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4 Dead man walking!

Chapter 4 Dead man walking!
Max pov three weeks later

I have gray hairs and sore ears. Luke is worse than torture, and he refuses to leave, and I can’t kick him out. But today is a good day even though Luke is all over me. Isaac is coming home from the hospital. Jaxson has thrown a welcome home party. Well, not so much of a party, but the closest ones will be here, and there are food and drinks. I watch Jaxson as he paces around in the living room, a deep frown on his forehead.

“What’s up with the Chipmunk?” Luke asks me, and I look at him, holding back the sigh
“Luke, stop calling him that.”

“What fun would that be?” He asks, taking a swig out of his beer.
“He will eventually kill you.”

“Nope, he won’t. He’s in love with me.”

I trail off, my mouth falling open, then I look at Jaxson, who is still pacing. Luke is one weird guy, and if his ego gets any bigger, then he might burst.

“Yeah, I doubt it.” I say, shaking my head at my brother, who smirks at me.
“But seriously, what got his panties in a twist?” Luke asks again, gesturing to Jaxson, who will soon have made a hole in my floor with his pacing.

“If you so desperately want to know, then go and ask him.”
“We need to talk about all the shit that's going on before we leave.” He tells me, and I look at him with hope. Is he finally going home?”

“Don’t look so damn happy!” He growls at me, and I chuckle, placing a hand on his shoulder
“Sorry brother, but you are too much for me to handle, and I can use some time off.”

“Yeah, I know you are a whiny bitch.” He tells me with a smirk, and I roll my eyes
“We can talk about it after the party.”

Nodding, he walks away, and I look back at my best friend, who is now looking out through the window. Less than five minutes later, Isaac walks inside the living room, followed by the two men who picked him up from the hospital.

“Dead man walking!” He says when he approaches me with a huge smile.
“Fuck boss, looking hotter than ever!” He says, and I roll my eyes.

“Keep your dick in your pants. This is a dead-end. Good to have you back.” I say and hug him while patting his back.

“Here I thought taking a beating for you would change things between us.” I chuckle at him and shake my head and see Jaxson glare at him. Isaac has no interest in me, it’s just the way he is, and Jax knows it too. Luke and all his friends greet Isaac while Jaxson stays as far away as he can, glaring at him. I thought Jaxons would at least be a little happy to have him back, but he looks far from happy.

“Isaac Santini.” He says and holds out his hand to Liv, who shakes his.
“Liv Dellin.” She says with a smile, and a woman from my staff gives Isaac a beer. He takes a sip looking at Liv in appreciation.

“So, Miss Dellin, you work for Max’s brother, right?”
“Yes, I do, or rather I work for Maya. Luke is no boss over me. He just gives me the paycheck.”

She says, and Isaac chuckles. Yeah, Liv isn’t some submissive woman who would ever let a guy like Luke walk all over her. Isaac is just about to answer Liv when Jaxson walks up to them, giving both of them a stern look before he snatches Isaacs’s beer out of his hand.

“Well, hello to you too.” Isaac says, looking at Jaxson with raised eyebrows.
“Are you seriously going to drink the first thing you do when you come back from the hospital?” Jaxson almost yells at Isaac.

“If I want to drink, then I will, and I won’t ask for your permission.” Isaac snorts at him and yanks his beer out of Jax’s hand.

“Wow, guys cut down on the testosterone.” Liv says, and Jax gives her a sour look.
“Get lost.” Jaxson says to her, and she narrows her eyes at him

“Fuck you, Jaxson! You are the one who can get lost. Isaac and I were having a very friendly conversation until you and your pissy ass came along. And let the man have a beer.”

“He’s not fully recovered yet.” Jaxson snaps at her, and she looks Isaac up and down, nodding while Isaac looks confused.

“He looks damn fine to me.” She says, and I see Jaxson tense up with anger. Is he jealous?

“Are you going to rub your pussy all over his dick too?” Jaxson says so loud that everyone in the room stops talking and turns their attention to them. So Jax fucked Liv?

And now he’s jealous because she talks to Isaac? Isaac looks at them amused, taking another swig of his beer. Liv looks like she’s one second away from whipping his ass, but then she gives Jaxson the fakest sweet smile I have ever seen and place a hand on Isaac’s biceps, squeezing it hard. Isaac looks down at her hand, clearly enjoying the moment.

“No, not this time. Men get a taste of the inside while the bitches only get to slide over the folds.” She tells him, and Jax grabs the hand that she has on Isaac’s arm and drags her out of the room will she yells curses at him. As soon as they have left the room, Luke bursts out laughing, and most of us join in. Isaac turns to me, his eyes shining with amusement

“Damn, I forgot how entertaining Sicily could be.” He says, raising his beer in a toast, and I do the same before taking a sip. What is going on with Jaxson?

“That was funny.” Luke says, and I glare at the wall on the other side of the room. So now Luke has another thing to taunt Jaxson over. Great, just great.

“Have you decided when and where the wedding will be held?” I ask, looking at my brother, whose smile grows big.

“Sorry I forgot to tell you, but before we came for you, we got married. Or we signed the papers in case something would happen to me so that she would get everything I own..”

“Wow, congratulations.”
“I still have to give her the wedding, so I´m not off the hook yet.” He says, pouting like a kid

“You are not fooling me. I know you want it as much as she does. But really, you married her without a prenup?” He rolls his eyes and gives me that look he gives me when he wants to ask if I`m stupid.

“No. Sure, my lawyers thought I should do one, but she’s not in for the money. She has plenty herself, and it felt wrong to ask her to sign one. And I mean, look at me, it’s not like she would ever run away from this.” He tells me, gesturing to himself, then pointing at his dick.

“I’m surprised that your ego hasn’t made you burst.” I tell him, and he chuckles
“If your dick was as big as mine, then you would understand.”

“Luke, please, I don’t want to hear about your dick, ever.”
“I get it you are jealous. I was the one who got the looks and the dick. You only got nuts. It must be hard for you.”

“If you don’t shut it, you will have a broken nose before you go home.” I glare at him, and he smirks at me.

“Wait, I know a place that would be perfect for a wedding. I did some research on northern Sweden. There’s this Ice Hotel in a town called Jukkasjärvi, it looks amazing. Artists and engineers from all around the world come there every year to help build it. I don’t think I have ever seen something as beautiful, and I know they hold weddings there. You can rent the whole damn place, and then we can all sleep there for a few days.” Pulling out my phone, I show him pictures, and he sighs.

“Max, you are an idiot. There’s ice there, and she’s pregnant. She can slip and fall or get cold.” I look at my brother once again, wondering how Iza can deal with him.

“Luke, she’s pregnant, not a hundred years old or dying.”
“You don’t get it. It’s my kids and my girl.”

“Yes, I get it, you are worried, but you are taking this protecting her thing too far. You should focus on the real danger and not ice or her car. Give the woman back her car and take her to that place and get married for real!” I snap at him. He looks down on my phone again, huffing.

“It’s a nice place. I think she would like it. Perhaps offering her to go there will make her a little less pissy with me?” He says mostly to himself.

“Yes, do it, and you can buy warm clothes. It’s not like you can’t afford it.”
“I would buy her anything she wants.” He tells me, and then he picks up his phone and Google the Ice Hotel before he walks over to Iza. He shows her pictures of the place.

“What about getting married here? Everything is made of ice, even the furniture.” He asks, and she looks up at him with a huge smile.

“Yes, I would love to go there as long as I don’t have to be cold.” I hear Iza tell him, and he smirks at her.
“Baby, you don’t worry about that. I will keep you warm. There are both normal warm rooms and Ice rooms. But I guess the Ice rooms is more of an experience.”

“As long as I don’t have to be cold, I can sleep in a ice room.”
“Good, then I will have Liv arrange it.”

“Luke, you know I want to plan my own wedding.” She tells him, and he mutters something I can’t hear.
“You need to rest, and it’s Livs job to do things like this. She will book it and arrange it. If you want to be involved, you can be, but she’s doing the work. The only thing you are allowed to do is order her around. If you don’t, then I will marry you in a dumpster.”

I groan over my brother, and Iza glares at him, but eventually, she gives in. I bet he would actually place a dumpster in their yard and call a priest if she didn’t. I watch Isaac walk out of the room and smile. I bet he is going to look for Jaxson. Perhaps the two of them will end up together after all? My phone starts buzzing, and when I answer, I feel my skin prickle with anger.

“When did this happen?” I almost yell into the phone and hurry out of the room and up to my office.
“Is anyone hurt?” I ask, taking a deep breath while I wait for the answer. Is a little peace too much to ask for?

To those, of you who never have heard about the Ice Hotel here in Sweden, and are curious, google Ice hotel Sweden and look at the pictures. It's one amazing place 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you all for reading, lots of love to all of you 💖💖💖
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