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Jezabel has always been the innocent brown haired woman. Five years on and she is the opposite. Opinionated, unpredictable, hard to catch and the least expected. A dominatrix. Jeck has moved on and has a new submissive, so what if old combines with new and the pair see each other again. Could Jeck win Jezabel back or will she fight fire with fire? Read to find out. Let the games begin. Dominant vs Dominatrix.

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
4.6 5 reviews
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Chapter 1

Welcome let the fun begin.

Book order is as follows:
Conflicting minds
Dantes Possession
Societa Oscura
Bright screws
Pre Robernero discomfort
Two worlds
Senza Cuore
Kenzo-Teenage years
Ryder-seperate series

Seperate-The Societa Oscura princess

A woman with power. There's nothing more dangerous. I was a girl who grew up in a religious family, left for university and met the most dangerous family in the world and managed to escape. Surely that says something about my character.

I look the same. I've only aged five years, secured the top spot in my work environment and become a dominatrix. Yes, I'm a dominatrix because why shouldn't us women have power? Why should we be controlled by men?

We shouldn't!

I went to training and after four years I was stronger than ever. I understood the dominant mindset and I'm still learning but I know what I'm doing this time. I'm not blindfolded literally. I attend a different BDSM club to the Roberneros but there's one event in particular I'm looking forward to and that's tonight.

All BDSM clubs coming together for one night only and guess who I'm going to be seeing. Yes, you've guessed right. The Roberneros.

"Belle!" Cara shouts at the top of her voice. Can that girl get any louder? Yes, I know that we have a party to attend and no I'm not ready to leave yet. I still have to apply my lipstick. It's not my fault that she gets ready in under twenty minutes is it really?

Yes Cara is a submissive. She's the one who dragged me back into it but I decided no I'm going to be the one in charge. Yeah how wrong I was about that statement. Aron is the one who decides not me.

Anyway, I brush my long straight brown hair and roll my eyes in the mirror. I know what your thinking. Cliché start to the story but where else was I supposed to start it? The last five years of my life have been the same and boring if I'm frankly honest with you. Working, university and then training and that wasn't exactly a fun experience. I had to remove all of my insecurities and I had to break out of my own cucoon. That's not exactly the book type I want to read now is it? So why would you?

This is where the fun begins. The night I meet eyes with Jeck Roberneros again and I know that it's going to happen. Every dominant and submissive will be attending this event. That includes the man I threw out of my life like I would toss a fly out of my big bay window but I'm not afraid.

I passed him the keys back to his house within a year. I was already in training by then. I'm not exactly sure why I even went in the first place but here I am now. Black thigh high leather heeled boots that I can walk in like a professional. Now the corset I'm wearing is tight and revealing. My boobs are pushed up, boom in your face. Fabulous and will make any man dribble. It's also leather. Wink wink. Then add my weave leather snake tail whip to it. Ouch but it leaves the skin crisp and toasty.

Why did I turn into the person I was afraid of? You may be asking. Well I'm not exactly sure why. I guess that I wanted to take a glance into their lifestyle and figure them out. I only ended up digging myself deeper into the area I don't like too much. Pain. The amount of pain I had to endure wasn't very fair, but when a leather whip kisses your ass, you learn how to hold one correctly.

"Come on. Dean will be coming for me soon if I don't arrive on time. You should know this. Since you're one of him." Standing up, I stare at myself in the mirror. Looking hot there Belle. Looking fucking good.

Grabbing my whip, I switch the lights off and make my way down the stairs.

"Oh shit. You are the fire tonight." Cara tells me in her girly pink dress. Yeah she's a daddy's girl. Luckily for her, her daddy trusts me to get her there. Why wouldn't he? I'm a dominatrix and I have my own submissive. I would never allow anything to happen to her. Ever.

I wink at Cara grabbing my keys at the bottom of the stairs.

"Where does Dean want to meet you?"

"The entrance." I nod my head and open up the front door watching as Cara walks out with her pink tails. Cute.

"I just need to stop off. I need to collect Aron from his house." Cara nods her head and I walk out to my car. She climbs in the passenger seat as I go back to the house to lock it up after opening the door for her.

Yes I passed my driving test and yes I have my own car. I had a lucky streak and managed to secure a job as an accountant. Funny huh.

Opening my car door, I slam it behind me and glance over at Cara.

"Seat belt." She nods and pulls it across her chest before I pthe place my whip down in my door pocket and start driving.

Stopping outside Arons, I find him sitting on the step outside his front door. Leaving the ignition on, I slide out of the car and walk to the boot. Lifting it up, I open up a black box. His collar. I smile picking it up.

"Good evening Aron. Can you come over to me." Aron nods and runs to me like an excited puppy.

"This collar is to show that you belong to me for the night. Anything you want to say?" Shaking his head, he looks excited as I brush his brown hair back with my finger tips. I grin and secure the collar around his neck before opening the back passenger door on my side. He slides in and I secure his seat belt in place. Closing the door, I get in the car and drive away from his house.

Let the fun and games begin.
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