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My Best Friend's Father (Part 1)

Author's note: This one kind of ran away from me. I loved writing it, enjoy!

I gazed around Michaela's twenty-fifth birthday party and rolled my eyes at the drunken bodies writhing in the living room. Naturally, I couldn’t find her anywhere and I knew her bedroom was occupied. The Hillard family home was massive and her father let her get away with anything.
I was over the whole party scene and only came because I could see Leonard Hillard, her dad. He was always around when she had her parties if only to break up the fights when they broke out occasionally or to send everyone home when it got too late.
For the last six years, we've been playing a game of hard to get with each other; I’d succumb and he'd pull away and vice versa. Yes, he was old enough to be my dad but that man could still carry a conversation.
Tonight, I was hunting him down. I was twenty-six for fuck's sake and planned on getting into his pants. But first, I headed out to the lawn rummaging in my purse of the baggy holding my joint and lighter.
I found a tree away from the house, away from the loud thumping of the music, and looked up to Mick's bedroom. Sure enough, the shadows in the window were moving rhythmically and I feared that she’d be thrown out when her body was pushed up against the curtain-covered glass.
I shook my head in disdain and put the spliff in my mouth, lighting the end. The red-hot end burned as I inhaled the grape-flavored smoke. I turned my back on the house and ran my hand over the dark purple velvet dress I chose. It came to the middle of my thigh and was a bit shorter than I usually wore but the clunky heels I wore made it look like it barely covered my butt.
I wore my multi-colored hair loose around my shoulders and knew my dark makeup looked killer. I smiled to myself rather seductively as I leaned against the rough bark of the tree.
“May I join you?” I didn’t need to turn around to know who stood behind me. His husky voice gave it away and I nodded, holding the joint out to my side. His hand came down on the small of my back as the other took the jay from me.
“Why are you out here by yourself, Gina?” he asked coming to stand in front of me. I gave him a lazy smile and watched his luscious lips wrap over the dark imprint of my lipstick, licking my lower lip slowly.
The only light was the ember of the joint glowing between us as he handed it over.
“Mick decided to fuck off with one of her toys, I was going to come find you after this. Looks like I don’t need to anymore,” I said taking a drag of the joint and blowing the smoke to the side.
He snorted and I saw his eyes glint in the ember's light as he looked over my shoulder. He quickly looked away and I turned my head to look, handing the jay to him. The curtains had come open and I could see her breasts clearly as they bounced. Oh, she was with Teddy. Her boyfriend of the week.
“Switch places?” I suggested and I saw his silhouette shake its head.
“No. I’ll focus on you, instead,” I laughed at his words and leaned back against the side of the tree. I handed him the joint and watched as he deftly flicked the ash off. He took a deep drag before looking at me and pointedly exhaled in my face.
“So you were planning on holding out on me?” he lifted the joint in explanation and I laughed again.
“Just the one,” I shrugged and Leonard took a step closer to me. I stood my ground and he put the joint to my lips, his middle and forefingers pressing gently on my lipstick as I wrapped my lips around the tip and inhaled.
I slowly drew the calming smoke into my lungs as he wrapped his arm around my waist, drawing me further into the shadows of the treeline.
“I’m old enough to be your father,” he said softly before taking a drag himself, keeping his arm around my waist.
“Thank fuck you’re not,” I replied boldly, exhaling as I spoke and his eyes followed my lips.
“This back and forth has been going on far too long. What do you think Michaela would think if she found out her daddy wanted to fuck her best friend senseless?”
His words had my breath hitching. He admitted it. Even Mick had picked up on the sexual tension between us and had given me her blessing a few years ago.
“What would you think if I told you she already said it was okay?” I shot back. She even joked about how fun it would be if I were her step-mother.
We shared the last drag and he put the only light source out on his shoe and put us in the darkness.
“I would take advantage in a heartbeat,” he whispered bringing me close to his toned body. I would drool over him whenever he would join us at the pool and he’d take his shirt off. For a forty-five-year-old he was perfect. Not ripped but toned in all the right places with a V line that led somewhere only to be imagined.
“Then do it,” I replied, my heart jumping to my throat. The words weren’t cold before his lips covered mine in a desperate kiss, his arm tightening on my waist as the one holding the roach dropped it and found its way into my hair.
My hands moved to his shoulders as I arched into him, kissing him back. His tongue demanded entrance to my mouth, which I happily granted by opening my lips ever so slightly. I groaned at the first touch of his tongue against mine.
He pulled away, both of us breathing heavily, and even in the darkness, I could see the smear of my lipstick against his mouth.
“Let's go inside,” he murmured as he slowly let me go. I lingered against the warmth of his body, the hardness of his erection pressing against my hip. He groaned when I shifted my hips to move away and captured me against him again.
“I won’t be able to resist much longer, Gina. The choice is yours; I fuck you against this tree or in my bedroom.” I grinned and leaned up to lick his bottom lip.
“How ‘bout both?” I said as I pressed against him, placing a kiss on the scratchy stubble of his jaw and neck. The friction felt delicious against my kiss-swollen lips. He groaned in response and the next thing I knew my back was against the tree and my legs wrapped around his waist.
“You keep tempting me into doing something I shouldn’t. After this, there is no turning back. You’re mine. Do you understand that Gina?” he growled as he pinned me to the tree, the bark digging into my shoulders.
Behind us, the yard was slowly filling up with my college mates as they started needing air.
“Yes,” one of his hands, that was cupping my ass, pushed my dress up over my hips and he moaned as he brushed his thumb over my waxed mound.
“Are you on the pill?” he asked as he pushed his sweatpants down, freeing his straining cock.
“IUD,” I replied and he sighed in relief before pushing my underwear aside and slamming into me. I cried out as he entered my soaking core and the sounds of people having fun never ceased.
“I’m not going to be gentle, Gina,” he whispered against my ear as he thrust into me harshly. I could already feel the burning of my impending orgasm before I answered.
“I don’t want you to be,” it came as a moan as I dropped my head to his shoulder, burying my face in the crook of his neck. I felt him swell inside me as he grunted his pleasure in taking me against a tree.
We came together and my teeth sank into the hard muscle of his shoulder as my inner walls clenched around him, spilling my juices over his cock. He grunted into my neck as he came, spurting his hot come into me and coating my walls.
Footsteps drew closer to the tree and we stayed huddled together. I could feel him hardening inside me and I took the opportunity to kiss him just as one of Teddy's friends walked past us.
Once he was passed, Leonard pulled out of me and put me on the ground. My legs shook and come flowed down them as I rearranged my underwear and dress. Once we were presentable enough, we walked out of the shadows hand-in-hand. We didn’t draw much attention as we crossed the lawn or made our way upstairs. Only Teddy looked at us briefly as he crossed the hall from the bathroom to Michaela's bedroom, wearing only a thong with an elephant trunk.
Leonard snorted and shook his head as we made our way through the crowded hallway to his bedroom. He had the sense to lock the door before he went outside, and unlocked it quickly.
He opened the door and we walked inside. Briefly, I could see the side of the tree where we were just a moment ago through his window and I had my answer to how he knew where I was.
The door was barely closed before he had me pinned up against it. This time, though, his hands went to the zip of my dress and pulled it down. I shrugged the dress off my shoulders and stepped out as it fell to the floor. Leonard looked me over in the faint light of his bedside lamp, his eyes dark with desire. He pulled off his shirt, in reciprocation to my half-naked state. My eyes wandered down his body to the member that still had my thighs trembling.
“Do you want a taste?” he asked and pushed his sweats over his straining erection. You wouldn’t say he’d come five minutes ago by the coloring of the member. Purple and red with thick veins running along the shaft.
“Yes, I do, Mr Hillard,” he groaned at my words and I dropped to my hunches as he stepped forward. He pushed his sweats down slightly and placed the angry red tip of his cock against my lips and I licked the pre-come beading at the slit. I could taste the lingering sweetness of myself on him as I slowly took him into my mouth.
I took him inch for inch as the seconds passed. He made a frustrated sound at the back of his throat as I resisted his hand pushing the back of my head and the thrusting of his hips.
“Fuck, Gina. You’re killing me here,” he groaned and pulled my hair gently. I finally gave in to what he wanted and took all of him at once, taking him by surprise.
”Oh fuck!” his hips jerked as he hit the back of my throat suddenly and I allowed the gag, that threatened, to break free. I grabbed his ass with one hand and fondled his balls with the other while bobbing my head up and down on his cock.
He groaned and grunted his pleasure, the sounds flipping the switches to heighten my own and I looked up at him. His head was thrown back and his eyes squeezed closed while his hips thrust into my mouth.
As though feeling my gaze, he opened his eyes and looked down at me. I felt him twitch between my concaved cheeks and knew the sight of my legs bent and spread open for him to see my dripping pussy through the white lace of my underwear, while tears ran down my cheeks as he fucked my mouth turned him on further.
His hand tightened in my hair and after a few hard, rough thrusts, his hips jerked and I watched his head fall back as he emptied himself into my mouth. I waited to swallow until he met my eyes once more and licked my lips clean. He pulled me up roughly by the hair and kissed me, groaning when he tasted himself in my mouth.
After a few seconds of frantically trying to inhale one another, Leonard pulled me to his king-size bed and pushed me down on the soft mattress. I fell back and bounced once, using the momentum to sit up and reach behind me to unclasp my bra. I pulled the material off my breasts and threw the piece of clothing to the side.
He growled and pushed his sweats off his hips and thighs, leaving him completely naked under my hot gaze. He gave me a second to take him in before crawling onto the bed and taking both breasts in his palms.
I groaned as my nipples brushed between his fingers as he squeezed the generous globes. Suddenly, his hands left my breasts to reach behind me. I felt the cold gust of wind as he dropped two pillows on those behind me and hauled me up like I weighed nothing until I felt the cool material of the four pillows against my heated skin.
He then straddled my thighs and returned his hands to my breasts, leaning down to capture the nipples individually before sucking both into his mouth. I had started moaning the moment his mouth closed over one nipple but the sensation of both being stimulated by his tongue had me crying out and squirming underneath him.
“Oh God, Mr Hillard,” I moaned as my hands shot into his hair, to push him closer to pull him away I didn’t know.
“I know you’re no virgin, Gina. I could hear you come when you slept over here with some boy at Michaela's parties,” he muttered against my breasts, burying his face between them as his hands pressed them together.
“You'll forget them by the time I’m done with you,” he let go of my breasts to put his hands under my lower back and put me onto my back, he was now straddling my waist. His hard cock was within my reach if I lifted my head and I licked the tip, causing him to hiss in a breath.
“Oh no, it’s your turn now,” he leaned down and grasped my chin in his hand, forcing me to look at him. I was too taken with lust and desire that I didn’t care what he did to me as long as it was him. I couldn’t answer coherently when he asked me if I understood that I belonged to him after tonight.
“Gina, I need your verbal consent,” he said quietly as he looked at me lovingly. I took a deep breath to steady myself
“Yes, I understand,” it was a repeat of the brief conversation against the tree, but I understood why. I was a good nineteen years younger than him and have been his daughter’s best friend for even longer. He and his ex-wife had seen me grow up beside Mick. When she left when we were thirteen, I had felt sorry for him and he’d seen me go through the most awkward stage of puberty until I was fifteen. He'd seen me grow up.
“Good,” was all he said before he moved to kneel beside me and slowly took my underwear off. They left wet streaks on my thighs as he pulled them off and threw them carelessly to the side. His hands grasped my ankles, leaving the deep purple shoes on, and slid his hands over my calves, knees and thighs before parting my legs. We didn’t speak as he leaned down to kiss me again and I felt him shift to sit between my open thighs. His hands found their way to my sex and one went to pay attention to my clit while the other slid between my soaking folds.
My hips jolted as warmth pooled in my stomach and started spreading outward as he slowly circled my clit. His fingers between my legs slid up and down, avoiding my entrance that opened every time he passed. He worked me into a moaning mess like that before two thick fingers plunged into my dripping core. I could feel my juices running between my ass cheeks.
He'd long since sat up to look at me as he pushed his fingers into me, raising my hips to meet his hand as my head thrashed on the pillow.
“So beautiful and sexy,” he murmured as he leaned down slightly to suck on my aching nipples. I cried out and grabbed my breasts as he moved away, twisting and pulling my nipples as his fingers continued their harsh pace.
I didn’t have any warning when his fingers curled upward to stimulate my G-spot. The warmth that had been building for the last ten minutes exploded and I felt hot liquid squish past his fingers and onto the sheets.
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