Shattered By The Mafia

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1 Hate and pain

Hi, and welcome to Shattered By The Mafia. This is a dark erotic/romance/thriller. The story is +18 only. It contains sex, violence, abuse, bad language, and other things that can be a trigger or set of disturbing feelings. I do not encourage this kind of behavior. Remember, safety and consent always come first!

This is book four in the Lash series

1 Lash
2 Saved By The CEO
3 Playing With The Mafia
4 Shattered By The Mafia

Spinoff on Lash

1 Lily The Devil´s Flower (that isn’t a must be read to understand the third one)

I hope you will enjoy the read, lots of love to all of you/ Sandra

Kaylee pov

I tackle Bella hard, and the gunshot rings in my ears. A million feelings rush through me, fear, anger, and devastation. Falling to the ground, I land on top of Bella. The anger and fury I feel taking over, numbing the pain and fear in my body. She pushes me off her, and we scramble to our feet, and I manage to grab the gun she dropped.

In the corner of my eye, I see Max lying there with a puddle of blood under his head. The sight makes me sick, and I want to go to him and apologize, but I can’t even turn my head to look directly at him. I was too late. I couldn’t help him. He wouldn’t be dead if it weren’t for me being so scared.

I am still scared, so scared that it feels like I might break from all the trembles in my body, but the hate I feel is even stronger. She did this, all of this. She kidnapped me for God knows what reason, then ordered all those men to hurt me. Now this, Max, and everything around here, it is her fault. She needs to suffer for what she has done.

Sneaking in here was the scariest thing I have ever done. But I did it, but I know that if it hadn’t been for the man who is Max’s brother, I would be lying dead somewhere outside this room. The last time I saw him, right before I slip in here, was that Luke was fighting with someone. First, I hesitated. I wanted to help him because he helped me, because Max cares about him, but then I heard Bella’s voice, so I left him. I hope he will be okay.

“I hate you!” I scream and fire the gun, hitting Bella in the shoulder, and she falls back down to the ground screaming. I intended to kill her, but my hands are trembling so badly that aiming is a too hard task. She killed Max. She hurt many people and not just me. Another surge of hate courses through me, and with a scream, I kick her. Not once, not twice, I do it over and over again until my foot hurts.

The world around me turns into a blur as all the hate I feel towards this woman takes over my whole being. Falling to my knees on the blood-stained concrete floor, I hit her over and over again. I scream, no words, just furious sounds. All the pain I feel flows out, and all I can think about is that I need to kill her. Warm red liquid covers my hands, her blood, my arms ache from the exhaustion, and my hands hurt, but I don’t care. She needs to suffer for what she has done.

Max pov

I feel hands on me. I hear sounds like a wounded animal suffering in pain.

“Max!” Someone screams, and I groan. At least I think I am. The inside of my head feels like it’s about to explode, while my face feels numb. The rest of my body hurt equally much. The small breaths I take burn and slice my chest and throat.

“You better not die! Fucking Chipmunk! Wake up asshole!” I know that voice, slowly I open my eyes. The dim light makes my head hurt even more, and with a groan, I close them again.

“Wake up, or I will beat you up!”

The same voice yells at me, and I want to tell him to fuck off and let me sleep. I’m so close to falling asleep. I want to sleep. More screams cut like knives through my head. A woman, a woman I know. My fuzzy head hurts so much that all thoughts are clouded like a thick smoke has hidden them. I groan.

The vibration of the sound slices like knives through my chest. Someone shakes me, now my whole body aches, and my eyes flutter open. I stare at the guy who is leaning over me. His green eyes are worried, glassy. Or it might be my blurry vision that makes them look like that.

“Idiot.” I whisper so low that I don’t think he can hear me. If he did, he’s ignoring it. My brother, Luke, asshole and idiot, I am more than happy to see him.

“You need to get up.” He says, and even though I want to, I don’t have the strength. More screams echo through the dim room. My head feels heavy as I look at the woman. It takes a while before I understand who it is. Kaylee, why is she here? I try to focus my blurry vision on her fast, jerking movements. Realizing what she is doing, I cough. Bella is lying there, bloody and whimpering on the floor.

“Kaylee.” Her screams drown out my low whisper. Kaylee stands up from her kneeling position, her body is shaking and her clothes and hands are covered in blood. I hear Luke grumble, but his words can’t reach me because if I don’t focus on only her, the world will start spinning faster.

“Kaylee.” I whisper again, this time my voice is higher, and she spins around, her blue eyes big, scared, and surprised at the same time.

“Max! You are alive! ” She whimpers out, tears rolling down her cheeks. My eyes travel to the gun in her hands. Her small hands are trembling, her whole body shaking like she was cold.

“If you do that, there’s no turning back.”

I whisper, my voice breaking as pain stabs my head and chest again. If she wants to kill her, then I won’t stop her. But I want her to know that killing someone, no matter how much you hate them, will be a thing you can never erase. I can feel something warm flowing down the side of my head, and the world spins even faster than before.

Something dark flash in her blue eyes, the same darkness I have seen in mine. She turns to Bella, pointing the gun at her. Her hands aren’t trembling as much as they did before. She wants to kill her, and I understand. I only wish I had the strength to do it for her. The sound of the gunshot hurt my head so much that I think I lose consciousness for a few seconds.

I try but I can’t open my eyes again. It feels like they are glued shut. Someone is holding my body’s weight up, then a pair of smaller hands on my right arm. Long hair tickles my forearm, and a bony shoulder gets pressed against my side. Then I hear Jaxsons worried voice, ordering men to help me out. Then I hear him say Isaac’s name. I hope Isaac made it, but it didn’t look good. Luke is alive, Kaylee is alive, Jaxson is alive. That is all that matters. Perhaps I get to see my Gabi now? Those are my last thoughts, and then the world slips away.

Luke pov

I heard the gunshot before I entered the room. One part of me didn’t want to go inside. A part of me knew what I was going to see. Kaylee was wrestling with Bella on the floor, a gun lying not far away from them, but I didn’t care about that. My eyes were glued to Max, lying on the floor. Covered in blood, bruises, and wounds. Laying in a puddle of dark red blood that was flowing down from his head. The sick feeling I felt was overwhelming, and for a brief moment, time had stopped. My heart had stopped beating.

I don’t remember walking over to him and kneeling by his side. Then I saw his chest moving, and I snapped out of the numb, frozen feeling. Screaming and shaking someone as injured as he was were perhaps not the best choice, but the desperate feeling to wake him up, to make sure he survived, overtook all logical thoughts for a short moment.

Another man was lying in the room, a man I had never seen. He looked even worse than Max. I couldn’t tell if he was alive, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was that my stupid brother was still breathing. I have never seen anyone who was in so much pain. No one should have to experience that. I wanted to laugh, damn, I wanted to cry when he whispered that I was an idiot.

It gave me hope that the bastard would get through this. He talked to Kaylee, just a few words. But when she killed Bella, the ear-deafening sound of the gun ringing painfully in my ears, he slipped away. Still breathing but barely.

The fear of losing him became suffocating, wrapping around my throat and chest like an invisible thick rope. The painful memories of Amanda flared to life, even stronger than before. I can’t lose another person, I might not know Max all that well, but I love the little piece of shit no matter how many times I have tried to deny it.

What happened after that is still a blur. Somehow we got Max out and rushed him to the hospital. After the surgery, the doctor was optimistic, said that he was damn lucky, but I still don’t feel any hope. Hope is a dangerous thing.

That is one of the things that can ruin you, break you, just as loving someone can. Standing in Max hospital room watching my unconscious brother feels surreal. I feel Iza’s small arms wrap around me. The roundness of her belly pressing against me brings a little comfort to the pain inside me.

“Luke, let’s go to Max’s house. You need to clean up and rest. He will be there when we get back. He’s tough, and he wouldn’t want you to stand here staring at him.” She whispers against my chest, and tears sting my eyes. Damn, I hope she’s right. Kissing her on top of the head, I follow her to Max’s house even though I want to stay.

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