The Bridesmaid

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I stood up and kissed her. She breathed hard, and fast, she was turned on, we both were. I guided her back to the bed, and laid her down, I climbed on and lay beside her, turning to face her as she lay on her back. I ran my fingers over her pale, smooth skin and traced small circles around, just under her breasts. Her chest heaved as she breathed in and out, her eyes were fixed onto mine.

“So tell me, Kim. How far have you gone with a guy?” I whispered.

Bearing in mind that we were both naked, I was surprised to see her blush.

“Not far.” She replied.

I sighed, I was going to have to drag it out of her.

“Okay. Have you had oral sex?” I asked.

She stared at me, then shook her head. “I tried it once, but, he was too rough, I almost threw up.” She said.

I brushed my fingers across her cheek, like many young guys, they only think about their pleasure.

“Is that something that you’d like to try?” I asked.

She nodded. I leaned across and kissed her. I loved how she tasted, and if I was honest, she kissed fantastically.

“Do you masturbate?” I asked.

Again, she blushed, but she nodded. I smiled. “That’s good, so you have orgasmed before,” I said. She screwed her face up. “Sometimes.”

I smiled. “Then, I think that’s where we should start,” I said.

I kissed her again, and as I did, my fingers slid up and began to caress and tease her nipple. She moaned, I felt her hand against my stomach, her fingers were inches from my hard cock. I lifted my lips from hers.

“Hold it, Kim,” I whispered.

I stared at her face as I pinched and rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb, as I did, I felt her fingers slide across the haft, and wrap around it. I groaned it had been seven years since I’d felt my wife’s hands on my body. As Kim took hold of my cock, I could tell that she was nervous, but, she seemed to know what to do. She held it just right, firm enough, and when she started to stroke her fingers along the shaft I knew that I wouldn’t last long at all.

I began to breathe quicker, and she seemed to be encouraged and she worked her fingers a little faster. I pressed my mouth against hers and kissed her, we both moaned, and I pushed my tongue into her mouth and fenced with hers.

She was passionate, and it had been seven years since I had kissed anyone like this, and she couldn’t have been more different from my wife, but, I felt excited and alive. And as for her being a virgin, she wasn’t when it came to kissing.

I pulled my mouth from hers and gasped.

“Oh, god. Kim! That’s so good. I’m going to come!” I moaned.

She looked at me. “Should I stop?” She asked.

I shook my head. “God, no! Don’t! Oh, fuck!” I cried, and the first huge spurt of cum shot into the air from the end of my cock and landed across her hand, and my belly.

“Arghhhh!” I cried. My body twitched, and another spurt shot out, this on splashed onto my legs.

She stared at my cock, as if hypnotised by the eruptions from it, but she never missed a beat and continued to pump my cock, her fingers squeezed it gently and she slowed her actions, as I spurted another two or three times, before I let out a long groan, and my head fell back onto the pillow, I was done.

Oh, fuck! Kim! That was fantastic!” I sighed.

I slid my arm around her back and pulled her against me, and kissed her,

“Wow, Kim. That was so unexpected. You were fantastic.” I whispered.

She looked pleased with herself and smiled. She lifted her hand, and I noticed that it was smeared with my cum. I brushed my fingers across her cheek.

“Have you tasted it before?” I asked.

She shook her head. I smiled and gently took her hand and guided it towards her mouth.

“Want to?” I asked.

She glanced at me, then back at her hand. She took a breath then flicked out her tongue, and licked across the back of her hand. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed. She looked up at me once more, I smiled.

“You like?” I whispered.

She smiled. “It’s okay. Not what I expected.”

I leaned down and kissed her, I tasted my cum on her lips, she lifted her hands around my neck as I slowly moved down to her breast. I sucked her nipple between my lips and began to nibble on it, and roll it around. This caused her to moan even louder, and she pressed her hand into the back of my head, forcing my mouth hard against her breast.

“Ohmm!” She cried. I felt her fingers claw at my scalp as I sucked on her nipple, whilst at the same time, my hand caressed her other breast, tracing circles around her nipple and nipping it gently.

Her breathing increased, she panted and moaned, as I worked her closer to her orgasm. Before she got there, I released her nipples, and moved down her body and knelt at her feet. I pushed her legs apart, my eyes were drawn to the smooth, puffy pussy lips at the apex of the triangle that her legs had formed, they were parted slightly, and looked so moist and plump. I lay down between her legs, her thighs brushed against the sides of my head.

On my instruction, she lifted her trembling legs, and over my shoulders, she placed her feet onto my back as I shuffled forward, my lips almost brushed her beautiful pussy.

I stared at her pussy, I couldn’t wait any longer, and I pressed my lips against the wet, warm, smooth skin of her pussy, she cried out loud and grabbed at my head. She arched her back and thrust her pussy hard against my mouth, no instruction from me, it was all instinct to her, and at the same time, I felt her thighs clamp around my head, and she was strong!

I groaned as she squeezed her thighs around my head, and I flicked out my tongue and licked along her wet slit, she tasted so good, so sweet. It may have been seven years since I had tasted a woman, but it was even longer since I had tasted one as sweet as this.

I slid my lips up and found her clit, and the moment that I sucked it between them and began to nibble on it, she screamed out and started to buck under me. I felt her fingers dig hard, into my head, and then she pulled at my hair, she was coming, and I’d only just started. I reached up and grabbed her hips and held onto her as she bucked and moved around under my mouth. My head was clamped between her legs, I couldn’t move very much, but I could taste her juices as they flowed from her, and I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

I managed to keep my lips in contact with her clit as she orgasmed. I could not remember the last time that I had heard a cry like that before, and she continued to cry out, moan and squeal, as her body was consumed by an enormous orgasm.

Eventually, it began to subside, and I felt the pressure around my neck relax, and I was once again able to move my head. Her cries had turned into beautiful, sexy, soft sighs. And I continued to gently lick and lap at her pussy, which was now coated in a mix of my saliva, and her juices. I drew small circles around her clit with my tongue, I could see every pore of her skin, and then I slid my tongue slowly along the length of her slit, licking her inner labia, before pushing it deep into her pussy.

She groaned, and ran her fingers through my hair and gently pressed my head against her and slowly ground herself against me. She was showing no signs of letting up, she was moaning with pleasure. Helen had always told me that after she had orgasmed, her clit was often too sensitive to be touched, which usually meant that once I’d made her come, we’d usually have sex. There were times when I just wanted to lie between her legs and lick her, forever. I continued to lick and suck at Kim, and apart from the occasional sharp intake of breath when she felt some strong sensation shoot through her, she moaned and sighed.

After a while, I lifted my head and looked at her. She was staring straight up at the ceiling, her huge breasts almost hid the view of her face, but I could just see it when she breathed out. And, from what I could see, she was loving what I was doing.

I wondered if she’d had enough, and as I tried to lift my head away from her pussy, I felt her thighs grip me, and she let out a sigh of disappointment, I wasn’t going anywhere, she didn’t want me to stop. So I didn’t. I took a breath and settled back into place, and resumed licking and sucking on her delicious pussy.

When she came, her second orgasm was equally as strong as her first, and it seemed to last a little longer too. I loved the noises that she made. I had never made Helen scream like Kim did, not that I could remember, and I loved how she rocked herself slowly from side to side, as she came down from her orgasm.

Eventually, her orgasm subsided, and she started to relax, and she released my head from her thighs. I lifted myself and slid up her body. I lay on top of her, our faces were almost touching, she looked into my eyes.

“I have never felt anything like that before, John. That was amazing, you were amazing.” She said, breathing hard, and with a huge smile on her face.

I kissed her. She moaned as I pressed my lips, coated in her juices against hers. I lay beside her as she got her breath back, and as I did, I stroked my fingers across the soft flesh of her belly.

I explained that I wasn’t sure that she wanted me to keep going after her first orgasm and that I was worried that she may have been too sensitive. She assured me that she loved it.

“I know what you mean though, it is very sensitive now.” She whispered.

I smiled. “Too sensitive for sex?” I asked.

She looked deep into my eyes. “Oh no! I want you.” She said.

I smiled and kissed her again. “There’s no rush, Kim. We have all night.” I said.

She grinned. “I know, but I want to do it before you change your mind.”

I smiled. “I promise you, there is no chance of that.”

She stroked her fingers across the back of my neck and sighed. “Good. This night is going to be the best night of my life.” She said.

I stared at her. “No pressure then!”

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