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The Maid-of-Honor

Author's note: this is probably the shortest of the stories in the book, but it is also my first 100% female x female scene. I am up for suggestions from you guys!

Amelia smoothed the front of her wedding dress, staring at her reflection in the mirror. Her dark green eyes held joy and fear.
She was getting married to her best friend and the love of her life, but she couldn’t help feeling like she was missing out on some experiences.
She loved David, she truly did.
She looked at herself once again in the full-length mirror, her blonde hair was curled in pretty ringlets that hung loosely over her shoulders.
Amelia jumped when her best friend and maid of honor, Adelaide, walked into the suite.
Adelaide was dressed in the black maid of honor dress Amelia had picked out, the dress was wearable and the least ugly of the dresses she’d looked at. She didn’t see Adelaide filling it out the way she did.
See? This was what she was talking about.
Fantasies of her best friend going down on her went through Amelia's head an hour and a half before her very heterosexual wedding.
“You are breathtaking, Amelia, David won’t know what hit him.” Her friend said as she walked up behind her. Their eyes met and held in the mirror.
Adelaide always had a way of knowing Amelia's emotions and thoughts and seemed to pick up on what was going through her mind now.
She turned Amelia to face her and put a hand to her cheek.
“I can’t believe you’re leaving me,” Adelaide whispered, running her thumb lightly over Amelia’s lips.
Unaware of her reaction, Amelia kissed the pad of her friend's thumb, causing the woman’s mouth to pop open in surprise.
“I'm not leaving you, we'll always be together.” She watched Adelaide’s eyes widen at her words and her feet carried her close to her body.
Where Amelia was short with blonde hair, green eyes and a curvy figure, Adelaide was the opposite; she was tall and built like the swimmer she was, her black hair was cut short to her head but she’d let it grow put into a bob-cut for the wedding, her brown eyes were warm and uncertain as she looked down at Amelia.
“Promise?” Adelaide asked softly, her eyes searching Amelia's face.
“Promise,” the word was barely audible as it left Amelia's brilliant red lips. Adelaide closed her eyes briefly, took a deep breath, and leaned down.
Amelia's heart was beating in her throat as Adelaide lowered her head to hers. She wanted to pull away but curiosity got the better of her. She stayed where she was and allowed Adelaide to kiss her.
Non-transferable lipstick was a godsend.
Her lips were soft yet firm as they molded to hers. Amelia kissed Adelaide back, slowly as her hand came to rest on her hip while the other made its way down her cheek and onto her neck.
Amelia rested her hands on Adelaide's shoulders as her friend drew her closer, pressing their bodies together. Adelaide pressed against her hip, forcing her to take a step back and another until the backs of her called hit the mattress of the bed.
She dropped onto the bed and Adelaide sank onto her knees between Amelia's thighs.
When she broke the kiss, Adelaide looked at her questioningly and Amelia nodded her consent to the unspoken.
Both women wanted this.
Adelaide pushed Amelia back onto the mattress and drew the skirt of her dress up over her legs and thighs, settling the material on her stomach.
Amelia was embarrassed at how wet and ready she was for her friend's gaze. She flushed when Adelaide licked her bottom lip between her teeth.
“How long have you been curious?” Adelaide asked, not taking her eyes off Amelia's core.
“Years,” she muttered as Adelaide swiped her hands up her calves and thighs, coming to rest on either side of her sex.
Amelia gasped as Adelaide's thumbs brushed over the sodden, lace-covered flesh of her sex.
She bit her lip on the soft moan that came in response to Adelaide slipping the white lace aside. Amelia looked down and met Adelaide's brown eyes over the white tulle of her skirt.
Adelaide's face held the same expression of anticipation of the following events.
She slid two fingers over the glistening folds between her legs, causing Amelia to shudder as pleasure bloomed in her core.
Amelia felt Adelaide's breath fan over her and gasped as her friend licked at her. Her tongue was soft and demanding as she slipped her tongue between the folds and penetrating her core.
Amelia's body responded by arching into Adelaide's mouth and she allowed her hand to slip into the silky brunette bob.
Her moans started to fill the room as Adelaide continued to suck and lick at her sensitive folds. Amelia cried out as Adelaide clamped her lips over her clit and inserted a finger into her leaking core. The walls clamped down on the intrusion and sucked it in causing Adelaide to groan into Amelia.
The vibration sent a shudder through her and her core tightened into a knot under Adelaide's hands and mouth.
Her moans were coming in short bursts as her knees clamped shut against Adelaide's shoulders, her back bowing off the bed and smashing her perfectly curled hair against the mattress.
Adelaide added another finger to her core and curled them upward, rubbing a part of herself she didn’t know existed and came with a low moan against her best friend's mouth and over her hand.
Amelia looked down her heaving chest to see Adelaide licking every ounce of her juices from her thighs and mound before reaching for the box of tissues on the bedside table.
She didn’t meet her gaze as Amelia watched Adelaide clean the residual orgasm from her with a few tissues and wiped her mouth before throwing the bundle into the trash.
“Let's get your hair back to normal before we go down to David, yeah?” Adelaide said as she straightened Amelia's underwear and garter and pulled her dress back over her legs.
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