The Bridesmaid

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It was the weekend of her hen-night and the drinking had started early. They had all met at our house and as often was the case, the house was filled with music, and chat. The volume of both increased as the cocktails began to flow and they used both bathrooms to shower and get ready.

I remained downstairs and out of the way, as they took control of the upper floor. I only ventured up to deliver their drinks, their pizza, and to remove their empty glasses. I saw all four of them, either with towels wrapped around them or in their underwear, something which was so normal, that I hardly noticed.

I dropped them in town and as I waved them off I knew that they were in for a long, loud night. I returned home and immediately headed upstairs, and as I got to the landing I stopped outside of my room and looked in. It was like a bomb had gone off. There were towels and clothes all over my room, I walked forward, it was the same in Emily’s room, as well as the spare room.

As for the family bathroom, the walls were soaked with moisture and condensation, towels were laid on the floor, and in my en-suite, I found a discarded pair of panties from one of them. I shook my head as I began to clear up.

It took me the best part of an hour, but eventually, I had both bathrooms cleared and all discarded items of clothing were put into my daughter’s room for her to reunite with their owners.

I was woken at around one, which surprised me, I had expected them to be out until three or four. I answered my phone.

“Dad? Can you come please?” My daughter said, her voice sounded urgent, and worried. I asked her what was wrong. She said that Kim wasn’t well.

“I think someone spiked her drink! Please, Dad, hurry.” She pleaded.

I didn’t need to hear any more, I was wide awake, and I was up and dressed in seconds and on my way within a couple of minutes of her calling.

I drove the short distance into the centre of town, far too quickly than was safe, and saw them waiting on the corner where I always picked them up. I stopped and jumped out.

Emily, Emma and Lauren had their arms around Kim who was held up between them. I walked over and took hold of Kim, I looked at her eyes, she looked out of it, and pale. I walked her got her into the car and Lauren and Emma sat either side of Kim with Emily sat up front.

The girls had already decided that they were sleeping at our house that night so I drove home, and between them, they managed to get Kim into the lounge. I organised the cushions and we laid her down on the sofa, resting her head on the cushions.

O gave them all jobs, my daughter ran upstairs and got a duvet and a couple of pillows whilst Emma was sent to the kitchen to get water. Lauren was dispatched to get a bowl and fill it with cold water and ice and bring a face-cloth.

I knelt on the floor beside her head, and stroked Kim’s brow, as I had done many times when my daughter was ill. She moaned, she was sweating, and her head lolled from side-to-side. Lauren returned, and I soaked the face-cloth in the ice-cold water and squeezed out the excess, then I dabbed it across her forehead, and cheeks. The other two arrived and looked on as I wiped the cold, wet, cloth across her brow.

I looked up at them, they were huddled together, and all three looked worried, I assured them that she would be okay. I stood up.

“Girls, she’s hot, I’m going to get a sheet, can you get her clothes off, leave her underwear on, we need to reduce her temperature.”

When I returned I stood at the door and held out the sheet that I’d brought to my daughter, and asked her to cover Kim up. Emily rolled her eyes.

“Come on Dad. Don’t be shy. You’ve seen is all in our underwear. And I’m sure that she wouldn’t mind, bearing in mind that you are trying to save her.”

I sighed. “I’m not saving her, she will be fine, I’m just looking after her, as I would for any of you,” I said as I walked over. I looked down at Kim, who was now laid on the sofa, wearing only a pink bra and matching panties. I tried not to stare, but her panties clung to her body and I could see the perfect outline of her pussy.

I quickly laid the sheet over her as Emma knelt at her side and continued to mop her brow with the face-cloth. Emily and Lauren both looked worried for their friend. I stood next to my daughter and hugged her.

“You are good friends honey. You looked out for her, that could have gone bad for her tonight.” I sighed

Emily leaned her head against my shoulder. “We look out for each other Dad.” She whispered.

After the initial excitement, I persuaded the girls that they should go to bed, I said that I’d sit with her and make sure that she was okay. Reluctantly, all three girls bent and kissed their friend goodnight, and went up to bed.

The room fell silent, and I grabbed the duvet that my daughter had brought down and sat on the floor beside Kim’s head. I reached out and stroked her hair, she moaned softly. I could see beads of sweat on her brow, which I wiped away with the cold cloth.

“Oh, Kim. You had a close shave tonight.” I whispered. “You don’t know how many nights I’ve lain awake, dreading a call like this. I worry about you girls.” I sighed.

And without thinking I leaned over her and kissed her forehead.

The room was illuminated by the soft glow coming from the light of the soft table lamp in the corner of the room. The only sound that I could hear was the rhythmical breathing of the young woman laid on the sofa and the occasional moan. I reached out and wiped her brow again, and I realised that she wasn’t cooling down as much as I’d hoped.

I glanced at the stairs, they were in darkness. I had to cool her down, my heart raced as I pulled back the sheet and exposed her body. My gaze was drawn to her panties. My daughter was right, I had seen them all, countless times, but at that moment, I was having thoughts that I’d never had before.

I shook my head and re-focussed, I had a job to do.

I gently wiped the still cold, face-cloth, over her face, her neck and chest, and her stomach. As I did she moaned, and wriggled, but didn’t wake. I pushed the sheet further down her body and worked the cloth over her legs. I wiped it across her thighs, as I did her legs parted slightly and my fingers came perilously close to her crotch.

I paused, terrified that she would wake up, and get the wrong idea. I could see the clear outline of her pussy, her panties had revealed a perfect camel-toe and I couldn’t help staring. I could see a slightly darker, damp patch on the material that was lodged between her lips. I felt my cock twitch.

I quickly pulled myself together and finished wiping the cloth across her skin, cooling her down, then I replaced the sheet over her body and continued to stroke her hair and stare at her as she slept.

Once she was settled, and it seemed that the little blanket-bath that I had given her was starting to work, I got up, and turned off light, and settled down beside her. I pulled the duvet over myself, leaned across, stroked her hair and watched her as she slept.

I woke up and looked around, it was still dark. My head was rested against Kim’s, who still slept soundly. She had moved as she slept, and now she faced me, with her arm around my neck. I sighed, and let my head fall against her and closed my eyes.

I was woken by my daughter, who gently shook me awake. I opened my eyes and looked up at her, she smiled at me.

“You look comfortable.” She whispered, smiling and nodding at Kim’s arm which was still across my neck.

I slowly sat up, and gently moved her arm from me, and placed it onto the sheet. I got up, and Emily hugged me.

“Thanks for taking care of her Dad.” She whispered.

We crept out into the kitchen and she switched the kettle on as I sat at the table. Whilst we waited for it to boil she sat down and she asked how Kim had been through the night. I told her that she hadn’t woken up, I didn’t tell them all the details of the blanket-bath, but I said that once her temperature began to drop, I’d felt it safe to go to sleep.

Emily made coffee and handed me my mug. She rested her hand on my shoulder.

“I knew that you’d take care of her Dad. It was a little scary for a while last night, to think what might have happened, had we not noticed her behaviour.”

I asked her if she knew who had done it. She said that she thought she might, but couldn’t be sure.

I heard a moan from the lounge, Emily got up and went to see her. I sat and hugged my mug of coffee and listened to Emily, and Kim as they talked. A few seconds later they both walked into the kitchen, Kim had the sheet wrapped around her and she looked embarrassed.

“Thank you, John.” She whispered.

I smiled. “How are you feeling sweetie?” I asked.

She sighed. “Okay, I guess. I’ve got a headache, but I’ll be okay after a shower.”

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