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Teacher's Pet

I stared at the teacher I liked to call my favourite. He taught History and looked like he belonged there himself. In the 16th Century on a throne in the middle of Europe.

His full lips moved as he spoke about the Americas in the eighteenth century in the production of tobacco in Virginia. My ears barely registered his words as they flowed through the room in his deep, soothing baritone.

His voice rose and fell, caressing the words as they fell from his lips. His dark grey eyes roamed the class and fell on me.
I sat up straighter in my chair and saw his eyes dip to my generous cleavage peeking over the top of the blue shirt I was wearing. His eyes rose to mine and they contained barely controlled lust.

At only four years older than me, Mr Settler drew every girl in his class’s attention, their eyes fixed on him.
He continued his lecture, his eyes drifting to me every once in a while, dragging up and down my upper body.
I was a generously gifted, curvy twenty-two-year-old studying History and Art. He was a dark-haired, grey-eyed god of a man.

We spent most days after class together, so it was to no one’s surprise when he asked me to stay once the lecture is over.
“Teacher’s pet,” one of the girls muttered with a sneer as she passed my desk and I paid her no mind as my eyes were glued to the man in front of the classroom.

“Ariana, thank you for staying behind,” his voice reached forward to caress my body as warmth spread through me. The class was now entirely empty and he was focused solely on me.

“No problem, Mr Settler,” I said as I stood and picked up my shoulder bag before making my way down the small steps to his desk. His eyes followed me as I walked, focusing on the sway of my hips and the swell of my thighs.

I watched as his eyes darkened further with lust and I bit back a smile. The blush creeping up my cheeks, I could do nothing about. He held his hand out to me as I reached the last few steps and I gratefully accepted, stepping off the last one and looked up at him. His grey eyes held a thunderstorm of conflicting emotions.

“How long have we known each other after class, Ariana?” he whispers, his eyes fixed on my lips. My tongue flicked out to lick my bottom lip and I swear I heard him groan.

“Since the second week of September,” I answer just as quietly, allowing my eyes to take in the too-tight shirt that clung to his chest and the tenting slacks that hugged his slim hips. I bit my lip and his thumb pulled the soft flesh from between my teeth.

“So the entire year, I’ve been waiting that long to do this,” he muttered more to himself than to me before grasping my chin and tilting my head up to face him.

He leaned down and looked into my eyes once before crashing his lips against mine in a kiss full of unbridled desire. I squeaked against the unexpected onslaught and leaned into him, my arms finding their way around his neck. He pulled my body flush with his and I could feel the evidence of his lust pressing against my stomach.

He swallowed my next moan as he pressed into me. His hand found its way under my shirt and traced the curve of my spine before deviating over my ribs, his fingers gently pushing under the material of the red and black lace bra I had decided to wear, and cupping my breast in his large palm. The hard callouses rubbed my nipple to attention as I moaned into his mouth, the sensation sending a wave of liquid desire into my matching underwear.

“You've been driving me mad this entire year, Ariana,” he growled as he broke the kiss and pushed his swollen lips against the sensitive spot below my ear. I shivered as goosebumps made their way up my body, tightening the already hard bud of my nipple and areola. He squeezed the mound of flesh in his hand causing me to groan out loud.

The sounds of students leaving the campus for the day could be heard just outside the closed, unlocked door. The knowledge that we might get caught in this very compromising position only flooded my panties further.

“Me Settler…” I moaned as his warm hand left my sensitive breast, the material of my bra now scratchy against my nipple, and I clenched my thighs together. He pushed me back until we reached his desk in front of the whiteboard and I was faintly aware of the sound of papers scattering onto the floor.

The wood bit into the backs of my thighs as he pressed me against it, leaning my backwards as he kissed his way down my chest to the top of my blue button-up shirt. He let go of me with both hands and started swiftly unbuttoning the blouse, kissing his way down as the material parted over my generous breasts.

“Harry,” he said against my stomach as he started pushing the shirt from my shoulders, kissing his way back up.

“Sorry?” I barely managed as he scooped my breasts from their lace confinements. I looked down at his dark head resting on the pale skin of my heaving chest.

“My name's Harry,” he replied before taking the light nipple in his mouth. The warmth of his tongue sent a pleasurable chill down my back and a moan cascaded from my lips. I tried to stop the cry spilling from my mouth when he bit down around my areola and my hand shot into his hair. His hand that was not keeping me from falling onto his desk moved to my other nipple and teased the taught bud into a painful bundle of pleasure.

My hands roamed over his back and shoulders before coming to rest on his chest and the thought hit me. It was only fair that if he can feel and see me that I should get to see and feel him. I started unbuttoning his shirt and impatiently pushed it down to his elbows, the material stretching tight over his broad back. He picked me up onto the desk, his mouth never once leaving my nipple as his tongue assaulted the bud, and shed the shirt completely.

He switched breasts and his free hand started sliding up my thigh. I couldn’t keep my back off the desk by myself anymore and dropped my hands onto it for support, effectively opening myself up to him.

Satisfied with the attention he paid to both my breasts he pulled away and stepped back. My already dry mouth went cotton-like at the sight of his bronzed chest and sculpted six-pack. A soft smattering of black hair graced his pecs and stomach to form a trail leading to the tent in his slacks.

Unconsciously, I drew my lower lip between my teeth as I took him in. His eyes raked over my body hungrily as I sat there, open to his gaze. He stopped at the still-covered apex of my thighs.

“Stand and strip, Ariana,” he commanded and I did as he said, unzipping my skirt at the side and dropping it to the floor as my underwear followed suit. I looked up to find him stepping out of his own undergarments and pants. He kicked his shoes off but told me to keep the knee-high black leather boots I wore on.

My breathing grew erratic as he walked forward and picked me up and placing me back on the desk, my butt barely on the edge. He knelt between my open thighs and traced his finger up my soaking slit and I saw a flicker of amused pride flitting over his face at the wetness seeping out.

In my defence, I hadn’t had sex since starting college. Unless you counted vibrators as sex.

I bit my lip and groaned as he pushed a finger into the wetness and pulled it out, I met his hungry eyes just as he placed his glistening finger into his mouth, sucking the digit clean.

“Fuck!” the word was ripped from me as he unexpectedly pushed the same finger back into my core and started pumping his hand. He kissed his way up my thigh before his lips closed around my clit extracting another harsh expletive from my lips.

“You taste so fucking good. Better than I imagined,” he said against the bundle of nerves, the vibration causing me to throw my head back and mewl like a cat. Another finger joined the first as he continued to suckle on my clit, his tongue drawing circles on the bud causing my legs to twitch on either side of his head. I could feel my orgasm start to build as he probed and prodded at my clit with his tongue and his fingers stroking my walls expertly.

“Harry! Oh, fuck!” I scream as I’m pulled apart by wave after wave of pleasure. I blushed as I heard him gasp in surprise when his hand and wrist were coated in a layer of juices.
I refused to meet his eyes when he stood up, still licking my arousal from his lips and hand.

“Ariana, look at me,” I shook my head, embarrassed. It’s what had scared my high school boyfriend into leaving me. It’s why I had to put a towel under me when I masturbated.

“Ariana, I’m not going to ask you twice.” His voice was firm and authoritative and I gave in. I met his dark, lust-filled eyes and found no trace of judgment. I didn’t allow the wave of relief to flood over me just yet as he looked over my flushed face.

“Did you know you could do that?” he asked and I nodded.
“I'm sorry, Harry. I…” he cut me off my kissing my fiercely, his arms pulling my body up off the desk and my arms wrapped around his shoulders. He shifted us around, wrapping my legs around his waist as he sat on the wet desk.

“Why are you apologising?” he asked against my lips and I pulled away and explained. I was confused as the emotions played over his face, a mixture between disbelief and rage.
“He was a boy,” he replied and kissed me again. His erect cock pressed between the wet lips of my pussy and he moved his hips, grinding against me.

Within a matter of seconds, he had both of us standing and had my back against his chest and was kissing my shoulder. The weight of his torso had me leaning forward, my hands braced against the top of the desk. His one foot pushed lightly against my own, urging me to spread my legs and I complied. Desire coursed through my veins but rationality was still at the back of my mind.

Panic flared as I felt the head of his dick press against my entrance.

“Condom!” I barely managed to gasp out and saw his hand reach around me to open the top drawer of his desk to pull out his wallet before disappearing from my view. The wallet plopped to the floor beside me and I heard the familiar crinkle of a foil packet being opened.

Then he was inside me. Gasping in surprise at the sudden fullness and the feeling of being stretched. I could feel the tip pressing against my cervix as I rocked my hips back when he started retreating. His hands gripped my hips as he started thrusting into me and retreating in short bursts.

I bit my lip and moaned his name as I felt my orgasm start to build low in my abdomen. The sounds of sex filled the classroom as our lower bodies slapped against each other and my walls clenching around his latex-covered cock.

“Oh fuck, Ari, you’re so fucking tight! You feel so good around me!” he grunted out as he pushed us higher and closer to the edge. I moaned my reply and cried out when his hand left my hip to allow his fingers to play with my throbbing clit.
“Harry!” I screamed as the wet sound of liquid splashing on the floor filled the room.

“Ariana!” he grunted as his head dropped onto my back, his cock jerking in my core as he filled the latex.

We caught our breath and he pulled out of me slowly before removing the come-filled condom and tying the end. He dropped it into the bin beside his desk before turning to me, still standing at his desk. My legs were still shaking as my juices still flowed from me with every breath.

I saw him hardening again and couldn’t help the giggle that escaped my lips.

“Get dressed and meet me at my car,” he instructed and I nodded, unable to speak, as we got dressed in silence. He had just finished drying the floor and his desk when the door opened.

“Me Settler, I’m happy you’re still here. Hello, Ms Ryan.” The Dean of the college said as he stepped into the room
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