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Brother Mine

When they were eight their parents got married. Juliet's father married Forrest's mom rendering the hateful pair step-siblings.
A Hell of itself if you asked Juliet.
An excuse to get to know the infuriating girl if Forrest had his two cents.
As they got older, she’d not only succeeded in driving him more and more insane.
When she entered a room, he got hard, even when the models she called friends threw themselves on him.
They tended to compare Forrest to a bigger version of Johnny Depp in Cry Baby; long black hair, dark brown eyes, angled cheekbones, and kissable lips.
His tall, bulky frame filled a doorway at eighteen while Juliet's curvy frame barely reached five-seven.

Forrest's back straightened when she walked into the kitchen. He knew it was her by the perfume that filled the space behind him.
“Going somewhere, brother mine?” the endearment annoyed the shit out of him because as far as he was concerned they merely lived together and grew up together.
She knew he was, with his leather jacket straining over his broad shoulders as he leaned on the kitchen island. His white t-shirt stuck out like a sore thumb in his all-black ensemble. His straight-legged jeans clung to his thighs and calves and his black combat boots made him seem even more intimidating, but the tiny woman knew how to press his buttons.
“You know I am, ‘cause you’re going there too,” he drawled as she walked around him to the fridge. Her black skin-tight jeans cupped her full, round ass as her long brown hair brushed the tops of the perfect globe.
Her back arched as she reached up for a bottle of water and he salivated. When she bent down for an apple… he had to bite his cheek to keep from groaning.
Her eyes taunted him as she turned around after closing the door and leaning against it.
“You're going to Mordechai's party?” she enquired as she bit into the apple with a crack. Her dark red lipstick didn’t move an inch as her lips slid over the smooth green skin.
Her blue eyes danced behind her false lashes as she noticed the effect she was having on him.
“Yeah, I thought I’d get out,” he said. He hated the guy because he was Juliet's flavor of the month and he also knew the guy was shit in bed.
He’s been sleeping in the bedroom beside hers for the last ten years and knew her soft sounds of pleasure by heart.
Her fake “Oh, yes. Right there, Kai,” was replaced with soft genuine moans of delight after she kicked Mordechai out the window and turned on her toys.
“What? No booty call tonight?” her voice was sharp when she spoke and he looked at her quickly. Her teeth crunched into the apple as she chewed, her perfect eyebrows rising in question.
“That's why I’m going out,” he had no doubt in his mind that Juliet could hear his grunts as he pumped into a rando trying to get his mind off the woman in the room next door.
Juliet's eyes flashed at his words and she finished off the apple, deliberately licking her lips of the lingering juices.
Has Forrest had wet dreams about Juliet? Yes.
Did it happen more than twice a week? Yes.
Did he want to fuck her? Yes.
Did he think she felt the same? No.
She wore an almost see-through red shirt with a matching red camisole underneath that made her hands jealous of the bra she wore.
Even from where he was standing he could see the two sets of material straining over her large breasts. His friends liked to say they were bigger than grapefruits. He wanted to kill them for those comments.
“How’re you getting there?” he asked pushing away from the counter slightly and pushing his hand underneath to readjust himself before stepping away to look at her.
He could take her right now against the fridge and their parents wouldn’t know a thing. They were constantly busy, leaving the two of them alone. Tonight was no exception.
“Kai's picking me up after work. His brother already got the party going.” She said before wrapping her lips around the bottle and tilting her head back to allow the cold water into her mouth.
Forrest's cock twitched, volunteering to go into her mouth next, and her eyes fell on the erection, staying for a beat and meeting his again with a small smirk before lowering the bottle and licked the corners of her slightly open mouth.
“I can drive you then you can come back home with me,” he said before he could stop himself.
“With you and some bimbo? No, thanks. Besides, I’m not coming home tonight,” she said before attempting to leave the kitchen.
“The fuck you’re not. You’re not spending the night in Mordechai's house!” he said grabbing onto her arm. She pulled it from his grip with ease and glared at him.
“Watch me, brother.” That did it.
“I am not your brother,” he gritted out as he turned and grabbed her shoulders. She didn’t flinch as she met his hard gaze.
“Yes, you are,” she didn’t make a move to get out of his grip as her steely blue eyes flashed.
He didn’t think when he pulled her against his body and walled his arms around her waist, no thought occupied his mind as he brought his mouth down on hers.
The breath was slammed out of his body as she kissed him back. Her arms went around his shoulders and into his hair.
“Would a brother do that?” he demanded as he pulled away roughly.
“Yes, if he were fucked in the head,” she hissed back and he saw red. He knew she was taunting him. He felt her true feelings in her kiss and knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her.
He growled and kissed her again, roughly, making it his mission to smear the seemingly immovable lipstick she’d coated her soft and full lips with.
Her answering moan of surrender was all he needed.
He picked her up and set her down on the counter, his lips never leaving hers and he pressed her against his throbbing erection. Another moan left her and he knew she wasn’t faking.
But then, she never faked the moans during her and Mordechai's kisses.
“Would you get wet for your brother?” he taunted as he pulled away and went for her neck, sucking hard at the pulse.
He left his mark on her neck as she clawed at his leather-clad shoulders, her legs going around his waist.
Juliet drew him closer to her, her body betraying her next words.
“I'm not wet for you,” he ground into her until she moaned and bit her shoulder hard, causing her to cry out and draw his upper body against hers.
“I'm going to catch you in that lie, sis,” he hissed the last word into her ear and she turned her face into his.
“Now you’re getting with the program?” she said against his lips as he kissed her again. He bit her lower lip in response and she gasped. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and was surprised by the stud he hadn’t been aware she’d gotten.
His hands started working at the button and zipper of her jeans and she allowed him to undo the garment.
“Again, Juliet, I am not your brother,” he said into her mouth as she lifted her hips off the counter while he tugged at her jeans. They slid off easily but stuck on her boots and he put his foot in the middle and stepped the material down onto the floor.
Her thin fingers quickly had his belt, button and zipper undone and shoved them off.
Her enthusiasm belied her words.
“Do you want me, brother mine?” she asked and he grabbed her by the hair, twisting her head back. His other hand went to her hips and jerked her close until he felt the heat radiating from between her thighs.
“Call me that again, I dare you, Juliet,” he growled and her head tilted back to look at him.
“Answer me, brother,” the word was whispered but it was there.
He slammed into her extracting a loud very from his step-sister. As expected, she was dripping for him and enveloped him most deliciously.
“I've just caught you wet pussied,” he grit out looking down at her. Her hand was curled into his shoulder as he started working his hips in and out of her.
“Oh, God!” was her response as he pushed back into her.
“Who am I, Juliet?” he insisted as he thrust into her soaking core. With each hard thrust, she slid forward and back easier. Her juices were dripping onto the counter as he fucked her.
“My step-brother!” she cried and he pushed in harder.
Every time the question left his mouth and the answer wasn’t what he wanted, he thrust into her with punishing movements of his hips, his cock spearing into her.
“Who am I, Juliet?” the demand kept falling off his lips as sweat bloomed over his clothed shoulders and into his thick neck.
He knew she wasn’t faking; her face was flushed and her hair was damp with sweat, her breathing was harsh in his ear as she drew him close to her to answer him again.
“Brother,” her head fell back as he added his finger to the mix, running the pad of his thumb over the sensitive bud if the clit. Her moan had the blood pumping to his cock as his release got stuck in the shaft.
“Who am I, Juliet?” he ground out the words, biting back the orgasm that threatened to overtake him. He pushed down on her clit.
“You're fucking mine!” she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her.
Liquid squirted onto his thighs and onto the counter. Her answer sent his load into her and he jerked inside of her, burying his face in her neck.
“You're mine,” he whispered against the hickey he’d left.
They got dressed in silence and a loud knock on the door had them both jumping.
“Give me your shirt,” she said, quickly stripping off the shirt combo she wore and kicking off her boots. He licked his lips at the sight of her flawless cream skin and took off his jacket and shirt.
He threw the piece of material to her and she caught it as she stepped off her jeans.
“You don’t still want to go?” she asked, seeming unsure as she looked at him. Forrest shook his head and watched as she slipped his shirt on and grabbed a hair tie from the bucket on the counter. She walked to the door wearing only his shirt, her underwear, and her socks.
Forrest stayed where he was and heard her tell Mordechai that she didn’t feel like going and that she’d has fun with him.
The guy has the good graces to thank her for her honesty and he briefly saw the guy's blood head appear to place a kiss on Juliet's cheek.
She wished him luck with a girl he was after and closed the door.
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