Bunny Whiskers (18+)

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Bee is a normal, average girl.. kind of. She enjoys the thrills of being a badgirl in order to be a goodgirl for her master and mistress. Though the secret between her legs is often not the 'biggest', even if it is the largest.

Erotica / Romance
Ero Raven
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Chapter 1 - ZetaBee

I stood in the back, listening to these people arguing up front about whether or not we got their order right. These morons asked for a plain burger, I made them a plain burger. If their brat decided to glob ten packets of ketchup into it while their mom wasn’t looking, it isn’t our problem. Of course, even if I did screw it up, which I didn’t, the poor new girl wasn’t the one who screwed up, and didn’t deserve to be yelled at. Just basic fact. Some people would call that common sense. I highly doubt this parent even knew their kid was currently digging in the trash for a cup to steal soda, even though they had a cup of orange juice at their table.

“Man.. This job sucks.” I longingly stared into the ceiling for the moment my shift was over.

“Out.” My manager tapped my shoulder.

“Huh?” I looked over at him, but as he opened his mouth, I pat his back, fully acknowledging his one and only word within my three spare brain-cells, “Nevermind!” I snapped, pointing at him as I backed out of the kitchen. “You ain’t gotta tell me twice. Catch you all next time!” I hauled ass out the back door as I punched in my number on the store website. Clocked out, baby. “Freedom!!!” I shouted, quickly dialing my one, and only real best friend.

The phone rang, quickly answering. “Sup loser! What’s up?”

“Hey. I’m-”

“-Wet for me? Yea, I knew you couldn’t resist this sexy ass.”

“Oh, baby, oh, baby.. Yes. Of course.” I stared at my phone, rolling my eyes, before placing it back against my ear. “I’m out, slutbag. You said you’d give me a ride, remember?”

“Don’t give me that attitude and I saw that eye-roll.” I heard a honk from the parking lot.

“Sometimes, Zeta, you could be the sexiest woman I’d ever seen.”

“I know.”

“Sometimes.. Rarely.” I laughed.

“HEY!!! You want the ride or not!?” She yelled toward me as she ended my call. I took a deep breath, rushing over. “Mmm sexy.” She ogled at me. “Hey, burger girl, how much for a night?”

I blushed, “S-shut the fuck up..”

“Hey I wasn’t teasing, I meant every word.”

A small shrill drove up my spine, leaving me with goosebumps over my arms. “God, you flirt too much..” I opened the passenger door, hopping in.

“C’mon. It’s fun seeing you like.. THAT.” She smiled placing her hand over my thigh. “Want me to take care of it now or later?” She moved her index finger closer, slowly edging its way up my entire length.

“...F-fuck.” It pulsated against her digit.

“Wanna go back to my place?”

“C-can we just get out of here first?”

“Aye Aye, captain.” She dropped the car into gear, and sped off onto the street, cutting off a few cars as she turned onto the highway.

I leaned the seat back, watching the mountains in the distance slowly pass us by as she slowly circled the head of my cock in her fingers. Even without looking, I could feel my precum slicking over my shorts. “I still have to wear these home..” I curled my arms into my breast, “P-please don’t get them too dirty..” My cheeks flushed even more from the embarrassment.

“Ok.” Zeta grinned happily in the window’s reflection. “Take them off then.”

I looked at all the cars we were passing by. “..But-”

“That’s a command, Baby Bee.”

My heart began to pound uncontrollably in my chest as my dick jolted upward, stiffening even harder within my shorts. “Y-yes, Mistress.” I was becoming more conscious of my breathing while loosening my seat belt to slide off my shorts. I felt the elastic band my panties shift under my large, smooth, taut balls with the help of Zeta’s fingers; Gently massaging at my cum filled orbs.

“I feel like these get way bigger the more I tease you. Did you know that?” I felt my embarrassment growing, wanting nothing more than her to make me cum immediately. She rolled my sack in her palm, biding her time just to see my cock out in the open. “I love this side of you, Baby Bee. It’s so fucking hot.” She tapped my balls making them bounce along the elastic of my panties; making my dick tense and throb. She tapped my balls faster, slapping them harder than the last, bouncing them like a basketballs higher and higher the harder she slapped at them.

I began to moan, watching her fingers slam down on my delicate balls wanting to pull my sack away from her. “Z!!”

“Ah.” She paused, “No cumming until I say so, remember?”

“Y-y-yes, Mistress.” I took a moment to relax, feeling my balls tightening as they churned and swayed full of cum; Ready to burst from my lengthy cock at the slightest touch.

“Good.” She smiled. “Lift your hips so everyone can get a good view of your big, fat, sexy dick as you cum.” My head felt dizzy, wanting to abide to every one of my mistress’s commands, but my secretive, shy nature wanting to hide of embarrassment. “c’mon, Baby Bee. You aren’t going against your master’s commands, are you?”

My cheeks burned, feeling the world spin in front of me. “N-no. Of course n-not.” I panted, lifting my hips as we sped past the upcoming traffic.

“Perfect.” Zeta bit her lip, stroking my dick as fast as she could.

“F-f… fu.. fuck.. fuck… ah.” I felt my body shaking wanting her to tighten her grip even more. “Z.. ah… Fff Z?” I moaned louder.

As if she knew, her grip tightened stroking even faster and harder up and down my entire length from head to base. “Oh fuck yes, Baby Bee. You’re so hard. Fuck yes I love this dick!”

“Z!” I cried out as she tugged my dick roughly toward my face, just as she always did. “I’m cumming!” I shouted, feeling her stroking nothing, but the head of my rod near my chin. Warm, gobs of cum splattered over my nose, spilling into my mouth and neck. She continued jerking me, feeling the pulse in my cock wanting to jump upward, away from her slick palm. My body shivered and collapsed into the seat, jolting upward as small spurts made their way up and onto my shirt.

“Mmm. You’re looking tasty.” Zeta teased.

“Nn.. yes, mistress.”

“Wanna rest for a minute? We’re almost home. You can shower and take the shirt you left with me last time.”

“Sounds… fucking great..” She put her finger to my lip, wiping off a bit off of my spunk and took it into her own.

“If your cum wasn’t so sweet and delicious, I’d be a little mad every time you dirtied my seat.”

I pushed her arm, “You’re such an asshole. I only do it because you make me. You know I can’t…”

“Can’t reject my sexual commands. I know.”

“From people I find attractive.”

“I know.” She slowed the car down, pulling me into a small kiss.

“Heh.. Z.. you know you have a boyfriend.” I shied away from her, lifting my shorts back up.

“Yea, but HE said I could have as many girlfriends as I wanted. Just no boyfriends or guy dates.” I rolled my eyes. “Hey, as far as I see it, YOUR ass is a girl. I ain’t breakin’ ANY rules.”

“Whatever you say, Z.” I smiled, taking her hand in mine. “Can’t believe you made me cum in public like that.”

“You loved it.”


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