The Bridesmaid

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I woke up and it took me a few seconds to remember that I wasn’t alone in bed. The clues were there, someone was lying on my arm, and someone was holding my cock. I opened my eyes and saw her face, she was looking at me and smiling.

“Good morning.” She whispered.

I smiled. “Good morning,” I replied.

She leaned down and kissed me, no tongues, but a beautiful way to wake up, regardless of the hand around my cock.

“I’ve been awake a while, I was watching you sleep.” She said.

I nodded. “And that’s not all,” I added, my eyes moving in the direction of her hand.

“I wanted to see if it was true, that a man can get hard when he’s sleeping.” She grinned.

I smiled. “Oh, it’s true!” I replied.

She giggled, “I know!”

I stroked my fingers through her hair.

“Well. Now that you’ve got it hard, what are you going to do with it?” I said.

She looked at me and licked her lips. “Well?”

I pressed my hand gently on the back of her head, pushing her towards my cock.

“You want to give me a blow-job?” I said softly.

She bit her lip and nodded. “I’d like to try.”

I smiled. “You don’t have to take it in your mouth, Kim,” I said.

She glanced at me. “Then isn’t that just a wank?”

I smiled. “Not quite, but as long as you are happy.”

I watched as she pushed the duvet cover back, and revealed her hand, still around my hard cock. She knelt up and crouched over my cock and, after a pause, she lowered her head and when her hair fell over her face, I couldn’t see her mouth. But, I could feel it, and I groaned when I felt her lips slide over the head of my cock, and down the side of my shaft. She closed them around my cock and slid them down it, and began to mover her head up and down.

I brushed her hair from her face, and I could see my cock disappearing into her mouth, she took more of it than the night before, she took almost all of it. I stroked my fingers across her arm, she reached out with her hand and held mine as her head bobbed up and down.

For a first-timer, she was doing great, and her mouth felt so good.

“Oh, fuck, Kim! That’s amazing.” I moaned.

I saw a smile on her lips, she liked the praise. I lay my head back and watched her as she gave me a slow blow-job, her head moved almost to the tip of my cock, sometimes, she’d pull it out of her mouth, and then flick her tongue across the tip. That would cause me to gasp, and groan and grip her hand tighter, she was now teasing me, and I loved it. Then she would slide her lips down, and I was sure that I could feel my cock slide into her throat. My thoughts confirmed when she’d gag and cough, and pulled her head back and off my cock.

I reminded her that she didn’t have to go too far and to take her time. She looked at me and smiled.

“It’s okay. I’ll get it right eventually.” She said and resumed her efforts.

She didn’t quite manage it without gagging, but it didn’t matter, everything else that she did was fantastic, and after a beautiful blow-job, I felt my cum rising. I warned her that it was coming, and reminded her again, that it was okay to finish me by hand. But she shook her head and continued to suck me.

My breathing increased, and my hips began to jerk up at her, erratically, as I got closer. Then, when I came I cried out, and lifted my hips, she followed me, and the first jet of cum spewed out of my cock and into her mouth. I stared at her, expecting her to pull back and spit it out. But, she didn’t, she held it in her mouth, then after the second jet of cum erupted, I saw her throat swallow, she had just taken her first cum.

“Oh fuck, Kim. That’s amazing.” I groaned.

I don’t know whether I pushed too far, but the next spurt of cum caused her top pull back and she coughed, and my cock fell from her mouth and continued to spurt, strings of cum shot out and splashed onto her thighs and my legs, as she wiped her mouth.

As I finished coming, and my cock began to wilt, it lay against my thigh. She wiped her mouth again and looked at me.

“Sorry.” She said.

I looked at her. “Sorry? For what? That was fantastic, Kim. An amazing effort for the first time. I loved it.” I said.

She shrugged, “I couldn’t finish it.” She said.

I pulled myself up and sat facing her. “I look pretty well finished to me! Trust me, that was a great blow-job.” I said.

I knelt and pulled her to me and we kissed. I could taste my cum on her lips, this girl was amazing, but, as we kissed, I remembered that this was a one-time affair, and it wouldn’t happen again.

We showered together, another first for her, and it took all of my willpower not to fuck her again. But, we had to be at breakfast to see my daughter and her new husband off on their honeymoon, and I didn’t want to miss that.

I was surprised that the atmosphere felt different as I got dressed. She had left to go to her room to change. We had called the room to check that her friends weren’t there with their dates, there was no answer.

I waited at the elevator for her, I was feeling surprisingly subdued, it was the realisation that once we got into that lift, it was over. I watched her walk towards the elevator, she wore a skirt and blouse and looked so different from the woman that I had just spent the night with.

Before pressing to call the elevator, I took her into my arms and kissed her. She sighed, but this sigh sounded disappointing. I brushed my fingers across her cheek.

“I’ve had a wonderful time, Kim. I’ve felt more alive in the last twelve hours than I have done for the last seven years. You are a beautiful, young woman, and so sexy. I will never forget what we had together.” I said.

She looked at me, her big eyes looked so inviting, she smiled.

“I have so much to say to you, John. You can’t begin to understand what last night meant to me. You made me feel so special, and I’ve listened to stories of the others’ first times, and none of them has ever been as good as mine was. I loved every minute of it.” She sighed and leaned her forehead against my chest.

“I wish that it wasn’t over.” She whispered.

My heart raced as I held her. I wished that it wasn’t over too, but it would be impossible for s to be an item, we both knew that.

“Me too, Kim. But, I don’t want to be the kind of guy who, well to put it crudely, fucks you and then says goodbye, but I fear, that is what I am.”

She looked up at me. “You could never be that guy, John.”

I smiled at her. “Thank you, but I feel like him.”

She bit her lip and looked into my eyes. “Is there no way, that, you know, we could meet up, now and again?” She asked.

I was trembling as I held her. I couldn’t believe what she had said. I took a few moments.

“You mean, in secret? For sex?” I said.

She nodded.

I hugged her. “Are you sure that is what you want? Wouldn’t you want to be in a relationship with a guy, someone that you could have a future with?”

She stared at me, then nodded. “Of course. But until I meet him, I want you.”

I don’t know where her confidence came from, but I felt that she was determined. I stood with her in my arms, her head pressed into my chest, and her body against mine. I wanted to tell her no, that she should find herself a young man and try to build a relationship, but the memories of the last twelve hours were still so fresh. I sighed.

“We’d have to keep it secret,” I said.

She nodded. She looked up at me, I stared into her eyes. “How often?” I asked.

She grinned. “Every week?”

I rolled my eyes. “Hmmm, why not see how we go, maybe every other week or so? We don’t want people to get suspicious now do we?” I countered.

She sighed, then nodded. “Okay.”

I kissed her and patted her bum. “Come on, let’s go and have breakfast. And try to keep a straight face.” I said

We walked into the breakfast room, I looked around and saw my daughter and Mike, they were sat at a table with my parents, and his parents. Kin said ‘bye’ to me and headed over to the table where her two fellow bridesmaids were sat, waiting to hear all about her night. I walked over towards my daughter, glancing to my left, I could see Lauren, and Emma smiling at Kim, I knew that she would be in for a lot of interrogation from them.

I said hello to everyone, hugged and kissed my daughter, and sat down beside her. She leaned across.

“Thanks, Dad.” She said.

I looked at her. “For what?”

She rolled her eyes in the direction of Lauren and Emma.

“Taking care of Kim. I’ve already spoken to those two! I’ve told them exactly what I think of them.”

I smiled and put my hand on hers. “Don’t be too hard on them, love. They’re just young and stupid. And besides, Kim was no bother, she’s a lovely girl.”

She smiled at me. “Oh, Dad, you are so sweet. But, I am still mad at them.” She looked into my eyes. “It can’t have been easy for her, you know, with her having that crush on you, and having to spend the night with you in the same room.” She winked.

I smiled. “I wouldn’t know, she was a delight,” I said. And I wasn’t lying.

We all gathered in the foyer to see the happy couple off on their honeymoon, She still didn’t know where they were going, but I did, they were off to the Caribbean, and I knew that she would love it.

I was stood beside my brother, George, as we watched Emily with her three bridesmaids, and as I looked on, it seemed that all had been forgiven, and from their reaction, I guessed that she had been able to keep what happened from them.

George looked on also, “So, I hear that you had to put her up for the night after her friends pulled?” He said.

I nodded. “What else could I do?” I said.

He looked at me, staring into my eyes. “What else? I’ll tell you if it was me, and I was single, neither of us would have got much sleep.”

He stared at me, I knew he was trying to get a reaction, but somehow, I managed to keep a straight face. He sighed.

“But not you, not my brother. You’re too good for your good, mate. Even when it’s presented to you, on a plate, you do the right thing.” He said.

I smiled. “I know.”

‘If only he knew’ I thought

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