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PDO (Public Displays of Orgasm)

Have you ever had the desire to just plant yourself on your boyfriend's cock in the middle of a family gathering?

Every weekend my family had a get-together where everyone's paramours would come over for a massive family-friendly movie weekend. Everyone would pile up on the spare mattresses, which my brothers were currently lugging into the room, and we'd spend the entirety of Friday night and Saturday watching comedies, actions and rom-com's.
My parents were plastered together on the couch, my father's arms around my mom's shoulders and waist, displaying their love for one another. Brandy, my boyfriend's sister and my brother, Aiden's, girlfriend for the past six years, sat beside us on the pull-out couch that Byron and I had claimed as our fortress for the night, waiting as Aiden and Carl pulled the mattresses into place and covered them with fluffy blankets and pillows.

Mary-Anne, Carl's girlfriend, stood beside the kitchen door waiting for the pot of popcorn to start popping. Thankfully I already did my part of the night and had the TV set up as well as giving the remote to my dad.

Byron slung his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into his side where I happily snuggled into him and put my head on his chest, turning onto my side. He then pulled the blankets over us, covering my shoulders and his head dipped to mine.
"Shall we continue where we left off in your room before dinner?" He whispered into my ear and warmth spread through me. Our play had been interrupted by my mother insisting we come down for dinner despite both of us telling her we weren't hungry.

Granted, Byron had been feasting on me and I on him at that very moment and we very reluctantly got dressed and went downstairs.

"How?" I whispered back and slipped my hand under his shirt onto the hard, bronzed muscled abdomen that I knew lay underneath. I felt the skin ripple under my fingers and trailed them upward, the blankets shifting ever so slightly over my roaming hand. Byron's hand slid under the blankets at my back and up under my shirt.

"We'll figure it out when it's dark," he said against my head and pressed a kiss there.

We sat together while everyone settled in and Brandy stood up from beside us to plop down beside Aiden, who immediately covered them with their own set of blankets. My parents shifted into a more comfortable position and Carl stood by to hand out everyone's choice of popcorn as Mary-Anne finished them.

They always had the mattress closest to the kitchen for that reason.

I felt my bra unlatch and looked up at Byron. He lowered his head slightly and captured my lips in a soft kiss causing my dad to clear his throat.

Despite my family's total acceptance of Byron, my father and brothers still didn't like public displays of affection such as kissing and groping. That same rule applied to my brothers.
Byron smiled sheepishly at my parents, who just smirked in response before turning their attention away.

He shifted on the couch roughly, extracting only the faintest of squeaks from the springs, and pulled me into a spooning position as Carl placed our salted caramel popcorn beside my head. I thanked him and settled in as they took their seats and switched off the light, plunging the room into darkness.
The soft blue light of the TV was the only source of illumination and our position on the couch obscured us from any light.

Soon after the movie started I felt Byron shift slightly and his hand made its way under my shirt and lifting my unclasped bra, slid his hand onto my fleshy breast.
"You're so fucking beautiful, Lina," he whispered, feeling him nudge my hair out of the way and placed kisses on my shoulder. I kept my eyes fixed on the movie but moved my hips against his, my underwear sticking to my wet folds.
His fingers pinched my nipple and I bit my lip on the gasp of pleasure. My ass pushed back against his hardening dick and he ground lightly against me.

I sighed quietly, not allowing any sound to escape my lips, as he placed his other hand on my other breast, scrunching the material of my shirt up under my chin, and squeezed them.
"So soft and supple," he murmured and nipped my ear, soothing the stinging skin with a kiss. Pinching and stretching my nipples one last time before exploring further down my stomach and lifting the waistband of my pyjama bottoms.

I gasped softly, as the sound of gunshots filled the room, and looked around at the couples strewn over the floor and at my parents. No one noticed when Byron started rubbing my clitoris, the soft wet sound reaching my ears and heightening my desire.

I wanted to turn in his arms and press my lips to his and touch him, too. He pulled me back firmly, grinding his erection against me, and bit the soft flesh of the crook of my neck.

"Shhh," he whispered as a moan quietly pushed passed my pursed lips. My juices covered Byron's fingers playing between my folds and I reached behind me, running my hand up his thigh and down between us. I brushed his rock hard erection with my fingers, causing the member to jump against me. He got the idea and extracted his hand from my aching sex and slid my bottoms completely down before sliding his own down slightly.

The hot, velvety-soft skin of his uncircumcised cock slid against my ass as he pushed forward, sending a wave of wetness between my already soaked legs.
The idea that one sound can have Carl flipping the light switch and exposing us just added to the fuel of desire running through me.

I pushed back against him, grinding my hips and felt his groan on my shoulder and the stickiness of his pre-come slide against my lower back.

I’ve been on the pill for the last four years since Byron and I started dating, and at twenty years old, we can’t get enough of the other.

He pulled back his hips slightly and grasped his cock between us, angling himself to slide between my thighs and slowly finding the entrance to my core.

He slowly worked himself in and we held our breath as one particular scene in Die Hard lit up the living room, illuminating everyone’s features.

Carl and Mary-Anne were snogging on their mattress, Brandy and Aiden were sitting extremely close to each other and my parents were unashamedly making out on their pull-out couch.

No one would notice us. They were too engrossed in each other.

He pulled my hips back roughly, seating me on his pelvis with a breathy moan.

“Fuck, I love you,” he whispered, kissing my neck softly. The anticipation of having him inside me had become so high that when he actually was, my walls clamped down on him and fluttered as I turned my head into the pillow under my head, muffling my deep moan.

“I love you too,” I whimpered as he started moving subtly. The thrusts were short and powerful as he stroked my cervix with the head of his thick cock.

I whined into the pillow as they soon became faster and uncoordinated, Byron racing to his orgasm and shooting me toward my own. His breath fanned my shoulders as he buried his head in the crook of my neck. He pushed his arm out from under the pillow and put his forearm solidly over my mouth as we both stiffened and started spasming.

I took the hint and bit down hard on the muscle as I felt my thighs shaking under the blankets. He thrust a few more times, completely emptying the last of his warm come into me and pulled out slowly.

“We're not close to done,” he said into my hair as his hand slipped from my hip to my sex.

Three movies later, I was completely sated and asleep on my boyfriend's chest in the living room with my entire family turning in for the night around us, none the wiser of what went on under the covers.
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