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My Best Friend's Widow

For those of you who are wondering what’s going on with Cameron and Hannah from The Photographer.

Cameron stood outside Hannah's house. Nate had told him that she was lonely and he was planning on just keeping her some company for the night.
She was expecting him a bit later, but he’d picked up some dinner on the way and it had gone quicker than he’d planned.
If the roles were reversed, would Cameron want Byron to keep his widow company?
But then, By never fucked around with women. Not like Cam.
It was just dinner and a glass of wine and then he’d leave. That was it.
He leaned forward and knocked on the door with his free hand and waited. A few minutes later, Hannah opened the door, wearing an oversized camo t-shirt that reached her mid-thigh and nothing else. Her hair was loose around her shoulders and her face bare of makeup.
“Cam! Hi. Come on in,” she stepped aside for him to pass and he walked by, she smelled like vanilla and soap.
“Hey, Han. I picked us up some dinner. Thai,” he said and made his way through the familiar house and to the kitchen. Hannah had moved in with Byron into his grandmother's house as soon as she went to college. They got married straight out of high school, a year after they started dating, and when he died in Iraq the house had gone to her, as per his will.
Cameron spent most of his childhood in this house with Nate, Jordan and Byron. The kindergarten was just up the road and the middle school a block away. The high school was ten blocks away.
He put the bag of food on the kitchen table and starter taking out containers.
“Thanks, I hadn’t even thought of food,” she said and her sweet voice turned husky. Cameron wasn’t unaware that he was attractive or of the fact that he’d known Hannah a better part of fifteen years. He had heard that tone in her voice with both Nate and Byron.
His back stiffened and he pretended not hear her tone and pulled out the bottle of red wine he’d bought.
Hannah walked up beside him and placed her hand on the small of his back, the warmth drawing into his skin.
“What did you get?”
“Beef Noodle Soup, Pad Tai, Som Tam – I know you used to eat that, ” she smiled up at him and continued pointing out dishes.
“I still love Som Tam, ” she said and took the container holding the spicy papaya salad. He knew that would be enough for her, but put two more containers of the stuff in her fridge, which was half empty.
He'd drop by with some groceries the next day after work.
He took his food and followed her into the living room where she was sitting cross-legged on the couch. Cameron was stunned to see her wearing nothing under the shirt, her plump pussy lips gleaming slightly under the light in the room.
He cleared his throat and looked away before finding his seat beside her. She bounced up until she was snuggled up against his side.
“Thanks for coming, Cam,” she said softly before they started eating in silence. She'd put on a movie but Cameron just wanted to eat and get out before he gave in to his dick's desire to bury itself in the spot she so willingly displayed earlier.
He couldn’t get the sight out of his mind.
By the time he was done with his food, she was still eating the last pieces of her salad and he stood up to go to the kitchen. He found the wine glasses after throwing his empty containers in the trash and opened the bottle with the opener he found in the drawer.
Hannah sashayed into the kitchen carrying her single container and dropped it in the trash.
“I’ve been reading up on wine, and the article said that red wine needs to breathe before you can drink it.”
Cameron looked at her with an amused expression and leaned his hip against the table, which he knew was extremely solid and fucking heavy.
“Yeah? So what do you suggest we do while it ‘breathes'?” He asked with a smirk. She grinned wickedly and Cameron’s heart jumped into his throat.
“I can think of a few things,” she said as she walked up to him and placed her arms around his neck. He pushed away from the table and put his hands in her hips. The shirt had lifted with her arms, leaving her thighs and pussy naked against his jeans.
“Han, please don’t…” he would be lying if he said he didn’t want to pick her up onto the table and fuck her on the surface, but he wanted her to be sure and to convince him that it was okay for him to fuck his best friend's widow.
“He would be okay with this, Cam. You were his best friend and he trusted you with me,” she whispered and leaned up to kiss his clavicle. He closed his eyes as her soft lips touched the sensitive hollow and tightened his hands on her hips.
“He knew I loved him like a brother and wouldn’t go for his girl,” he whispered, aware that his erection was now pressing against her tight stomach.
“And he would trust you to satisfy me now, when he can’t. I’ll always love Byron, Cam. But I need to move on. Please, Cam. I need you,” the last words were a moan of lust and Cameron gave in.
He picked her up into the table and spread her legs roughly, planting himself between them. She gasped as he pulled her shirt off and looked at her naked body. Smallish breasts tipped with tight brown nipples rose and fell as her chest started heaving under his heated gaze.
He dropped his hand from her hip and slid a finger through her slick slit, looking at her shaven pussy as he did so. Her stomach muscles clenched when he touched her and he smirked.
“Are you sure it’s me you need, Hannah?” he asked, Nathaniel's voice clear in his head telling them Hannah had kissed him.
“Yes,” she moaned and reached down with her hands to undo his belt and pull the zipper down while unbuttoning it. With a strong tug at the material over his thighs, she pulled both jeans and boxers down, freeing his erection.
She shoved them to the floor with her foot, the action causing her to slide closer to him. He could feel the wet heat radiate off her pussy and onto the head of his dick.
He leaned down and captured her lips with his before driving into her with a thrust of his hips. Her hands made their respective ways to his hip and over his shoulder. She met him thrust for thrust, her hips moving forward and back, taking what she wanted.
Her mouth was hungry on his and a small whine left her, the only sound she’s made since they spoke. She was the silent type. A challenge.
Cam loved making the silent one’s scream.
She came with a soft, shuddering sigh into his mouth, his own orgasm miles away.
He pulled out of her with a wet pop and carried her to her bedroom. He dropped her unceremoniously onto the bed and shed his pale blue shirt as she pushed her way up to the headboard.
“Stand on your knees and hold onto the headboard,” he said as he climbed onto the bed and she did as he asked. The position forced her ass out and he knelt behind her, her legs between his.
He ran his hands over the creamy globes of her ass and couldn’t resist slapping the flesh. He smirked as she cried out in surprise.
“Be careful what you wish for,” he leaned forward to whisper the words in her ear, grinding his hips against her ass. She moaned when his erection slid between the cheeks.
One hand gripped her hip hard while the other slid forward to play with her clit. The bundle of nerves was slick with her juices and he started circling it with his forefinger.
A breathy sigh left her at the touch and Cameron became determined. He pulled back slightly with his hips and guided his cock to her entrance. Putting both hands on her hips, he ran his hand slowly over them, teasing her. He pushed the head in and pulled back out. After a few moments, his entire cock was slick with her juices and her arms quivered causing the headboard to rattle against the wall.
Her breath now came as soft moans, barely audible but there, and he smirked. He continued his motions, rocking into her and pulling out until she started begging.
“Cam, please! Fuck me!” she whined out and he slammed into her with a grunt. She moaned as she pushed her hips back against his, readjusting to his size.
He thrust into her, over and over again to the symphony of her cries and moans. He felt the familiar tingling at the base of his spine as his balls drew up. He reached forward and played with her clit, rubbing the swollen nub between his fingers as she moaned his name.
He felt the bundle harden under his fingers as her walls clamped down on him, he pushed harder; slamming into her harder and faster as the pressure in his abdomen started coiled tighter.
Small grunts left his lips as she finally exploded around him in a wave of liquid and fluttering walls and a long, high-pitched cry. He tightened his hands on her hips as she spasmed and emptied his balls into her with a satisfied groan.
“Holy shit,” Hannah gasped as she collapsed onto the bed. Cameron grinned and lay down behind her, pulling her back to his chest.
“I'm happy you’re satisfied, Han,” he said before he realised she was fast asleep.
They’ve been meeting up every night for the last week.
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