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My Best Friend's Father (Part 2)

I watched, delirious with desire, as Leonard pulled his fingers from me and crawled up my body. He planted a kiss on my lips as he settled his weight on me and I groaned, needing to feel him inside me.
I ran my hands up his chest and over his back, feeling the muscles tense as he retreated his hips slightly. I felt the head of his swollen cock press against my opening and I pushed my hips down, trying to push him in.
He chuckled and kissed me again, pushing his tongue between my lips and I moaned as he pushed it against mine. He distracted me enough with his mouth that when he did slide his cock between my folds and into my core, the cry I uttered was swallowed.
I soon became an incoherent mess as he thrust into me roughly. Due to my head thrashing from side to side from the pleasure coursing through my body, his mouth clasped around my nipple sending me barrelling over the edge of pleasure with a scream.
Letting me ride out my orgasm he continued thrusting until I calmed down, then pulled from me and spinning me onto my stomach and raised my hips into the air. I moaned loudly when he grabbed my hips and slammed into me. The wet sound of our bodies slapping together along with our combined moans filled the room, drowning out the thumping music from downstairs.
“Come for me, Gina,” he grunted as his thrusts became erratic. I reached under my and circled my clit a few times, feeling the head of his cock through my cervix and came around him with a shuddering cry. He followed me over the edge, squirting his seed deep into my belly.
We stayed in that position for a few seconds, catching our breath before he pulled out with a kiss to my sweaty back.
I sank down on the bed, letting my arms fall beside me, and he lay down beside me before pulling me onto my side to face him.
I threw an arm around his waist and snuggled into him like I’ve wanted to do for the last six years.
“Do you want to have a shower and spend the night?” he asked against my shoulder and I nodded with a small smile. He got off the bed and walked over to me before scooping me up off the bed and carrying me to the adjacent bathroom. I slung my arms around his neck and buried my face in the crook.
He smelled incredible and I licked the salty skin causing him to groan and tighten his arms around me. Halfway to the bathroom, he stopped as we passed the very window he’d watched me from. The dim light in the bedroom and semi-darkness outside allowed me to see the lawn spread below.
Michaela and Teddy were standing there, chatting with some of our friends. Leonard put me down and turned my back to his chest as we watched the party continue. He walked us forward until my entire front was pressed against the full-length window, my breasts pushed against my chest, and he spread my legs with his knee.
I moaned in anticipation as he entwined his fingers with mine and brought our hands to shoulder-height. His body pressed mine flush to the window as he slid his erection between my legs, teasing my core.
I whined when he started moving his hips but not pushing in. On his next forward push, I pressed my hips back and he sank into me with a groan.
He pushed in as far as the position would allow and pressed his chest against my back, his lips against my ear.
“Look at my daughter interact with your friends. It seems she’s looking for you,” he whispered as he started moving his hips. He kept the thrusts short and slow as we watched Michaela and Teddy look around the yard.
I moaned as their eyes skimmed the window and saw Teddy lean down to whisper something in her ear. Leonard let my hands go and told me to keep my palms to the glass as his hands started roaming my body. One went to my breast, pulling the nipple between his fingers and sending a wave of liquid to my sex.
“Let's see how long it takes them to realize you’re the one up here with me,” he said as he kissed my neck and shoulder. I didn’t care about Michaela finding out as I watched them squint at the window. The light was dim enough to cast our features in shadow but bright enough to show the actions being executed.
I threw my head back against his shoulder as his other hand found my clit and pushed between my folds, teasing where we were joined. A cry left my mouth as I came around him, the tip of his cock spearing my G-spot with every thrust. He hand left my breast momentarily to flick on the light beside the window, allowing anyone who happened to look up to see us.
His hand returned as he quickened his pace and I knew my expression was one of utter bliss as he started rubbing my clit. My breasts, covered in a sheen of sweat, started rubbing up and down on the warmed glass with every thrust creating delicious friction.
“Gina, look down,” he whispered in my ear and I opened my eyes to see Michaela and Teddy staring at the window with their jaws on the floor. The entire lawn full of people were slowly turning to watch Leonard fuck me against the window and the knowledge that everyone there knew that I was his and he was mine had me spiraling into an orgasm so intense it wet the window in front of me.
“Everyone knows that you’re mine. There is no turning back,” he said as he turned my head and captured my lips in a soul-searing kiss. His hips jerked a few times as he coated my walls with his seed.
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