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[Short Steamy Stories (+18)] In this collection I will be posting a series of mature one shots, about a chapter length in a variety of situations and some heated scenes from my full-length novels and novellas. Enjoy!

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Flower โ™ก [him & her]

โ€œSex is a part of nature. I go along with natureโ€ - Marilyn Monroe.


Finally, succeeding in putting our 3-year old son to bed he stopped making noises and asking for more water. He always had a way to persuade us to keep him awake a little longer. What toddler doesnโ€™t want to skip bedtime?

Exhausted from a whole week of working and eager to get early into our bed this Friday night I did a tour of our apartment. Checking the lights, turning off the TV, a quick glance around the kitchen to make sure everything is ready for the night.

My husband was already under the covers of our bed, scrolling away on the tablet, possibly looking for a film to see or checking messages. I got to my side, plugged my phone in the charger and gave my man a soft peck on the lips.

Weโ€™ve been married for 6 years and I couldnโ€™t go one night without him in our bed. The nights he was away on business trips were almost unbearable. He always facetimed me and wished me a good night when he was away. A small gesture, but enough to make my heart glow. He was kind, loving and a good dad to our little boy.

I took the lotion from the nightstand and lathered the skin from my legs, massaging it in with my hands, relieving my sore muscles from the week of stress. We both worked full-time and had a nice career going. Almost all of our free time went to being together as a family, I wouldnโ€™t wish for a more loving home.

He put the tablet on his bedside table and then faced me. He had a five oโ€™clock shadow on his face, not bothering to shave nearing the weekend. I loved his short stubble when he kissed me tenderly with his soft lips. I swept myself under the duvet and got in a comfortable position.

โ€œGoodnight, sweetheartโ€ he said with his husky voice and turned off the light.

โ€œGoodnight, honeyโ€ I replied, my eyes meeting the darkness.

I felt him shifting next to me and his hand travelled slowly on my thigh, stopping between my legs on my panties. He softly stroked the fabric.

I made a protesting sound, knowing that we both needed some rest, but he only replied โ€œshh, enjoyโ€ as he plunged his hand into my underwear. He had other plans for me tonight and I wasnโ€™t going to complain.

He opened my flower with his fingers, dipping his tips in my wetness. I only needed a bit from his touch to be pooling in my core, his hands ignited a fire in me, he knew my body thoroughly and what I liked.

He circled my clit in rubbing motions with his finger, starting teasingly slow and picking up pace. He came closer to me with his body and my breathing picked up as I felt his warm breath on my side, fanning my ear and spiking my arousal.

When you are a couple for so long, you have time to explore each otherโ€™s body until a map is formed, knowing what your partner likes and learning the spots on our bodies that make both scream in pleasure.

Nibbling on my earlobe and picking up the pace with his skillful fingers, dipping one into my folds and the other teasing my clit I came undone under his touch.

He only gave me a couple of minutes to calm my breathing and come down from the high he gave me before he took the duvet off of our bodies and repositioned himself between my legs.

He pulled my legs up, so I could swing one over his broad back and grabbed my asscheecks with his hands, firmly keeping me in place.

He nibbled on the insides of my thigh, teasing the flesh and tracing a pattern toward the center. He lowered his head and softly stroked my trembling flower with his mouth.

Moans escaped my lips as he plunged one finger into my core. He teased and flicked my sensitive bud with his tongue as he thrusted his finger in and out of me.

I fisted his hair in my hands, scraping his scalp softly with my nails trying to control the sounds spilling from my lips.

Building up the fire in my core he used his free hand to reach to my breast and tugged and pulled on my nipple, at the same rhythm his fingers and mouth worked their magic.

Riding the toe-curling wave of bliss he took me on I was close to my release. Sensing my climax was near, he put another finger deep into my flower and circled his tongue in faster motions around my aching clit.

Using his thumb and pinky to open my folds to have better access he moved everything in-sync and I came crashing down on that wave of pleasure.

He positioned himself on his knees and stroked his cock, teasing my sensitive entrance.

โ€œNo, noโ€ I whispered โ€œnow itโ€™s my turn.โ€

My body was still blissfully coming down from the orgasms he gave me but I was determined to give him some pleasure.

I sat up and took his cock in my hands, with one massaging his balls gently and with the other stroking up and down using the ball of my thumb to give pressure in certain areas he liked.

He moaned and I knew he surely had his head thrown back, enjoying the touch of my hands on his silky soft member.

I put my mouth around him and whirled my tongue around his head. I relished in his salty taste, bobbing my head up and down, hollowing my cheeks as I took all of him.

He nudged me with his hands on my shoulders and I knew I had to release him from my mouth because he wanted to last and not to come this way.

I gave him a little push with my hand so he could lie down and I straddled him, positioning my flower right above him. I took his cock and moved him between my folds before lowering myself all the way on his shaft.

Even after all those years, I needed a moment to accommodate his size and width. It only took a moment, before I started moving using my knees and feet to push off the bed.

He grasped my sides, guiding my movements up and down on his cock. When we were going at a good pace, he grabbed my breast and flicked his thumb over my hard nipple.

I quickened the pace and he followed suit. He thrusted in and out of me and I felt a new wave of pleasure building in my core. I lowered and bit down on his shoulder.

He knew I was close and he grabbed my thighs harder with his hands and pounded into me with more strength, I had to keep steady to meet his thrusts.

We climaxed together.

I put my forehead on his and whispered to his lips โ€œI love youโ€. He responded โ€œI love you tooโ€ and captured my lips in a blazing kiss.

With my taste on him his lips were delicious and I ravished his mouth with my tongue, dancing with his. We were totally spent from the sexercise but I couldnโ€™t get enough from this man of mine.

When our lips parted I rolled off him to the side and panted. He chuckled softly, running a hand over my arm, that lay to my side.

He went to the bathroom and returned with a dampened washcloth and ran it over my legs and the moisture between them, then he cleaned himself a bit up and put on a boxer and gave me my panties. I took the bottle of water on my nightstand and gulped it down thirstily.

We both got under the covers and faced each other on our sides. โ€œThat was incredible honeyโ€ I said, regaining my breath slowly.

โ€œWe needed thisโ€ he stated โ€œsome alone time, to adore your body and curves.โ€

Just as I wanted to reply and drift off to sleep, we heard a little noise down the hall.

The soft footsteps on the floor and the sound of the door to our bedroom opening revealed a little boy, clenching his teddy bear in his arms and wiping his eyes with the back of his small hands.

โ€œMommy, daddyโ€ the sleepy voice added.

โ€œYes, little one?โ€ Daddy answered.

โ€œBad dreamโ€ He came closer to the bed, pulling his blanky behind him โ€œcan I sleep with you?โ€

We made place between us on the bed, and our 3-year old climbed on the covers and got in. He took my hand into his little one and snuggled on Daddyโ€™s arm.

We both gave him a kiss and we cuddled before he drifted off back to sleep.

These two made me so happy. My heart grew bigger in size each time they did more things to amaze me and appreciate everything we have together. I love them.

My family.

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