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Do It Again

Cameron’s eyes searched the arena around him from the ring, looking for her. She was always here. Watching him from the side and cheering him on. His manager's daughter. Beverly.
She was off-limits to every fighter Marvin had on his roll.
When he couldn’t find her by the time the bell dinged, signaling the entrance of his opponent, Cameron sighed. He might just lose this fight.
Cam faced his opponent, nicknamed the Eradicator, and rolled his eyes. The guy was scrawny and didn’t have much muscle, which meant the fucker was fast. Cameron, nicknamed The Wrecker, was all muscle but he was quick. He needed to keep an eye on the guy and not allow the blows to overshadow his rationality.
The guy was spitting taunts at Cameron but he ignored his whiny voice and searched for her one last time. Finally, he caught the flash of her red hair at the locker room door. Her skimpy outfit had her fitting in perfectly with the groupies hanging around there. He grinned when he saw her looking at him and she winked.
The referee made his way into the caged-off ring and demanded a fair fight. Both fighters agreed and he yelled the start of the fight.
As expected, Eradicator feigned to the right and Cam went left, catching him in the ribs with a large fist. The air left the scrawnier man's lungs with a whoosh as he tried to lunge at Cam.
Cameron had seen his lucky charm of the last twelve fights he fought and nothing could stop him from grabbing the guy in a chokehold and putting him to sleep.
The fight ended in one round and his winnings were stuffed into his hand as he passed his manager. He grinned at the man who thumped him on the back in pride and walked to the locker room. Beverly had disappeared at some point during the fight.
Cameron sighed in disappointment as adrenaline coursed through his veins, the mere thought of her making his cock throb with need. He walked to the locker room and made his way to his locker. He took his towel from it before making his way to the shower he always used.
The shower smelled strongly of disinfectant and Cameron nearly dropped his towel when he pulled the flimsy material to the side.
A slow smile spread over his lips as he hung the towel on the hook beside the towel and stripped slowly, he reached over his head and pulled his shirt up and over and dropped the material on the floor under his towel before getting to work on his boxing shorts. He tugged the knot keeping the ties together loose and felt the material loosen slightly around his hips before pushing them down.
Beverly's eyes widened as his cock sprang free, hard as a rock and leaking, and she twisted the hot water knob. Cameron took the time to take in her naked frame as she stood away from the warming water. Her perky tits lifted as she breathed and were tipped with rosy pink nipples, begging for his tongue to trace them. Her trim waist would become invisible when he put his large hands on her. His eyes made their way to the v between her legs and he licked his lips at the sight of the dark patch of neatly trimmed curly hair.
So she wasn’t a natural redhead. No matter.
Cameron stepped into the steaming stall and added some cold water before reaching out for her. She came willingly into his arms and tilted her head up for the kiss he planted on her plump lips.
He wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed her sweet mouth and hardened further when she moaned against his mouth. The locker room would fill up fast after the next fight and he knew he couldn’t take his time as much as he wanted to explore her lithe body at his own leisure.
He pushed her up against the wall, keeping his back to the shower curtain and placed his hands under her thighs and lifted her up and wrapping her legs around his waist.
“Fuck Cam, I’ve wanted you since you started working for my dad,” she groaned as he placed open-mouthed kisses over her neck and shoulder.
“Yeah? Are you ready for me, Bev?” he murmured seductively even as his heart beat a mile a minute in his chest at her admission. Three years to the day.
She moaned in reply and he positioned her as her hands dug into his shoulder and scalp. He slammed into her seeping core and groaned in pleasure, feeling the warmth of her pussy wrapping around his pulsing cock.
She cried out at the feeling and Cam was encouraged to start moving his hips faster, thrusting hard into her welcoming heat.
“Do you like the thought of being caught with me, Bev?” He demanded and she moaned, throwing her head back against the tile. Her eyes were hooded as she looked at him, her body moving up and down against the wall as he fucked her.
“Yes! Fuck me hard, Cam,” she whimpered and he heard the locker room door open, the sounds of a cheering crowd overpowering the scream that ripped from Beverly when he quickly lifted her off his cock and turned her to face the wall before slamming back into her body.
Grabbing one of her hips with his hand, he clamped the other over her mouth as she started moaning his name in time with his hard thrusts.
“How many fights have I won, Bev?” he asked in her ear and she moaned the answer.
“Thirteen,” he thrust his hips in a sharp upward motion and his palm vibrated with her cry.
“And what does that mean, Bev?” he demanded, wanting the answer from her. She’d made him the promise when he just started, that she would be his after winning thirteen fights in a row. He had the same deal with her father when he agreed to fight for him.
“I’m yours,” she gasped out and he let his control go. He pressed her body against the cold tile as he thrust his hips furiously, driving into her unforgivingly and extracted screaming moans from her as she clenched around him. He felt her orgasm near and took the hand from her hip to rub her swollen clit.
“You’re mine, Bev. Only mine.”
Her head dropped back against his shoulder as she came with a stinging cry against his hand over her mouth. Cameron kept his pace up, working himself to his own orgasm in her body and he turned her head and captured her lips before a sound could escape.
The men's locker room was now full of fighters with adrenaline pumping through them and a sound like that will draw a crowd to the stall like bees drawn to sugar.
Cameron swallowed every moan she gave him as he pushed her to another orgasm before emptying himself in her with a grunt and a final thrust of his hips.
“That was…” he silenced her with a kiss as he pulled out and turned her to face him again.
“I know,” he said against her lips and she smiled before wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Do it again,” she whispered against his lips and he chuckled, happily complying to her request and lifted her before sinking into her again.
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