The Bridesmaid

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A few days later, I was walking through town when I noticed a familiar face walking towards me, it was Kim. She noticed me and immediately, I noticed a look of embarrassment on her face, and as we approached each other I could see that her neck was a little flushed.

I stopped and hugged her and asked her how she was. She told me that she’d been working the early shift, which explained her outfit, and the NHS identification that hung around her neck. She said that she was looking for something to wear for the evening party. Before I knew what I was doing, I had invited her for lunch, and wouldn’t take no for an answer, and we headed to the nearest bar.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch, it was quite quiet and we sat in a small booth and chatted about the wedding, about her job as a nurse at the local hospital, a job that she loved.

We finished our lunch and parted ways outside of the pub with a hug and a kiss on the cheek from me. As I watched her walk away, my eyes scanned down her back, and to her bum, I stared as it wiggled as she walked.

‘Hmmm. What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on that.’ I thought, surprised by my thoughts, I turned and continued on my way.

At home, the stress levels slowly rose as the weekend approached and the day of Emily’s wedding drew closer and closer. She started to fret about every little thing and I had to use what parenting skills that I had, to calm her and assure her that everything was going to go smoothly.

We finally made it to the eve of the wedding, and we were having a meal together, a final meal before I handed her over to Mike, and she would leave my home for good.

I was scared, I hadn’t said anything to her, but I was not looking forward to living in the house all on my own, and I’d even contemplated moving. The house was filled with so many memories, and I wasn’t sure how I’d cope all on my own, but that was for a different time, tonight, I wanted to enjoy their last meal together before she got married.

After we’d eaten, we relaxed in the lounge with a beer and talked about our life together, growing up, her mum, everything. We both reminisced, and there were some tears, from both of us, but there were also lots, and lots of happy memories too.

She sighed and leaned against me.

“Dad. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for Kim last weekend.”

I nodded and hugged her. “It’s okay honey. It was you and the girls who were the ones who saved her, you spotted what had happened quickly.”

She nuzzled against me, just as she had done hundreds of times over the years.

“They told me about the game they played with you. I hope that they didn’t embarrass you Dad.” She smiled.

I grinned. “No. They were okay, they’d had a bit to drink and they didn’t get too rowdy.” I replied.

She lifted her head and looked at me.

“You do know that they all had crushes on you at some time or other?”

I nodded. “Yes, they told me.”

She leaned close and kissed my cheek. “Kim still has.” She whispered.

I smiled and looked surprised.

“She does? Wow, who’d have guessed?” I said.

She smiled. “She’d kill me if she knew that I’d told you.”

I hugged her and kissed her cheek.

“It’s okay honey. I won’t say anything.”

The wedding was beautiful. She looked beautiful, and although I’d tried to hold myself together, the sight of her in her wedding dress was too much for me and I’d had to wipe away the tears from my eyes. It was a beautiful service, and when I heard the words, “I now pronounce you man and wife,” my mind drifted back to my wedding to her mother, and as I closed my eyes I pictured my wife stood before me looking as beautiful as my daughter did.

At the reception, I managed to stay composed enough to deliver my speech, without breaking down, until the very end, when my daughter stood and hugged me, and whispered, “I love you,” into my ear.

It had been a fantastic day, my daughter had looked amazing, the dress which I’d paid for, and not seen until today, looked amazing on her. And her friends, her bridesmaids, looked beautiful too. They were dressed in pastel pink, knee-length dresses and they looked fantastic. The colours were very subtle, not gaudy like I had seen so many times before. And as good as Lauren and Emma looked, and they did look beautiful, my eyes seemed to follow Kim around.

She was in no way a big girl, but she was bigger than her friends, but that was more because they were so slim. Both Lauren and Emma did look fantastic in their dresses, they had what many would consider perfect figures, but I had always appreciated the more ‘fuller-figure.’ I could remember the conversations that I’d had with Helen as she struggled to lose weight and get her figure back after having our children. It used to drive me crazy that she’d get upset that it took her time to lose her weight. I loved her, whatever size she was, and I used to tell her that I thought that she was even sexier, but I knew that she didn’t believe me, but it was true.

Kim had everything that I liked in a woman. She was shapely, curvy, lovely hips and breasts that suited her figure. I usually preferred the smaller bust on a woman, but her breasts suited her figure, and she looked beautiful, and for a change, she looked confident.

After the reception, we gathered in the bar before going back to our rooms to relax, and change for the evening party. I’d paid for rooms for all of our close relatives, and the three girls had a large room for themselves. As we talked, I spoke to each of the bridesmaids and complimented them on how beautiful they looked, and thanked them for doing a great job for my daughter.

Both Emma and Lauren were very tactile as we talked, holding onto my arm, and pressing up against me, this was just a continuation of how they would behave at home when they’d come around before going clubbing. Although I had never considered myself to be what people would call ‘a ladies man,’ I did recognise that they were teasing me, some people would say that they were flirting, but I knew these two, and they were teasing me.

Kim, on the other hand, was different, I wasn’t even sure that she knew how to flirt, though I was pleased to see that she seemed pleased when I complimented her on how pretty she looked.

We separated, and I made my way up to my room. I quickly got out of my suit and stepped into the shower. I leaned my head against the cool tiles of the shower cubicle and closed my eyes as the hot water cascaded over my body. I let out a long sighed, it had been a great day, an emotional day. I had felt so proud, as well as sad, as I walked my daughter down the aisle.

She had looked so beautiful in her wedding dress, and I smiled as my mind drifted back a few hours to the morning and the scene that greeted me as I cooked breakfast for everyone....

All three bridesmaids had stayed over the previous evening. It had been quite a reserved affair, not exactly what I had expected, and they had even gone to bed early, well before midnight. They walked into the kitchen together, all four of them were still in their nightwear, and needless to say, they all wore different items of clothing for bed.

My daughter Emily wore a knee-length pale pink nightie and had her robe wrapped closed around her. Pink was her favourite colour, something that had caused me problems over the years. I had once complained about the amount of pink in her room, ‘it looks like a fairytale castle in here!’ I’d once said as a joke. Boy did I pay for that! She didn’t speak to me for a couple of days after that, something which hurt me at the time, as I had never thought that she’d keep it up for so long. She was only ten at the time, and it was quite funny at first, but as it went on, I realised that I was the one it who was hurting the most. In the end, I caved and apologised, and it cost me a new bicycle to get her to talk to me, pink of course!

Lauren wore what looked suspiciously like one of my t-shirts, later confirmed to be true. It was long on her and just hid her panties. Her robe was unfastened and my eyes were drawn to her thighs as she walked, I shook my head to clear it and asked what they wanted for breakfast.

Emma smiled at me, she wore a set of pyjamas, but not like any normal pair, the top was short, more like a crop-top, and her baggy shorts looked too big for her. I tried not to stare but knew that I was looking far too closely at her lips. They looked so red, and moist, almost as if she had just applied lip-gloss, or licked them before she walked into the kitchen. She ran her tongue across them and I had to turn away for fear of my stares becoming too obvious.

I turned around when I heard the last of them arrive, Kim. She wore a pair of pyjamas, and her robe was fastened closed. She sat beside the others at the table and they immediately started to chat amongst themselves as I cooked breakfast.

“How about a ‘Bucks Fizz’ dad?” Emily asked.

I glanced at her.

“Maybe later honey when you’re getting dressed, it’s too early,” I replied.

She rolled her eyes and continued her conversation with the others, as I turned away I noticed Lauren, she caught my eye and pouted.

“Oh okay!” I said. My decision was met with cheers, and as I walked to the fridge to get the orange juice and the champagne I glanced at Lauren, who grinned at me.

Over the next two hours, it was frantic. The house slowly filled up with helpers, dress fitters, hairdressers, a woman who was there to do their make-up, and the florist. My mother arrived to help out, and provide a calming shoulder for her granddaughter.

I stayed downstairs, and the girls had the run of the upstairs floor. Eventually, I was called up, the girls had all showered, and I was now allowed back into my bedroom. I walked into the bathroom and stopped, it looked like a bomb had gone off. Having them use my bathroom was not an unusual occurrence, but today, they seemed to have used every towel in the house, I could almost walk from the door of my bedroom to the shower cubicle without touching either the carpet or the tiled bathroom floor.

I picked up all of the discarded towels, and items of clothing, underwear, nighties and the likes, and eventually, I was able to shower. I emerged from the shower and walked out of the bathroom, and I froze. My bedroom was full of people. Being the biggest, it was being used by the hairstylists, and all three bridesmaids were sat on chairs, each with a hair-stylist behind, working on their hair.

I apologised and looked around for my clothes, a pair of joggers, and a t-shirt, which I grabbed and returned to the bathroom to dress, not before I had seen all three girls, who wore only their underwear, and it was matching, pink, and damn sexy. I tried hard not to blush, not helped by Lauren, who said that they didn’t mind if I wanted to get ready there.

When I came out, they had been talking about me, because all three hairdressers looked over to me, and I felt all six-pairs of eyes stare at me as I walked across the floor and out of the room. As I headed downstairs I heard laughter come from my bedroom, I shook my head.

It looked like chaos, but somehow, with everyone’s help, and on time, everyone was ready. The house slowly emptied as people headed for the church, and when the bridesmaids came downstairs I had to stare, they looked beautiful, all three looked stunning. And, once they had gone in the car for the church, the house fell quiet, only me and my daughter remained.

I waited at the bottom of the stairs, and when she walked down, she took my breath away. She looked so much like her mother it was uncanny, so beautiful. We stood, face to face, and I looked at her.

“You look beautiful,” I whispered.

She smiled, I kissed her cheek, she reprimanded me. “Don’t mess my make-up, Dad.” She said, then she leaned in and kissed my cheek. “I love you, Dad.”

I sighed. “I love you too. I wish your mum was here to see you.”

She glanced at the photograph of her mum, that hung on the wall and smiled.

“She is.” She said.

I sniffed, she looked at me and rolled her eyes.

“You’re not going to start crying are you?” She smiled.

I shook my head. “No. Not now, but I can’t promise anything.” I replied.

We waited in the lounge until the driver of the car came in and told us that it was time. She held onto my arm as I walked her out of the house, away from our family home for the last time. I had always feared this day, the day where I handed her over to someone else to take care of, though I knew that I would never stop worrying about her. I’d done my bit, now, it was her time. I’d raised her well, or so I thought, and now, she was setting out on the next chapter of her life.

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