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The Best Birthday Present Ever

Authors note: this is my first attempt at writing a male x female x female scene. It's practice for the sequel of His Perfect Sub.

Adrian walked into the house, expecting his wife to be waiting for him in the kitchen with a hot meal and the gift she gave him every year, herself in one of his fantasy outfits. Last year had been Princess Laya from Star Wars. He grinned at the memory and put his briefcase and coat on the hall table before walking into the kitchen, unbuttoning his shirt.
“Honey, I’m home!” he called when he didn’t find Desiree downstairs. He had seen her car in the garage, so he knew she was home.
“In the bedroom, stud!” he heard her sweet voice carry down the stairs to him. Excitement bubbled in his stomach and his cock started hardening at the thought of what his wife of five years was planning.
He pulled his shirt from his slacks while he walked, continuing to unbutton the shirt. He pushed it down his shoulders and got to work on his pants as he made it upstairs.
He walked to their bedroom and gave his cock a few strokes as he walked through the door. Shock shot through him at the sight of his petite brunette wife clad in a schoolgirl outfit with her hair pulled into twin pigtails at the top of her head. The white shirt was tied just under her voluptuous breasts and the tie around her slender neck was loosely tied and hung between them. Her Mediterranean skin was shining under the light in the bedroom, but that wasn’t what shocked him.
What shocked him was the woman beside his wife dressed in an identical outfit. Her best friend that he had been fantasizing about having a threesome with since he met her seven years ago.
Desiree had always laughed the idea of the three-way off and Adrian had never pushed it. Now it was happening.
“Des?” his wife grinned and got up from the bed to walk to him, swaying her hips. Her one arm came around his waist and the hand of the other wrapped around his cock, pushing his out of the way.
“Happy thirtieth, baby” she said, leaning up to kiss him passionately. She stroked his cock as they kissed and finally pulled him to the edge of the bed by the member. He happily complied in walking forward and his mouth gaped open when the two women kissed. While Desiree was all honey brown, Nina was the opposite. She was tall and blonde with striking blue eyes and small tits.
Adrian fisted his cock over his wife's small hand and started working their entwined hands over the hard member. Nina moaned into Des's mouth as she grabbed her small breast in her free hand over the material of the shirt. He couldn’t take his eyes off them as they started undressing one another.
The scene in front of him reminded him of the porn found on old VHS tapes. Shirts and skirts flew, leaving both women naked except for their matching red high heeled shoes. Adrian groaned as Desiree tightened her grip before letting his cock go and turned her attention to Nina.
Adrian decided it was time for him to join the party and shed his pants and boxers. He crawled onto the bed and Desiree broke away from Nina. Clearly some things had been arranged because Nina didn’t come up to kiss him as expected, instead she leaned down and took his leaking cock in her mouth. Desiree was the one that kissed him and Adrian started moving his hips against Nina’s face as he pulled Des to him. He planted a palm on her breast and squeezed the globe of fat.
She moaned into his mouth and Nina positioned herself in such a way that Des could sink her fingers into her best friend. Adrian pushed against her thighs and she spread her legs willingly for him. He slid a finger over her soaked slit before plunging his fingers into his wife's sopping core.
“Tell us what you want, baby” Desiree groaned out against his lips as he curled his fingers over her G-spot. Adrian glanced down at Nina sucking his cock like her life depended on it while her one hand played with herself.
He knew what he wanted.
“Add another finger to Nina's pussy while she continues what she’s doing.” He let out a groan as Nina pulled him to the back of his throat and gagged. The vibrations of her moan tingled as Desiree added the finger with a wet squelch.
Adrian added a third to his wife's dripping pussy before kissing her again. He shoved his tongue between her lips and groaned at the sweet tangerine taste of her mouth.
He left her mouth only to move to her breasts and licking the pebbled nipple. He loved that she was enjoying his fantasy as much as he was. His face was pressed into the soft mound and he drew the flesh harshly into his mouth, just the way she liked.
The three writhing bodies came in unison, Adrian shooting his semen down Nina's throat as she drenched Desiree's hand with her juices. Desiree came with a shuddering cry around three of her husband’s fingers.
“Nina lay on your back up on the pillows,” he barely gave the women time to recover. Adrian continued fingering his wife as she clung to him while Nina complied. Her legs dropped open of their own accord, the muscles twitching now and then, as Desiree came apart in Adrian's arm once again.
“Des, bury your face in Nina's pussy and make her come while I watch,” it was a strategic move to help his recovery time. He only removed his fingers from Des as she dropped to her hands and had to turn to face Nina, before pushing them back into the weeping flesh. Her pussy was beautifully swollen after two orgasms and he could feel the tiny flutters of her inner walls as she moved.
Adrian had never loved the woman more in his life as he sat back on his heels watching her kneel between her friend's legs and hesitantly licked the nub at the top. Nina urged her on by burying her hand in Desiree's dark hair, now loose due to their make-out session, and lifting her hips.
He was going to give Des at least twice as many orgasms as she was going to give Nina. Adrian wasn’t going to touch her friend, Des was entirely his. He knew she was curious about the experience with another woman and Nina was a bisexual. That’s why the three were perfect for this. Des could experience the feeling of another woman while Nina could receive from her friend.
Adrian watched for a few more seconds as Des grew more comfortable eating Nina, flattening her tongue over the pink folds and curling the tip curiously into the hole. Nina bucked her hips and that was Adrian's cue to remove his fingers from Desiree once again to walk to her end table and collect the dildo she kept there.
He didn’t need lube because she was dripping on the sheets beneath her as she licked and nipped at her friend's sensitive flesh. Adrian smiled seeing that she’d brought her fingers into play and was thumbing Nina's clit while her tongue penetrated the clenching hole.
He pushed he dildo into Desiree, who cried out in surprise, before slipping it up to her ass, coating the puckered hole in her juices. He then pushed his throbbing cock into her sex and she moaned as Nina cried out at the sensation.
Adrian pulled out of Desiree after a few punishing thrusts, hard enough that she had to clench the sheets beside Nina's hips to keep from falling forward, and replaced his cock with the dildo. He aligned himself with her asshole and pushed the tip into the tight ring of muscle. Desiree loved the feeling and immediately relaxed, allowing him into her.
She moaned with every inch Adrian pushed into her and Nina came on her face just as he sank into Desiree to the hilt.
Nina knew the couple well enough to know that Adrian will only allow a certain amount of touching on his wife and knew her time for coming was over.
Adrian watched as Nina moved away from Desiree's face and Desiree held herself up with her arms as she stood on all fours. Nina moved under her chest and lay on her back, one hand gripping the dildo and the other fondling her best friend's generous breasts. He grunted in approval and started moving his hips, thrusting slowly and felt Nina follow his movements a few seconds later. Retreating the dildo while he thrust and thrusting when he retreated.
Desiree moaned her approval of the rhythm as Adrian leaned forward to grab a fistful of her hair and turning her face to capture her mouth in a deep kiss. Her hair was damp in his hand and all three were covered in a fine sheen of sweat as they continued the slow pace.
Only when Desiree begged for more did Adrian and Nina increase the pace and he felt Nina reach for Desiree's clit.
“No,” he said and she stopped before bringing her hand back to Desiree's breast. He watched her tug and pull her nipples into tight peaks but it wasn’t enough to bring his sweet minx of a wife to climax. That was Adrian's pleasure to take.
He kissed Desiree's neck as he reached around her body, his wrist brushing Nina’s hand on the dildo, and put two fingers on her swollen clit. She moaned in appreciation of the attention to the bud and pushed her hips back against his, pushing him deeper into her ass.
He started rubbing the bud in tight circles, matching the pace with his cock as Nina tried to match it with the dildo. He knew the rhythm was now out of sync and leaned the full weight of his torso on Desiree's back as he took his hand from her hip and pushed Nina's hand off the toy to grasp it in his own, quickly bringing Desiree back to where he wanted her; a whimpering, moaning mess.
Nina took the hint and climbed off the bed to splay herself in the chair beside the end table. Adrian only briefly saw her push two fingers into herself as her other hand rolled her clit between her fingers.
His attention fell back onto his wife as Desiree climbed the peak to orgasm higher with every thrust. Her next high pitched moan came along with a tight clench of her walls, pulling a curse from his lips as he started losing control.
“Adrian! I’m going to come, baby!” she screamed in warning just as her body clenched around him and he felt her juices squirt over his thighs and abdomen. Only then did he let go, he pushed up off her back and gripped her hips, thrusting into her harshly as he heard Nina climax. He groaned and leaned forward again, running his fingers over her swollen clit once more and she cried out in orgasm again.
He smiled and bit the soft flesh of her neck and felt her clench around him again, her pussy now freely squirting with every roll of his fingers and Adrian let go. His hips jerked against his wife's ass as she collapsed onto her forearms, breathing raggedly as she continued to orgasm with him.
After a few minutes he pulled out and they thanked Nina for her time.
“Any time, lovelies.” She grinned before giving them a wave and leaving the room after getting dressed.
Adrian kissed his wife deeply.
“Thank you so much, sweetheart. I love you,” she smiled and kissed his cheek.
“I love you too, baby. I hope you enjoyed it,” he chuckled at her words and kissed her again.
“Oh, I definitely did.”
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