His Daddy

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β€œKyle! This isn’t right! Let go of me!” I snap β€” attitude surging through me before I can think twice. His hand is feeling my entire torso without regard; rough and strong as he palms my crotch with the other β€” making me hard almost instantly at the contact. The rush of blood to my cock makes me dizzy and confused as Kyle reaches his hand under the waistline of my jeans. I suck in a breath and weakly pull at his wrist; making a sad attempt of getting him to stop. β€œI’m going to spoil you Asher...” he breathes, eyes trained on me as he jacks me hard and quick. I’ve never felt simultaneously disgusted and turned on. It’s so uncomfortable and humiliating but I want more. I crave more. β€œPlease...” I whine. Hoping that I can somehow convince him to see reason and to see that this is all wrong. He chuckles and leans in close as he continues to pull at my dick. β€œYou’re everything I’ve ever wanted Asher. You make me feel alive. I love your mother, I do. But she doesn’t make me feel the things you make me feel...” he mutters against the soft flesh of my neck before he bites down. I wince and try to twist free but it just hurts even more as I move. I suddenly feel a bigger wave of anger, disgust, and confusion hit me. Not because of what he’s doing β€” but because part of me likes what he’s doing.

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p r o l o g u e | edited 01/13/2021

OVER the years, I've learned that life can change in an instant. In just the blink of an eye or within the snap of a finger your somewhat perfect life could come crashing down on you like a bag of bricks.

When my mom first broke the news to me, I couldn't believe the words that had come out of her mouth.

I remember thinking that there was no way that it could have been true. I thought to myself that it was just another one of her stupid tricks. But later that night, as I sat on our front porch waiting for him to come home out in the cold and hours had passed and it was then that it finally dawned upon me that my dad wasn't coming home.

I would never see the man that I loved with all my heart again.

The man who comforted me and helped me when I felt down.

The man who would do anything to make me happy.

The man who had once been my best friend.

Things only began to go downhill from there. I fell into a deep depression. My grades in school began to drop and I got into fights with random kids in my class.

I went from being one of top students in my classes to the pile of shit at the bottom and at just the age of nine I self-harmed and even started drinking and doing drugs. I felt like I had no will to live and no one to look up to or depend on.

Not even the woman who brought me into this miserable, cruel world.

Truth be told, my mother and I never had a strong connection. Not even as a kid, did she ever take interest in me. It's like I was living with my father and a complete stranger.

At first, it hurt to know that my mother didn't care much for me like my father once did but as months went on and I got older, I had got used to the neglect.

It was as time went on that my mom's true colors began to show and I found out how much she hated my dad. Yes, there had been times where they would constantly argue and fight but I didn't know her hate for the man she married could be so strong.

Not even a month after my father's funeral did my mother start to bring her flings home. It was always a different man, every night. She had even asked her boss if she could have a month off from work, using the death of my father as an excuse so she could sleep around like the disgusting, horrible woman she was.

It was hard getting even an hour of sleep when all I heard through the night were the sounds of her high-pitched screams and moans echoing throughout the house. It made me despise her with all of my being.

It was only after my fourteenth birthday that my mother stopped being the whore she was and begun paying little attention to me. It was odd, having small talk with her and joining her when she had errands to run or people to meet. I never questioned it of course and she never told why she had a sudden interest in me.

Years went on and not once did my mother bring any of her flings over. That is until one night, a few days after my seventeenth birthday, when she came home, holding hands with a man I had never seen before.

He was tall, about 6'5 and more on the younger side. It didn't seem like he was much older than me, probably about five years or so. I was a bit confused as to why she had led him into our kitchen instead of her bedroom like she usually did.

It was when I found them in our kitchen, giggling like two teenagers in love that I realized that something was definitely going on with them.

But I didn't realize that this man would soon become a big part of my life....

until I saw the big diamond on her left ring finger...


author's note

Alright! Here is the first (edited) chapter of His Daddy! Although it's not much, I hope you like this version more than the other.

The edited version of chapter two will be out soon so prepare for that!

Take care of yourselves <3 I love you all

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