.

“I look ridiculous. No one will fall for this.” I say, turning to my friends, that look at me with amused smiles.

“You look good. Almost like me.” Iza tells me with a frown that tells me that she has a hard time seeing that this will work, and I roll my eyes.

“Don’t worry. They are not that bright. If they see you, then they will only see the hair color and stomach.” Max tells me, and I can’t help but wonder if he’s underestimating his enemy.

“I bet a million-dollar that you soon won’t be needing that pillow thing to make you look pregnant.” Luke says with a smirk, and my cheeks go pale and red at the same time.

“I will be showing that million up your ass when I get my next period. And those dollars will be bloody when I do it!” I snap, and Luke wrinkles his nose while Iza giggles.

“You are nasty.” Luke mumbles, and I glance at Jaxson and Isaac, who are standing close to each other. Both men look intently at me, and I pinch my lips into a thin line. I have fucked both of them, and both came inside me, and Isaac, well he did that many times, damn shit. Sure I have a UID, but I am almost sure that it was time to replace it a few months ago. Nervously I shift on my feet, and both Isaac and Jaxson give me a suspicious look. Unable to look at the hot guys anymore, I turn to Max.

“Can we go now?” I ask in a rush, and Max raises his eyebrows looking over at Isaac and Jax, whose eyes seem to burn holes in my back. I am not pregnant, and I am not going to worry about that shit. If I do, then I will start feeling symptoms that aren’t real, and I will drive myself crazy until I can take a test. How and when did I become so reckless? Oh, I know, all it took was one look at two hot men with tattoos, and boom, I got brain damaged. No, I can’t even blame things on that. I am just plain stupid. That is what’s wrong.

“As soon as Jaxson has changed.” Max says, turning to his friend, and I can’t help but follow his lead. Groaning like he hates it, Jaxson pulls his shirt over his head, and my mouth goes dry. Luke mutters something that sounds like fucking chipmunks and then something about show-off before he escorts Iza out of the room. Unable to look away, I watch Jaxson strips down to his underwear with sour movements.

I try to look away, and I want to say that my eyes are not traveling down over his perfect tattooed body, but it does. My eyes stop at his black boxers, and images of his cock slipping inside me when I fucked him start to play inside my mind. The tempting images make me tense up, and my pussy clenches with the need to feel him inside me again.

Jaxson glances at me, and I look away from him while scolding myself for being a needy bitch. No more mafia men, ever! I repeat in my head, and the next time I look at Jaxson, he is wearing a suit. I don’t have a thing for men in suits, but knowing what’s underneath that suit makes my mouth water along with my lady parts. Drawing a deep breath, I scold myself some more. Looking over at Isaac, I see that he has a teasing smile on his lips. Caught ogling by hot guy number two, damn it!

“If the three of you are done being weird and eye-fucking each other, then it’s time to go.” Max says, and I look away from Isaac. Can’t I be more obvious?! Groaning internally, I look over at Kaylee, who has a worried expression on her face, so I give her a reassuring smile. Of all people in the world, she’s the last one I want to worry.

Isacc pov

All the guilt I feel comes to a halt when Luke utters the words about Liv ending up pregnant. I fucked her without protection, so did Jaxson, and dumb-ass me never asked if she’s on the pill or something else.

The look on Livs face tells me that she’s not and that she’s worried about it. Shit, what if she’s pregnant?! Fuck! No, it’s double fuck! It was not many days ago since I slept with her, and now Jax got her last night. How will we be able to know who made her pregnant? Geez, this is crazy, and I need to stop thinking like that right now, or I will go crazy before I get the chance to find out. But damn, I would give up my right hand if it meant that she start bleeding soon, as in hopefully right now. Yeah, sure, kids are cute and all, but I am far from ready for that. Besides, Jax is the one I want, and making a woman pregnant doesn’t fit into that picture.

Glancing over at Jax, who looks damn good in his expensive suit, I see that he looks worried. We need to talk about this, but right now is not the time.

“Let’s go.” Max says, and Liv hurries to follow him, so I grab Jax’s arm before he can leave.

“Are you okay with this? I mean traveling with her?” I ask, and Jax gives me a look that questions my intelligence.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Gritting my teeth, I try not to snap at him.
“Because of what happened.” Snorting, he looks away, rolling his eyes, like he always does when he’s pretending that he is okay.

“Stop being a bitch about it.” He says, yanking his arm free before he walks out of the room. Sighing heavily, I follow them. Damn, I hope that Liv and Jaxson traveling together won’t turn out to be another disaster.

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