Claiming Her Curves (Jace and Ava)

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Visit the Underground sex club and follow several patrons as they find their Doms and subs for life. (Revisions from the original publication are now included.) Meet Jace and Ava. She was his best friend's little sister. Could he risk their relationship to dominate her? Could she accept his lifestyle?

Erotica / Romance
Sway Jones
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“Although doing a scene with someone calls for a high level of trust, becoming involved in a power exchange relationship requires a much deeper level due to the relationship/dynamic often extending outside of the dungeon and bedroom. For this type of relationship to be successful, you must be on the same page about so many things, and you need to know your partner inside and out.

A submissive needs to know that the Dom will be consistent, healthy, and respectful. A submissive should never worry about their Dom’s decisions or ability to make decisions for them. The point of this kind of dynamic is for life to be enhanced, not more laced with worry and doubt.”

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