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He saw her standing at the edge of the dance floor. It was her awkwardness that drew him, not her generous cleavage almost spilling from the tight blue corset and definitely not the way she looked utterly ravishing in the outfit.
As the King of the Renaissance fair, he knew all the regulars, and she was new. She didn’t look like a handmaid or a servant, maybe she was a high born.
Joel looked at the woman with the strawberry blonde hair wringing her hands together as couples took the dance floor.
Another woman, his woman's friend, gave her an apologetic look as she was pulled onto the floor by Joel’s jousting champion, Eldridge.
Ah, so that’s why she was here.
She nodded and gave a tight, uncomfortable smile. Swiping her mane over her shoulder, she made her way to the table of mead.
Joel followed her with his eyes and nearly jumped off his throne-like chair when one of the knights approached her with a confident smile.

Stella jumped when a heavy hand fell of her shoulder. She spun around, spilling honey-colored liquid all over her hands and dark blue skirt.
“Shit!” she muttered putting the cup down on the solid wooden table.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you, milady,” a deep voice said. She turned and could kick herself for not hearing his approach. The man was decked out in full armor with a sheet of chainmail covering his head and chest.
“Ah, yeah. That’s alright. I was a bit preoccupied,” she tried to return the bright white smile in the handsome face above her, but couldn’t seem to bring a full force smile to her face.
Stella knew he was around here somewhere, the guy she helped in the store when he needed stainless steel plating. The guy mentioned it was for his outfit for the Renaissance fair.
The knight gave her a handkerchief and she actually blushed at the era-accurate gesture, taking the piece of tattered white cloth. It had clearly been aged with coffee, judging by the stains and the scent of coffee and laundry detergent.
Stella thanked the knight and wiped her hands before dabbing at the fabric of her skirt. She was supposed to be an elf, with the pointy ears glued to the tops of her ears and everything.
Thank God the skirt covered her feet or she’d have pointy shoes on as well, then she wouldn’t be able to walk at all. Gemma would not be too happy about that.
Just as she handed the now damp handkerchief back to the knight, he suddenly fell into a deep bow. Everyone behind him did the same, the women falling into a curtsy.

Joel couldn’t take it anymore. He stood up from his chair as the blond woman shook the last of the mead drops from her skirt. He made it to behind her as she was handing the aged, ripped pillowcase fragment back to Jeremy.
Up close she seemed familiar, the slight sweetness of her perfume teased his nostrils as he tried to remember.
The citizens in front of the woman fell into a bow and as she looked down, Joel noticed the pointy ears sticking out between thick strands of strawberry blond.
Jeremy grabbed her hand and to Joel's amusement, she pulled it away.
“My King!” he said by way of explaining his actions and Joel extended a hand to the woman, who had stumbled forward slightly when Jeremy spoke.
His hand curled around her upper arm, keeping her from tripping over her floor-length skirt. He pulled her back against him, the top of her head reaching his nose, and she stumbled back into him.

Stella felt hard leather on her shoulders as she was pulled back from falling on her face. She silently cursed the skirt before looking up. The dance floor was still weaving with couples dancing back and forth. Gemma met her gaze with an excited smile and shining blue eyes.
She felt the mass behind her move and she kept her stance as the voice she’d dreamed of the entire last night spoke.
“At ease, Lord Jeremy, subjects.” At once everyone lifted from their bows and curtsies, causing Stella to step back into him again.

The mass of people went back to what they were doing before Joel had interrupted and he turned the elf toward him. That’s when he recognized her. Her forest green eyes had him falling as hard as he did the previous day.
He'd gone into the store to remake his fucking crown. The thing had fallen apart in the care of the previous squire he had.
The stainless steel sheet had taken him ages to buy thanks to the captivating redhead with her green eyes and quick wit.
He didn’t let his composure drop as he smiled at her surprised face, a flash of desire running through her eyes.
Joel started leading her from the feeding tent and to his own large one set up at the edge of his property where he was holding the fair, it was his responsibility.
It made no difference to him, his ranch was huge compared to the rest of the clearings around him. He fit the entire fair in his backyard, creating a literal small town.
He was tempted to lead her the other way, to his house. He didn’t though.
He led her straight to his tent and she followed behind silently.
When they reached the tent, he didn’t waste any time; he pulled her against him and sealed any form of protest off with his mouth.
Thankfully, he met no resistance from her as she hungrily returned his kiss. He knew the corset and skirt combo wouldn’t be off by the time he wanted, so he walked them to the bed and pushed her up against one of the wooden posts of the mahogany four-poster bed.
Her feminine moan had his cock twitching in need behind the drawstrings of his pants.
He was barely thinking when he started bunching the layers of material that made up her skirt at her waist. Her hands were just as eager, pulling the knot of his pants loose and pushing them to his thighs.

Stella couldn’t believe what she was doing but had no intention of stopping.
For once she was grateful for deciding to go without underwear, but the folds of her skirt were wet by the time he got them over her hips.
He slid his hands under the skirt and her thighs to keep the material there as he lifted her against the hard wood and slowly slid her onto his erection.
The slow penetration had her delirious as she moaned into his mouth. Stella didn’t know his name and she couldn’t care less.
He was seated to the hilt and Stella wrapped her legs around his waist, bracing her back against the post behind her.
He broke the kiss and they both gasped for breath, chests heaving with the effort to draw air into their starved lungs. Stella met a pair of hazel eyes framed by thick, dark blonde lashes before her head fell back as he started moving.

Joel watched her eyes roll back into her head when he started moving in her tight heat. He wasn’t sure how he felt knowing she wore no underwear, but it made for easy access and the idea of his come running freely down her thighs afterward.
Elves and Royalty were not to mix at the Renaissance and he could lose his crown if anyone found out the King had an Elf in his quarters.
As the sound of skin on skin grew louder, Joel couldn’t keep himself upright anymore and moved them onto the bed without breaking contact. He covered her mouth with his just as he sat down on the bed, causing her to slide further down his aching cock.
The release was close, he could feel it by the tingling in his back and the tightness in his balls, but she didn’t seem anywhere close to where he was.
Joel lifted her hips and slammed her down onto him, extracting a small cry from her. He noticed the corset had a thin strip of metal teeth running down the front as she arched backward, her hands braced on his knees.
“Oh fuck…” the words left her lips as she rode him and he searched for the lip of the zipper at the top of her corset. Finding it tucked under a small flap of material he ripped the two halves apart, keeping a hand at her lower back.

Stella felt her orgasm draw closer as she moved her hips against him on the bed. His hand closing over the globe of her breast had her exploding around him with a strangled cry.
His hand supporting her back was a comfort as she continued riding him. The tent was filled with the sound of wet lower bodies sliding and slapping against each other combined with their moans and grunts of pleasure.
Another orgasm threatened to overtake her as he closed his lips over her needy nipple, causing her hips to jerk against him and push him deeper.

Joel let out a grunt around a lush pink nipple as she jerked against him. Both hands went to grip her hips and pounded into her dripping core, chasing his release.
They came together and Joel groaned as her body clenched around him, squeezing him for every drop he had.
As she stood up and straightened her skirt, allowing him a moment to put his flaccid cock back into his pants and pull the strings together, she spoke quietly.
“It's good to see you again. I’m Stella,” her voice held satisfaction and amusement.
“Joel. It was a complete pleasure.”

They made arrangements to meet again for a proper date, but Joel loved that Stella agreed to stay the weekend.
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