Desires of the Flesh

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He had known eternity for too long. He walked through its darkness for eons, alone. It was his fate. Nico was more than comfortable with his miserable existence. That is until a pair of red heels caught his attention in a crowd. Aster the Singed is a tortured soul, enslaved by her own kind and held captive for centuries. Every death and reincarnation brought her closer to freedom, but stole a part of who she was. That is until she made her great escape to find the one person who could truly free her. Fate had brought them together, burning a white hot flame deep within their beings. But their clans fight to keep them apart. The strength to stay together lies within the two of them, but accessing that strength will take their acceptance. They must let their darker haves consume them before they can basque in eternal flame of their mate bond. Even if being consumed means that the other could be destroyed by their darkest fear, abandonment.

Erotica / Fantasy
Black Lace
4.9 21 reviews
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MIDNIGHT. IT WAS THE time of the creeps. The time of the rejects. The time when all the night stalkers that hid in the shadows of daylight, could roam free. It was the time when the unfor...

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