So Blow Me (18+)

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Erotica / Romance
Ero Raven
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It was a normal day like any other. Hot dreams clouded my mind while I slept, and the sun began shining in through my curtains. My alarm went off, waking me to get ready for school. I bit my lip hoping one day my lust filled dreams would come true, and jumped out of bed, baring my full nude body from under the sheets. My thicc wide hips swaying side to side as I walked towards the window facing my neighbour’s home. I had to hold my large, plump breasts from ruffling the curtains giving away my position. Peeking out into her open blinds, I watched her rise from her bed, stretching, and pushing the blankets away just far enough to see her in all her glory. Her long brown hair folded over her arms splayed across her sheets.

She smiled, jutting out her large, firm breasts, reaching up, and squeezing her pert, pink nipples. My breath threatening to fog up my window as I reach up to massage my own. Her hand trailed down spreading her legs, pushing the blanket just a bit further, until her large, fat, hunk of love meat sprang upward from beneath the covers.

I let out a soft moan as I reached down spreading my already soaked pussy; Imagining that thirteen inch fat, swollen cock slowly making its way inside me, pushing my walls apart, ready to break me in two. I watched her small hands gently stroking up, and down the shaft of her immense penis. Her precum spilling over her hands, lubing her veiny cum rocket.

My legs started shaking as I entered two fingers into my drenching fuck hole. Her hands began pumping faster, choking her dick harder, and harder. I couldn’t help, but match her speed, forcing another finger inside my folds, almost falling over from pleasure. Her hips began to rise, thrusting into the air while precum spilled out onto her stomach.

The image of her fucking me without stopping. Her enormous cock pulsing inside me ready to cum in any second. I couldn’t wait, reaching down rubbing my clit, my body began to tense. Unable to catch my breath. “Oh fuck me. Fuck me. Cum inside.” I watch her stroke her cock faster, and faster, until I hear her moan from across the way.

White streams of cum spray upward as her hand frantically starts to convulse pumping out every ounce of baby-batter she had stored up within her massive love orbs. Cum dripped from my fingers, and down my thighs, huffing silently to myself. I moved away from the window. The beautiful futa twitched as the last of her cum dribbled onto her cute flat tummy. So cute.

I quickly left to take a shower, and get ready for school.

As I walked outside, books in hand, I see my neighbor, and best friend coming outside; Beautiful, and pristine as always.

“Hey Cammie, how’s your morning?” I blushed, and she smiled.

“So good! I slept SO hard last night.”

I bite my lip, imagining how hard she actually was last night. “Mmm.” I look at her, wanting.

She giggled. “What?”

So beautiful, I think to myself. I’ve loved her for so long, but that’s something I could never tell her. “Nothing, you goober. Your fatass is gonna make us late!”

“Am not.” She laughs, slapping my arm as we begin walking.

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