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The Blind Date

Mason sat at the bar with best friend rambled on about the next woman he was going to bed with. Brett had ensured that Mason had a date for the night and Mason didn’t like it. The two that Brett had arranged for them were sisters, as he liked to remind Mason every few seconds.
Just as Mason was about to blow the whole night off to go home and drink alone on his porch, Brett straightened in his seat and waved his hand high over his head. Mason frowned at the grin on Brett's face and turned around in his seat to see their dates for the evening striding towards them.
His mouth went dry when he recognized the pair as his neighbors growing up. The startling large blue eyes of Emmy Thompson were hard to forget.
As a teenager he’d lusted after the youngest Thompson sister, her curves had haunted his dreams for years after he started college and her lips... Oh, God her lips, they were kissable and to be worshipped.

Emmy blinked rapidly as she entered the dark bar with her sister, Beth, dragging her by the arm. She didn’t want to go on a date with a guy she’d never met, but Beth had met a guy she was crazy for and he would only go out if his friend joined them. Which was the reason Emmy was here, to keep his friend busy while her sister would end up going home with the guy
She almost fell over her own feet when she saw the man beside Beth's date turn around. Mason Pollock. The very man she’d had countless fantasies about, even now. Even when she had a boyfriend, Mason's boyish face would pop up behind her eyelids when Gray thrust into her.
His dark brown eyes glittered in recognition but she refused to give him any sign that she remembered him. His broad back rippled under his shirt as he pushed himself into standing, and even from where she was, halfway across the bar from him, she could see that he would tower over her.

Mason's eyes ate her up as she and Beth neared and he saw her stumble slightly in her high heels. He stood up from his chair and smirked when her eyes widened and she looked down. She remembered him, too.
“Brett, I could fucking kiss you,” he said seriously to his friend, who looked at him like he’d lost his mind.
“A drink would be fine, mate. But why?” he asked as the two made their way closer through the tightly packed bar.
The glances they got had Mason wanting to storm over and claim Emmy, but he didn’t.
“I've been wanting to find your date's sister for the last two years and here you’ve brought her right to me,” he explained and Brett frowned.
“Do you know them?” just as he asked the two in question sidled up to them. Beth went to stand beside Brett and Emmy stood awkwardly to the side, half facing them.
“Mason! What a nice surprise seeing you here, isn’t it Em?” Beth chirped and Emmy shot her a frown before nodding.
“It's good to see you again, Mason,” his heart ached at the sound of her sweet voice and indicated, stupidly, that she take the seat he'd vacated when he saw them. She smiled her thanks and his hands longed to touch her. Instead, he pushed the chair into the bar and slung his arm across the back. His arm brushed her back lightly and she shot forward.
“Do you guys know each other?” Brett asked and Beth confirmed that they did, indeed, know each other and proceeded to tell him stories of their days as neighbors.

The stories Beth told about our childhood next door to Mason had all of them laughing and relaxing and Emmy found herself leaning back into Mason. His arm was now around her shoulders instead of the back of the chair.
She inhaled his musky cologne and felt herself relax even more. As the conversation flowed, Emmy stopped drinking alcohol, but to appease her sister she went with mocktails.
His fingers started stroking her shoulder as they continued talking.
“I guess we should go get something to eat,” Beth suddenly said and looked around the bar as everyone agreed. Emmy started digging in her purse to pay for her drinks but it was taken away from her and she looked at Mason smiling down at her.
“You’re my date, remember? You’re not paying for a thing, so don’t even think about it.” She could only nod in agreement and she suddenly wished she had more alcohol in her system.

Mason was aware that Emmy was as sober as he was. She’d had two drinks before switching to mocktails and Mason had switched to a coke and sprite mix to make it appear that he was sticking to whisky.
He loved the way Emmy felt against him and allowed his fingers to skim over her soft skin. Her laugh still managed to take his breath away and combined with her smile, she killed him.
Everyone agreed to leave the bar and go to a restaurant to eat. He watched as Emmy started digging around for her wallet, and he took her entire purse from her, telling her she wasn’t going to pay for anything.
They caught a cab to the restaurant and hotel that Brett owned. Mason and Emmy stayed behind as Brett and Beth entered first. They were led to the restaurant and Mason put his hand on the small of her back, allowing her to walk ahead of him.
Throughout the meal, Mason found any excuse to touch Emmy. He sat against her, their arms and legs touching constantly.
The one downside of that was that Mason had a raging hard-on the entire way through the first and second courses. When dessert came there was a small wet spot near the edge of his slacks and he nearly jumped out of his skin when Emmy out her hand on his thigh.
His back was stiff and his movements were jerky as he cut into the blackberry pie in front of him.
Brett and Beth were having each other for dessert, their sweet treats left forgotten on the table. Emmy still had her hand on his thigh and her thumb was now rubbing back and forth as she ate the chocolate mousse in front of her.
He ended up not eating the slice of pie in front of him, his eyes were completely focussed on Emmy as she licked the last of the mousse from the spoon. Her pink tongue flicked out to catch a piece that was starting to fall from the long-stemmed spoon and he couldn’t contain the groan that left his lips.
She smiled slowly and put her spoon down in the cup before she spoke.
“Something wrong, Mason?” her voice was low and husky and it sent his cock twitching in his pants.
“I’m stuffed, is all,” he said, playing it off and she nodded slowly.

Brett and Beth excused themselves very quickly after the table was cleared and Emmy looked after her sister in disdain. It was so like Beth to just leave Emmy alone with a stranger. Only this time, she wasn’t with a stranger. No, she was with her childhood next-door neighbor who she had a crush on since freaking puberty.
Just by touching her in innocent ways, Mason had her skin too tight for her body, her blood boiling in her veins and her panties swimming.
When she out her hand, so boldly, on his thigh during dessert she had felt the tightness of his pants as it stretched over his arousal. She was happy that she wasn’t the only one affected.
“It was great seeing you again, Mason,” she said only to fill the silence stretching between them and she slowly started moving out of the booth they had been seated at.
“You’re not leaving, are you?” he asked as they stood up and they stood extremely close to each other.
“I don’t know, am I?” she asked and bit her lip at her bravery. The booth was curtained with black material shielding its occupants from the rest of the restaurant. It was also in a secluded corner.
“No, you’re not,” he whispered and put a hand on her hip, drawing her in closer, and a hand at the base of her neck, tilting her head up to face him.
His eyes glazed as he looked down at her, before lowering his head and kissing her softly. His lips were soft yet firm as they touched hers and Emmy melted into him. Both arms went over his neck and she stepped even closer to him.
He sat back down on the soft booth chair, pulling her to stand between his legs and placed both hands on her hips as she bent down to continue the kiss.
Her hands were tangled in his hair and he pulled her even closer.

Emmy tasted like the chocolate mousse she had and her body felt like heaven against him. Mason couldn’t give two shits about being in a restaurant right now. They were in Brett's private booth and as long as those curtains stayed closed, no one was going to bother them.
He pushed the table against the other side of the couch, creating enough space for her to straddle him comfortably as he pulled her closer. He had waited years for her, and he wasn’t going to let her go this time.
He could feel the heat of her sex through his pants and her underwear as his hands found the zipper of her dress and pulled it down. She pulled the straps down her arms before starting to unbutton his shirt. As she reached the edge of his pants, she started unbuckling and unzipping them. He caught on quickly and pushed her dress up over her thighs and bunching the skirt of the dress with the top at her waist.
She opened the button on his boxers and pulled his straining erection from its prison. Her hand stroked him and he dug his fingers into her hips.
He didn’t expect her to push her underwear aside and impale herself on his length. She was dripping wet and he sank into her easily with a groan. Both of them had their heads thrown back and Emmy put one foot on the floor while her knee stayed wedged between his body and the backrest.

Mason filled her perfectly as she sank down on his impressive length. She loved the feeling of being stretched before Emmy started moving on him.
She was on the pill so they didn’t need a condom in that very second.
His hands gripped her hips as he helped her ride him until they were both moaning breathily. The quick fuck she had wanted before leaving turned into a full-on love-making session. Their movements were slow and deliberate as their foreheads touched and they started into each other’s eyes.
The orgasm that was brewing in her belly felt different than with other men and she could feel herself falling for the man under her, again.

Mason took his time with Emmy, he wanted to show her he wasn’t the fuckboy he used to be when they lived next door to one another.
They were moving slowly against each other and the hitch in Emmy's breath gave him some indication that she was close. He slightly quickened his pace, lifting and dropping her a little quicker and soft, suppressed moans left her lips in time to his thrusts.
Her inner walls were massaging his cock spearing her, in such a delicious way that Mason had no warning when his orgasm shot into his shaft. He lifted his face and brought her head down to his, claiming her lips as her walls clenched tightly aground him with a wave of liquid, her moan muffled against his lips. Only then did he allow the sudden release to pour into her.
“Let's go upstairs,” she whispered shakily as her body spasmed around him, still.
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