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The head and me.

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After starting her new job Elizabeth found her self caught up in a steamy love affair with her boss Matthew. But what dark secret did they both hide from each other, will their secrets come to light and will their affair be exposed........

Erotica / Drama
Sarah Baker
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Chapter 1 New start

I am sat under a tree surrounded with little faces smiling as I read our latest story book. The sun shines bright and the birds chirp quietly. I take a deep breath and enjoy the warmth on my skin. As I’m about to begin the next chapter when I suddenly become aware of a ringing all around, the children start to fade away and the sun dissolve into a black fog. I stretch my arm out and shut my alarm off, it’s 4:30am and I’m starting my new job today so Im excited but it’s such a cold dull day. I slowly open my eyes and sit up taking in my surroundings. Though I have lived in my new apartment for 2 weeks it still took some getting use to. In a rush to escape my life I took the first teaching job I could get and packed a few things and left in the dead of night. With my new identity, home and job I planned to start fresh and leave the past behind. But there is still a few things Hayley Jane Briggs had to do to finalise my freedom. But for now Elizabeth May Parker the new me has to shower get dressed and grab breakfast before I start my new job. I slide out of bed and walk to my bathroom, looking in the mirror I see a different person staring back at me. Since I left my old life I knew I needed a new look. From fiery red hair to this dark chocolate brown was a big difference to me and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. Not wanting to dwell on the past I walked to the shower and turned it on, I slip of my night dress and walk in. The water felt so good on my skin, I tilt my head back and allow it to cover my face. I close my eye for a few minutes enjoy the peace and the warmth. Outside it was -1 the snow had just started laying when I fell asleep so I wasn’t in any rush to leave the heat of the shower. So I asked Alexa to play my playlist and relaxed for a little longer. Before I turned into a prune i exited the shower and returned to the mirror, I picked up my tooth brush and added my paste to it. Shoving it into my mouth I use my other had to pull out my make up and hair dryer. Setting everything out in order I finish up with my mouth wash spit and rinsed my mouth. I grab the hair brush and dryer and started drying my hair, once it’s all dried I bung it up into a ponytail while I work on my face. It doesn’t take me long to do a basic natural look, I hurry off to get my new outfit hanging on my door. Dressed in a pale blue frilly shirt black knee length skirt and black heels I feel the part. I Company my outfit with a black belt and a black Jacket, just as I’m ready to leave I grab my coffee in my travel mug and a biscuit and head out the door where my taxi is waiting. The short walk to the taxi had me wondering if my shoe choice was a good idea, I ask the driver if he would wait just two minutes more while I ran back in and grabbed something. I dash back inside and grab my snow boots so at least I would be safe when outside, the driver giggled at my nee look but I didn’t mind I did look funny but at least I wouldn’t fall over I hope anyway. We made it to the school a few minutes after the children had started their first class which meant no one would see my furry snow boots. Making my way towards the office I felt my tummy twist into knots, taking a deep breath I remind my self that this was the start of the new chapter of my life.
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