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Do You Swing?

Angelica and her husband, Gordon, had been married for seven years and she was still completely and utterly in love with him. His sandy-blonde hair almost always hung in his green eyes framed with dark lashes, and he still kept himself in great shape. Every block of his abs was defined under sun-tanned skin.
She watched him speak to their handsome as the devil himself neighbor from the porch where she sat feeding their seven-month-old son, Henry. He slurped at the green pea and pumpkin mash with a disgusted face but knew better than to spit it out.
Gordon looked over at his family speaking with Nico. His neighbor was asking the couple over for dinner with him and his wife for the following evening. He wondered if they would be able to get a sitter for Henry at such short notice.
Angelica was his angel, with her silvery-blonde hair that hung to her waist, she refused to cut it when Henry was born despite everyone telling her it would spare her a lot of headaches. She simply put her hair in a plait or a bun at the top of her head, showing everyone she was going to do this her way. Her pale blue eyes met his and a smile played over her plump red lips as she put a heaping spoon of green goop in his son's mouth.
She’d lost all the baby weight from carrying Henry and her curves had become softer over the last seven years, but she was even more beautiful than the day he nearly walked her over ten years ago. They dated for three whole years before getting married.
Angelica watched her husband's eyes roam over her body and she felt her insides warm. She dropped her eyes with a smile and gave Henry the last of his food.
“Angel, would you mind coming over here for a second?” his deep voice called and butterflies erupted in her stomach as she nodded and got up. She picked up Henry from his high chair and propped him on her hip as she walked over to her husband.
Gordon opened his arm to her as she neared with their son, he had his sandy hair but he had his mother’s eyes and mouth. He clung to her shirt as she moved and extended his arms and body to Gordon when they got close enough. He drew both wife and son into his sides and watched as Nico gave Angelica a charming smile.
She returned it and they spoke for a few minutes. Nico and Rita had a son of their own and suggested sharing a babysitter for the evening at Gordon’s home.
And so it was agreed.

The sitter arrived promptly at five and Angelica and Gordon walked down the sidewalk to their neighbors’ front door. It swung open and Rita stood in a skimpy black dress and killer heels welcoming them. Angelica felt underdressed in her dark blue sundress and sandals.
Gordon tightened his arm around her as they stepped into the foyer. The smell of roast beef and potatoes filled the air making Angelica's mouth water and her stomach grumbled softly.
Wine flowed with the conversation and they talked through dinner. Angelica walked into the kitchen with the dark-haired Rita carrying plates and glasses to help wash up.
Gordon and Nico walked into the living room where two glasses of sherry and two glasses of Scotch was poured. Nico handed Gordon his Scotch and asked the very same question Rita was asking Angelica at that very moment.
“Do you swing?” The couple's reactions, despite being in different rooms, was the same.
Disbelief and a pinch of sexual curiosity coursed through Angelica and Gordon as their neighbors of five years explained.
“We switch partners. Angie can go with Rita or me, and you go with me or Rita,” Nico explained and Gordon wondered what his angel would say. He was as straight as an arrow and has never had a homosexual fantasy.
Angelica stared at her friend as they dried and washed the dishes, unsure of what she was feeling. She didn’t like the thought of Gordon touching another woman and the idea of him with Nico was almost laughable. She’d been with a woman in college once, and it hadn’t been unpleasant.
Always consulting one another, they held off on answering the proposition until they could speak. Rita and Nico gave them their privacy, respectfully, and allowed them to speak.
Gordon pulled his wife into his arms and gave her a soft, sweet kiss.
“What do you think, Angel?” he asked quietly and was comforted by her hands on his back.
“I don’t like the idea of you with another woman, but at least I’ll be able to see you,” she replied into his chest and he felt the same. That had been their only question; would they be able to look at one another?
Years ago, they’d had a similar discussion regarding threesomes and since both had wanted to try, this opportunity would satisfy both their curiosity.
They agreed with a hungry kiss that they would take it as presented.
Nico and Rita were ecstatic at the news and the men switched wives. Rita ran her hand appreciatively over Gordon's chest and Angelica had to remind herself that they chose this. Gordon's eyes flashed when Nico wrapped Angelica in his arms and she knew he felt the same.
Nico drew Angelica in close and captured her lips in a soft, experimental kiss and Gordon drew Rita close, dipping his head to hers and gave her a gentle kiss.
Rita took over their kiss as she deepened it and Gordon's body responded. His cock hardened against Rita's body as she ground her hips against him.
He knew from experience that one kiss with Angelica could have a man bursting in his pants. The way Nico groaned beside him confirmed that the man indeed wanted his wife.
Angelica responded to Nico's kiss faster than she wanted to admit to Gordon, and she sank into his body, aware that Rita's hands were devouring her husband.
Nico's hands found her ass and pulled her close to him and she felt his desire against her stomach, her body responded in kind, wetting her underwear with a wave of liquid.
Nico started moving them toward the couch on one side of the room while Rita guided Gordon to the couch on the other. The two switched couples sank onto their respective couches. Angelica couldn’t stop her hips from grinding against Nico as she straddled him on the couch, their mouths still fused.
Gordon opened his eyes to see his wife kissing his neighbor while she ground herself against him. Rita was kissing and sucking at his throat. The sensation combined with the sight of Angelica's sundress being lifted up over her thighs to bunch at her hips had Gordon groaning in ecstasy and he pushed Rita down harder on his straining erection.
Her short dress had already bunched over her waist when she straddled him, her uncovered pussy already dripping onto his jeans. Her hands deftly unzipped his pants and seconds later he heard the same sound from across the room and his heart rate kicked up.
Angelica allowed Nico to push her dress up over her waist and push her underwear aside as he played with her right clit. She unzipped his pants after hearing Gordon's sliding open.
The hand Nico had on her hip momentarily disappeared and she heard the crinkle of a condom wrapper. Nico broke their ongoing kiss to throw one at Gordon.
She turned to see him catch it, Rita's juices dripping onto his jeans and exposed cock. She’d gone commando under her dress and Angelica was willing to bet she came a few times during dinner.
Both men ripped the condoms open, hauling the women off their laps as they slid them on in unison.
A coffee table separated the two couches and both Nico and Gordon had the same idea; they bent them over the coffee table, asses exposed and Gordon was pleased to see Angelica still had her underwear on. He watched as Nico slid the piece of material off her legs and she stepped out of it.
Nico and Gordon slid the condoms on and watched in utter awe as the women kissed. Gordon had known about Angelica's experimentation in college, but he’d never seen it. The sight had his cock painfully hard and he pushed it swiftly into Rita's soaking core.
Nico followed Gordon's example and sank into Angelica's fold with a grunt. Gordon knew just how tight his wife was even after giving birth to their son not too long ago.
He barely felt Rita around him and it felt like a hug when she clamped down. It wasn’t that she was loose, it was that Angelica was like a vice from the get-go. After a few seconds, he adjusted to Rita's feeling around his cock and saw that Nico was only halfway in Angelica.
Nico wasn’t as big as Gordon. He was thinner and a bit shorter, and Rita's moan of appreciation at Gordon filling her had Angelica's stomach tightening with desire. Nico hissed as her walls clamped down on him and she pulled away from Rita's mouth to look at her husband, who was smirking and buried to the hilt in Rita.
Finally, Nico seated himself and he grunted. The tip of his cock just touched her G-spot in the position she was in and she knew she would need help to orgasm.
Gordon smirked at the expression on his wife’s face when Nico was fully seated. He would take care of the pent up frustration, she was bound to have at the end of the night.
The difference between fucking your wife and someone else's is that you’re extremely uneducated on the other man's wife’s needs unless you knew what you were doing.
This was both the case with Nico. He has no clue what Angelica liked and needed and fucked her like he would his wife; hard and fast, spilling his seed quickly in the tight confines of Angelica's pussy. The only thing his thrusting had achieved was to get her even wetter.
Gordon, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was doing and brought Rita to her knees on the coffee table.
Neither Gordon nor Angelica came from the experience and neither Rita nor Nico cared as they said goodbye. The door closed and an angry thud came from the other side of the door.
The couple walked to their home and relieved the babysitter. Both vibrating for the need for their partner, they locked up the house and retired to their bedroom.
Angelica watched as her husband undressed in front of her and her mouth watered as his muscled chest and abdomen rippling as he shed his shirt.
“See something you like, Angel?” he teased lightly as he lowered his hands to his belt and her eyes followed then hungrily.
“You know it, baby,” she said and she saw his all-too-hard member twitch against the material of his pants.
When all of his clothes were in a pile on the floor he stepped out of it and beckoned her closer. Angelica obliged and walked around the bed and into her naked husband's arms.
The familiar feeling of him had her already leaking underwear to stock to her. As he ran his hands up and down her back, his fingers clasping the zip of her dress and pulled it down slowly.
Gordon felt his wife move in his arms as she pushed the thin straps of her dress down and over her arms. The thin material slipped from underneath his fingers and he felt his wife’s soft skin under the tips.
Her small hand cupped him between them and he hissed in a breath. Nothing in the world beats the feeling of naked skin on naked skin, especially when you loved your partner wholly.
Angelica grinned against Gordon's chest when she touched him. A drop of pre-come leaked onto her hand and she felt the clasp of her strapless bra snap free. The material dropped down her body and onto the floor with a soft thud and Gordon's arms released her waist only to settle on her hips. He snaked his fingers underneath the edge of her underwear.
Her breath caught as he slid them down and Gordon smirked. He lived for that sound when he went down in her. He pulled her underwear over her hips, thighs and knees before lifting each of her feet out of the material and kissed the bridge, and setting them on the floor.
When he dropped them on the growing pile he grasped her hips and brought her listening, smooth pussy close to his face and, inhaled the sweet scent of her arousal. His tongue snaked out and touched the sensitive bud that had so been neglected earlier.
Angelica's hands shot to his shoulder and hair for balance as her knees buckled at the touch of his tongue. A moan left her mouth and she pushed Gordon's face closer.
Another moan quickly followed the first as Gordon took the hint his wife was giving, and he pressed his tongue against the bud before removing a hand from her hip and pushed two fingers into her.
“Did you like him fucking you?” he grunted, knowing the dirty talk would heighten their pleasure. He also knew she was incapable of lying.
“No,” she breathed out and Gordon rewarded her by pumping his fingers into her greedy pussy.
“No?” he said and nipped at her thigh, her moans were soft as the green light of the baby monitor looked at them from her bedside table. He added a third and she threw her head back with a gasp.
“He… ooooooohhhh… he’s smaller than you,” she moaned and her nails dug into his scalp and shoulder. Gordon felt his ego being stroked but knew she wasn’t lying to him.
“He didn’t feel right?” He prompted before licking from his fingers to her clit, extracting another moan from Angelica.
“Fuuuuuck… no” she groaned as she came around his fingers, splashing his wrist with her juices. He fucking loved it when he made her squirt. He took advantage of her bent body and picked her up over his shoulder, feeling her arousal drip onto his chest.
He dropped her onto the bed and she immediately opened her legs for him, allowing him to see the shining link folds between them.
He climbed on top of her and her hands went to his chest where wet trails of her arousal dripped to his pectoral. He crossed her legs over her stomach, promoting them up with his hips and looked down at her. She smeared her juices with her fingers causing Gordon to growl and spear into her.
Her body arched toward him and she clung to her husband, burying her face in his neck to muffle the sounds of her moans falling uncontrolled from her mouth.
She bit his shoulder as she came shortly before Gordon's tempo went from rhythmic to unbridled and he emptied himself into her womb, throwing her into another orgasm.
Angelica's breasts started aching as Henry started crying over the baby monitor.
“I'll bring him, Angel,” Gordon said as he stood up from the bed, knowing she wouldn’t be able to walk.

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