Shattered By The Mafia

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2 What will happen now?

Chapter 2 What will happen now?
Jaxson pov five days later

Five days have passed since Kaylee killed Bella and Miguel managed to get away. Five days have passed since we got Max out, and not one time has he been awake when I have seen him. He’s mostly sleeping, but the doctors say that he will be okay. His body is recovering from all the injuries, and the high doses of morphine make him extra tired.

Opening the door to Max’s hospital room, I look from my friend to a sleeping Kaylee. For five days, she has been sitting in that armchair close to Max’s bed. Her still too thin body is curled up. If it weren’t for her, then Max would be dead. It was too damn close, too close. When Luke had seen her outside the warehouse, he had run after her. First, he thought that she was in on all of this and was going to stop her.

Luckily Luke and his team were held up by some of the Mexicans, so he lost her. When he found her again, he saw her wrestling with Bella on the floor. If Kaylee had been one second later, then Max would be dead. Instead, the bullet grazed the right side of his head, just above his ear. A flesh wound so deep that the bone was visible, a small piece of it missing. The damn guy has more lives than a cat.

Looking at Kaylee, I wonder why she didn’t run away? I understand that she must have sneaked inside one of our cars. I tried to talk to her, but she is terrified of me, so I gave up the attempt. She’s terrified of everyone except for Max and Liv. The woman must be crazy. Max is way more dangerous than I am, and Liv is one vicious woman. My thoughts get interrupted when Max stirs in the bed. Kaylee jumps to her feet, then she sees me and stumbles away. Pressing her back against the wall, her body starts trembling like a dry leaf.

“I’m here to see how he’s doing.” I say, my voice low and calm even though I want to yell at her to stop being so scared of me. It’s not her fault, but I hate the way she looks at me. Like she expects that I will hurt her at any second, I look at Max again when he stirs again.


Max mumbles, and I swallow thickly. What will happen now? Will he go back to fuck up his life? I glance at Kaylee, whose eyes now are on Max. They are glassy and worried. Max moves again, and she seems to forget that I’m here. I watch her walk up to his bed and lift her hand. Her small pale hand hovers over his bruised one. Max opens his eyes, looking at her, none of them saying a word. I take a step towards his bed, and her breath hitches. She’s just about to back away when Max grabs her hand, and she shrieks in fear but goes entirely still.

“Jaxson would never hurt you.” Max tells her, his voice is so raspy that I wouldn’t have known it was him if I hadn’t seen him speak. He gives her a soft smile and let go of her hand. I expected her to back away, but she stands still, looking first at him then at her hand.

“Good to see that you are awake.” I say, and his tired green eyes find mine.

“Why did you tell people about Luke?” He asks, and I sigh.
“We agreed on it, and you have no right to be pissy about it. All you are going to do is focusing on getting better. Then we can talk about it.”

“Isaac?” Max asks, and I look down at the floor, pressing my lips into a thin line.

“Jaxson? What happened to Isaac?” He presses, and I look up at him, letting out a slow, shaky breath.

“He’s alive, but the doctors don’t know if he will make it. The following days will tell. They almost lost him twice already, so my hopes are less to nothing.”

The last words leave me in a whisper, and I bite the inside of my cheek to keep the emotions where they belong. Hidden, deep down for no one to see.

“I’m sorry, but Isaac is tough. He will be up and running in no time at all.” I know that Max knows, even though I would never admit that I love Isaac and want nothing but to take his place. I fucked up big time with him, I almost killed him, and there’s not one day that passes where I don’t regret it. Seeing him leave was hard. I tried just to move on and forget, but there are things you can’t forget.

When it comes to Isaac, I feel everything. Happiness, love, regret and guilt, and so much more. I wish things were different, that I was different. So I ended it, I ended it for him. I wanted to give him a chance to find someone better. I thought that I had gotten over what we shared. But when he went missing, when I saw him barely breathing anymore. I knew that I have only been fooling myself.

“Are you in pain?” Kaylee asks, and Max’s eyes slowly move back to her, fluttering like he struggles to stay awake. “No, thirsty and tired.” He says after clearing his throat.

I watch her hurry to grab the white plastic mug with a long straw, and with a small hesitation, she steps closer to him, leaning down and placing the straw against his lips. Lifting his head a few inches from the pillow, he sips the water. With a lump in my throat, I watch him struggle as he swallows. The red marks around his neck indicate that someone at some point had wrapped a rope around his neck, trying to strangle him.

It has damaged and caused swellings on the muscles, making it hard for him to swallow and speak. With a heavy sigh, his head falls back on the pillow, and he closes his eyes, his body relaxing as he falls asleep. I have to remind myself that he is here, that he will be okay even though it will take some time. Kaylee stands there looking helpless and lost as she watches him.

“He will be okay, don’t worry. Thank you for saving him, for being here for him.”

Her wide blue eyes turn to me. She parts her lips like she’s about to speak but closes it. She doesn’t talk to anyone but Max and Liv, so I didn’t expect her to say anything. Will she ever be okay? Will she be able to move on? Like the rest of us, she’s shattered, broken. Max, Isaac, Oliver, Luke, Iza, Antonio, and me, all of us damaged in different ways. Some worse than others, some more humble and human than others. All of us are Shattered by the Mafia. The big question is, will all of us be okay in the end?

Leaving my sleeping friend, I walk towards Isaac’s room with heavy steps. Oliver is sitting outside the door, guarding him. When I found Isaac there, I was shocked. I was sure that he had been killed in Mexico. The surge of happiness over the fact that I was wrong only lasted a few seconds.

He was so beaten up that if it hadn’t been for the tattoos on his chest and arms, I hadn’t recognized him. The pain I felt cut deep, I was sure that he was dead, but he wasn’t. The injuries he had suffered had him hanging on a thin thread between life and death, but he was still there. The past few days have been hard, not only because of the fear of losing Max and Isaac.

We lost some of our guys. They were our friends that I was supposed to protect. Talking to their families was hard, seeing the pain our life causes them hurt. Everyone knows the risks, but no one is prepared when it happens. Oliver stands up. Looking me up and down with a small smile, he steps closer.

“You okay?” He asks, and I nod.
“Yeah, just tired and pissed of that we haven’t managed to catch that Mexican fucker.” He places a hand on my shoulder, squeezing it.

“We will catch him. He can’t stay hidden forever. You need to rest and lose some of that tension. I’m happy to help you with that.” He says, giving me a look that tells me that he is offering me to lose some steam with him. Glancing at Isaac’s door, I don’t know how I feel about his offer.

“Isaac, except for belonging to our family, is he something more to you?” He asks, and I look at him again, not knowing what to say. Isaac is more than something, but it is over and will never happen again.

“He’s just a friend. He left before you joined us, and I haven’t seen him since.” Oliver gives me a look that I can’t interpret.

“You are lying to me. He was more than just a friend. I can see it in your eyes. Are you over him?” The question makes me hesitate, and Oliver looks up at the ceiling. I don’t think I will ever be over Isaac, but it doesn’t change anything. We are never going to be a thing.

“Why are you asking? But if you need to know, we used to be more than friends, but it was a long time ago, and it’s over. Just because I’m here and worried about him doesn’t make it more than me wanting him to be okay.” He gives me a look that says that he doesn’t believe me and sighs.

“Jax, I like you, and to me, you are more than a friend.” Then he walks away before I have the chance to say something. His confession was the last thing I expected. Sure we have been hooking up for almost one year, but he has never let me know that it’s more than just a hookup to him.

“Damn.” I mutter and walk into Isaac’s room. Looking from him to all the machines by his bed, I sigh and drag a hand over my face. I’m tired, exhausted, and so worried about him that my chest feels like it’s about to burst. Walking up to him, I smile. Isaac would be annoyed as fuck if he saw his hair right now. He always fixes it, making it stand up in a wild, mischievous style. Carefully I let my fingers slide through his long light brown strands, wishing that he would open his eyes and let me see those light blue irises. That he would give me that cocky smile, he gives me when he knows I have a hard time keeping my hands off him.

“Just wake the fuck up.” I tell him before I sigh and leave his room. Calling one of my men, I order him to sit inside Isaac’s room and let me know when he wakes up.

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