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Angels and Demons

Zach walked into the human-infested bar. The noise around him was deafening and not nearly as pleasant as the screams he fell asleep to every night.
Lucius was supposed to meet him here for some fucking reason. He looked around the bar, searching for his brother, and his eyes fell upon the most gorgeous head of hair he’d ever seen; gold, auburn, and hazel strands mixed together and fell loose over her shoulders. She was much shorter than he, reaching the middle of his chest, and smelled of a rich, decadent coffee.
Zach's mouth watered as her scent hit him and he cast his eyes around, looking for his brother.
Ignoring the call of the woman’s body was nigh impossible but it grew faint when a human male sauntered up to her, drool dripping from his chin.
The scent of irritation nearly overwhelmed him and his eyes were drawn to her once more.
She had her hands on her hips as the male knelt in front of her and was grasping for her hands. Zach looked around the bar and upon seeing that his brother had yet to arrive, walked closer to the woman.
“What about the word ‘no’ do you not understand?” her voice was hard and irate but had the sweetest lilt to it. A soft huskiness broke through on her lightly accented words.
Zach knew every accent in the world but couldn’t place this one. Roman or Greek watered down with British. It sent chills up his spine.
“But…” the male pathetically whimpered.
“I believe the lady declined,” Zach couldn’t help speaking when he got closer. The male frantically apologized and ran at the sight of him. He was blasted with frigid air as the woman turned.
Lilith’s breath stopped in her lungs. Sucked out completely by the man in front of her. He topped her with at least a foot and a half with blue-black hair that looked like it had been dipped in blood. Dark gray eyes were rimmed with long, dark lashes and thick, black eyebrows raised as her eyes continued drinking him in.
Ropes on ropes of muscle stood out beneath the bronzed skin of his arms. He wore a white wifebeater that clung to… Oh, Daddy… solid six blocks of defined muscle.
Lilith hated being confined to Earth but as one of the Fallen, having followed her brother, Lucius, it was her duty.
This man was even more gorgeous than anything she’d laid eyes on since the Fall.
“Brother! I see you’ve met my sister, Lilith,” Lucius's voice ripped her eyes from the man and she turned.
Zach hid his jerking surprise and lifted his eyes from the woman in front of him and met the same violet eyes.
He blinked. Had Lucius said his sister?
“Hello, Lucy.” She, Lilith, said and looked up to meet her brother's eyes.
“Lucius,” he greeted, extending his hand to the male.
“Zachariah, meet my blood sister, Lilith. Lily, this is my Kingdom's brother, Zachariah. He prefers Zach.” The fact that Lucius spoke for him should have irritated Zach beyond belief, but the impassive look on her face at his title did a better job at it.
“Lucy, do get to the reason you’ve brought me here,” her voice held a note of boredom and Zach's hackles rose further.
“I want you and Zach to join me in my Kingdom for a feast. The anniversary of the Fall is coming…” she held up her hand, effectively silencing him. Zach blinked. In the years of knowing the King of Hell, no one had the balls to silence him.
“No. As much as I loathe to say it, I can’t.” Lilith leaned up and kissed Lucius's cheek, lifted a hand to Zach and walked away.
“Fuck.” Lucius said before looking at Zach.
“You'll be there, right?” he asked and evaded a woman bathed in the scent of arousal. Zach nodded dutifully and led his brother to the bar.
He ordered two beers and waited for the bartender to bring them over.
“On the house,” she murmured, trying to show off the uneven boobjob.
He nodded in thanks and handed one to Lucius.

Months passed and Zach couldn’t get Lilith off his mind. The anniversary of the Fall of the Angels came and went, Lucius had held his usual party but the King didn’t seem to enjoy it as much.
Zach tried everything, fucking everything that had a slit and a hole in their body, even meditating and traveling the seven Kingdoms of Hell. Nothing. He could get it up, but he now had a serious case of blue balls. He couldn’t quite cross the finish line without feeling like the Demon he was.
Lilith wasn’t an innocent Angel. She loved sex and her brother's friend had oozed it the night she met him.
If she cut his vein, she was willing to bet the blood was laced with the purest form of ambrosia.
Fuck. He kept popping up in her mind at the worst of times. She’d been so close!
She shoved the mortal off her and got dressed, not bothering to explain to the bewildered and still-panting guy. She made her way out of the hotel room and up to her penthouse suite.
Zach sauntered into the bar where they had met, hoping to see that head of multicolored hair. When he didn’t, his temper spiked and the bar suddenly grew angry.
He beat feet out of the bar before things got worse and walked into the alley behind it, where he made his way home.
Three nights later, Lilith couldn’t take it anymore. She called for her brother.
Lucius walked through her living room wall with a flash and a flicker of her lights, nearly popping the bulbs.
“To what do I owe this pleasure?” he asked as he arranged his big body on her couch.
“I’m going to get straight to the point, how do I find Zach?” Lucius blinked in surprise and brought his hand to his chin while nodding slowly.
“The same way you find me. Only his name.” Lilith nodded her thanks. Lucius stayed a while and they caught up.
When he left, she went to the bathroom and took a scalding shower. She dressed in her sexiest black lace lingerie and garter belt, and red fuck-me heels.
Her natural pouty lips were slightly red from her teeth worrying them in the shower, her violet eyes shone with nerves.
She made her way into the living room, not wanting to seem presumptuous by summoning him to her bedroom.
She bit her lower lip and took a deep breath, straightened her bra and stood in front of her living room wall.
“I call to you, Zachariah of the seven Kingdoms. Grace me with thy presence.” Lucius always took some time to respond to her call and she was about to settle on her bed to wait.
No sooner had she taken a step back when the penthouse walls shook and thunder clapped. Of course, he had to make a show out of it. She was slightly eased by the theatrics as she scowled.
Like Lucius, he appeared in a flash of light, but unlike her brother, Zach's jaw dropped when he saw who had summoned him in such an informal way.
Well, either at whom or at what she was wearing.
Zach appeared in a bedroom, which wasn’t unusual, but he was furious. No one summoned him informally.
The anger disappeared in a flash when he saw Lilith standing beside a large black L- shaped couch wearing next to nothing. His jaw unhinged as he took her in and his cock punched the front of his jeans.
Oh dear fuck.
“I would have summoned you formally, but I didn’t know yours. Lucy said I could call you the same way,” her voice was unsure when she spoke and he nodded, dumbstruck.
Clearing his throat, Zach took the time to calm his racing heart before speaking, “why did you call on me, Lilith?”
She closed her eyes at the sound of her name leaving his lips. The jeans he wore hugged his thighs and the high-ankled leather boots bunched the material. His broad chest was defined by the black T-shirt straining over the expanse. His black hair fell into his eyes, the sides shaved down allowing tattoos to show through the buzz cut.
“I want you,” she said simply before her confidence slipped.
“Really?” he stepped toward her and again until her nose was almost against his chest. His scent was a mixture between the musky smell of male arousal and cinnamon.
His hands encircled her waist and pulled her sharply against him.
Zach had to feel her against him. Every soft curve fit perfectly against his hard planes. Her request had sent every instinct screaming to take her. He saw her nod and lowered his head toward her.
She took the invitation and tilted her head back. He stopped an inch before her lips as anticipation ran through her.
“Just one thing; once I’m inside you, I own you. I don’t care that you’re Lucius’s sister.” Zach didn’t know what made him say that, but her answering nod had a wave of possessiveness crashing over him.
He closed the distance between them and captured her lips with his. Her moan of satisfaction vibrated through her chest and into his.
The Fallen Angel and the Demon from Hell crashed through Lilith's apartment, dents resembling their backs were left in the drywall as they made their way blindly to her bedroom.
They battled for bodily dominance, tongues thrashing together while one of them kicked the door closed, finally in the bedroom.
Zach pinned her to the bedroom wall and lifted Lilith. She wrapped her legs around his waist and gasped at the thick rod pressing against her lace-covered sex.
One of his hands left her thighs and wrapped around the lace underwear at her hip. The sound of the ripping material only stoked the fire in her veins.
Zach could feel the heat radiating from her pussy through his jeans and his cock wanted in. He ripped the black lace from her hips and felt the stinging bite of her nails through his shirt.
They didn’t stop kissing as they, literally, ripped the clothes from each other. She split his shirt down the back while his other hand went to work on the other side of her underwear.
As rough as he liked it, he didn’t want to hurt Lilith. He held her against the wall with his body and one hand under her thigh as he pulled the shredded material from between her legs.
Her bra would go on round two, for now, he needed to be inside of her.
His jeans had been ripped open and his boxers had met the same fate as she reached down between them. Zach hissed in a breath at the feel of her hand against him.
He secured her body between his and the wall before slamming home.
Lilith stretched perfectly around him when he finally entered her. He felt so good, filling her to the base. He gave her a second to adjust before he started moving.
“You're so tight!” he gritted out, thrusting into her wet heat. His cock was in Heaven, probably the closest he’ll ever come to his lover's former home.
The bedroom was filled with the rhythmic wet sound of flesh against flesh and a combination of their moans of pleasure.
Lilith felt the heat in her core rising with every thrust of Zach's lower body into her, his pelvis stimulating her clit.
The familiar bang of her neighbor telling her to quiet down didn’t even register. She was lost in a sea of pleasure and a tsunami was brewing in her core.
Her moans grew closer together as her orgasm built. Zach could feel his own drawing his balls up to his body, her nails raking down his back had him jerking and pounding into her furiously.
Her breath left her in a guttural groan of pleasure as the wave broke, her orgasm tore through her with a gush of liquid.
Zach couldn’t hold on anymore as her body spasmed around him, clenching his tightly within her. He let go and filled her with his seed.
Thank fuck Angels and Demons couldn’t procreate.

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