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Kriss finally left the office building and headed straight to the women’s shelter where she helped out every day.
The place was buzzing with activity due to the long weekend coming up as she walked inside. Multiple women greeted her as she made her way to the office.
She quickly changed into the ragged pair of grey sweats she kept there as well as the darker shade tank top and pulled her blonde hair from the bun she wore for work. The ends curled under her breasts as she fluffed the strands out, running her fingers through them.
Slipping her feet into the sneakers she stowed in her bag, she made her way back into the crowded room.
That’s when she saw him. Her boss.
His tall frame towered over the women, who had stopped their bustling to stare at the very thing they were there to get away from, and his brown hair fell over his forehead. She watched Connor’s eyes scan the room, glancing over her now plain form, and he visibly sighed in frustration before turning and leaving.
She let out the breath she didn’t know she was holding and he paused in the doorway. He turned and looked in her direction and she quickly found around to head back to the safety of the office.
She barely made it into the room before the door snapped shut behind her and she felt his looming presence behind her.
“Kriss, what are you doing here?” he asked in his gruff voice and she refused to turn around. Since the day she started working for Connor Griffen, there had been an undeniable attraction between them, but it had been fought since day one. They never met outside of work and even when she delivered his files to his home office some days, she made sure to put them down and get out.
The need for her job overshadowed the desire for the man behind her.
“I volunteer here,” she replied to his question and stiffened when his hands slid her hair over her shoulders and she felt his breath on the back of her neck.
“So you can come home with me? I need your assistance with some documents,” he explained before she could decline. Work came before the shelter. Even though she knew he was using it as a front to get her into his home for a few hours.
“Sure, let me just grab my stuff,” she said and tried to step forward. His hands grasped her hips and pulled her back.
“Donate them, I’ll buy you new clothes.” He said and only allowed her to grab her phone. She sighed and allowed him to lead her out of the shelter as she called a goodbye to the manager.
He practically stuffed her in the car outside and she sat herself in the corner, unsure of the new side she was seeing of her boss.
“Mr Griffen, what project is this regarding?” she found the courage to ask. He looked over at her with a sly grin and just muttered the name of the latest pressing project. Kriss raised her eyebrows at the answer but shrugged it off before turning her body to face the window.
The drive to his home was short from the shelter as he lived a block or two away. She was extremely aware of the man beside her staring at her. The car stopped in an underground parking lot beneath one the savviest and swankiest apartment buildings. From experience she knew their next stop would be the elevator up to the penthouse on the fortieth floor.
Connor got out of the car and held his hand out to help her from the vehicle. Suddenly shy, she took it and he pulled her close to him, using her loose pants as an excuse. She gasped at the sudden intoxicating proximity of her boss as her hands grasped his muscular biceps.
He let go of her waist but kept her hand in his as he led them to the elevator. The interior was mirrored and the railing a sturdy black iron. Soft jazz echoed in the enclosed space. He pulled her in behind him and she knew it would take at least ten minutes to reach his home.
Once the door shut and he entered the code for his apartment, he pushed her up against the door, his mouth covering hers in a kiss that momentarily stunned her. In the time it took her to start responding to the onslaught he’d wrapped her legs around his waist and she could feel the heat radiating from his erection pressing against her sopping core.
“Kriss, I’ve wanted this for years and you keep evading me,” he said against her lips, moving away to her jaw and neck, licking the sensitive skin. She could only moan as she threw her head back when he nipped at her collarbone.
He set her feet down on the floor and spun them around to face the mirrors. She took in the sight staring back at her; a woman with desire flaming in her green eyes, light white-blond hair dishevelled with red lips swollen and translucent skin flushed. Behind her, Connor had the same intense expression of desire, his brown hair standing on end from her fingers and his soft lips also swollen. The sight excited Kriss more and she yelped in surprise as Connor pulled her sweats and underwear around her ankles.
He brought his face close to her pussy, inspecting the effect his manhandling was having on her, and she whined in frustration as his breath fanned her ass and sex.
“So beautifully pink and wet,” he murmured before placing a kiss on her ass cheek and plunging a finger into her weeping opening. Kriss cried out at the sudden welcome intrusion and watched him stand.
“Put your hands on the rail,” he instructed and she leaned forward, wrapping her hands around the cold iron rail. He still hand his finger buried in her core and she flushed, slightly embarrassed at the knowledge that his hand was probably soaked with her juices. Kriss moaned in ecstasy when he finally started moving his hand in and out, adding another finger a few short thrusts later.
The light indicating the floor they were on showed they were now only on the fifteenth floor. That was the last thing Kriss paid any kind of outward attention to her surroundings. Connor had started undoing his belt while his free hand still furiously pounding her sensitive flesh. The wet sound of her pussy being stimulated and her wanton cries of pleasure drowned out the jazz playing over the speakers.
She came around his hand when he freed his heavy, thick cock from his navy blue slacks.
“Fuck,” he hissed as she clamped down on his fingers, her body shuddering under the force of her orgasm. He pulled the soaking digits from her still-fluttering core and she watched him bring them to his mouth to lick them clean. His moan of approval and the way his eyes closed in delight had her sex pouring more moisture from her.
With little warning, his fingers still buried in his mouth, Connor grabbed her hips one-handed and pushed into her. Neither cared about protection as he thrust into her aching pussy.
“Christ, Kriss,” he gritted out as her walls came down around him. The hand that had been in his mouth snaked forward over her hip to settle on her throbbing clit. Kriss cried out in pleasure and pushed back against him, pulling him deeper as they watched each other on the mirror.
The sight affected both as Connor's hips started pushing into her with even more force, the tempo becoming unpredictable as his fingers played with her clit. Kriss stilled, her impending orgasm rising higher with every circle of his fingers and thrust of his hips.
“Come for me, Kriss,” he murmured, leaning forward and pressing his torso to her back. His words had her walls clenching and spasming around his dick as she came.
“Connor!” his name was ripped from her lips as she watched them reach the thirty-ninth floor. He jerked in her, spurting his seed deep into her body, before pulling out and helping her get dressed before putting his already hardening dick back into his boxers and pants.
The elevator door dinged and opened just as he slid the end of his belt into the loop.
“We’re not done with this project, Kriss.”
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