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Adira is a sharp-tongued and quick witted submissive that enjoys making every mans life she gets paired up with a living hell. Can Damien change her to make her something she hasn't been in a long time, or will she have to live with the pain of her virginity being stolen by a man she didn't know?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

My name is Adira and I am 23, single and a VERY bratty Sub. In case you are wondering, I don't have any parents. I was an orphan and wasn't fostered by any family. I guess I was a bratty kid too!

Anyways, people would bid all around the world for me. They had news that they could handle a bratty girl, but not even two days later, I am already back.
The farther someone had gotten was spanking. I only let them do that so they get some form of obedience as a Dom.
I always piss them off. I am no virgin. I was raped by an older boy when I was 15. Not even Cassidy knows this. And now that time has passed, I can't trust any man.
There is no reason not to trust the Dom's that paid for me, but I like to be in charge. And also, the main reason is, they don't treat you with enough respect. The only thing they want is to be in charge of a woman to satisfy their own needs.
I am the A&C's (the auction place) most requested competitor. I make them a lot of money, although I should give them a chance, I almost don't have a obedient side. ALMOST.
I do this for fun. Not the money.
They would do an auction each week. The people that were bought would come back a month later.
I hated men ever since the day that boy made sex a bad thing. I can't stand it anymore.
My goal is to show these fuckers that they don't get what they want.
I also want to show them that just because they have a higher place on the grid, doesn't mean the people on the lower grid have no power.
So now is the auction time. It is currently 7:02pm. We start at half past 7. We get in the changing rooms and put on our dresses and masks.
"Hey girl! You look beautiful!" I turn around to see Cassidy. She was also an orphan.
"Girl please! Have you seen yourself? Absolute princess!" I compliment and she does a little spin, giggling.
"Do you think?" She asks self consciously.
"I don't think, I know. You are going to get the love of your life soon, you just have to keep going." I say in the sweetest tone, making her smile.
"And you keep bruising the ego of every man you see."
"It would be my pleasure to do so." I say in a posh tone, causing us both to giggle.
"Hey bitch!" I roll my eyes. Great(!)
"Leave her alone Chloe!" Cassidy says in my defence.
"Shut it duck face, I didn't talk to you." That really triggered me.
"Don't talk to her that way." I say in a cold calm tone.
"What are you going to do about it?" I smirk at her question.
"Princess, don't show your attitude to me. If I show you mine, you will forget yours." She huffs, clearly not expecting that answer.
"Shut up no Mama!" Really? Was that the best comeback she's got?
"Was that supposed to offend me? Because trust me Babygirl, I couldn't give a damn of what your insults are." She snaps back quickly, almost making me laugh.
"Ha! That's why I started to see someone and you can't get with one man!"
"Seeing someone?" Cassidy asks curiously.
"As in dating or hallucinations?" Cassidy chokes out a little laugh followed by giggles.
"Shut up! I am dating someone!" She says trying to make a point.
"Mhm, think what you want Babygirl." I say sarcastically.
"OH MY GOD, CHLOE!" Oh, what a lovely day(!) One of Chloe's minions appear.
"What's wrong?" Chloe asks.
"Chad broke up with me." Lina (Chloe's Minion) has tears rolling down her cheeks.
"What? Chad?" She asks as if Lina didn't just say that.
"YES!" She whines loudly.
"It's not a big deal you know." They divert their attention to me now.
"Stay out of this, ugly face." Chloe says.
"What do you mean?" Lina says at the same time.
"Well men are disappointing, so that's not a surprise." I say trying to prove a point.
"Well what's worse than a heartbreak?" Lina asks trying to make me stutter over my own words.
"Have you ever cheated on a test and still failed?"
"Ha! That's because you are not smart enough.!" Chloe interrupts.
"No, it's because I don't give a damn about writing on a piece of paper. It just tests your memory, not what you are good at. You on the other hand can't use your brain and work hard for something. You use whatever is between your legs to accomplish something."
"You little piece of shit!" She snaps at me.
"At least it smells better that you." I snap right back. Cassidy puts a hand infront of her mouth, trying not to laugh.
"Shut up! You can't be a woman and swear!" Oh yeah. If you haven't noticed already, I don't swear out loud. I haven't sweared at people aloud since that bastard was swearing in pleasure. It still gives me the creeps how men can be. I mean I was a child, a KID! Like, he was what- 10-11 years older than me? Men are messed up in the head.
"Swearing doesn't make you a woman. Respect and confidence does. So if you use swearing as a mask to hide behind and you make others believe you are not afraid of anything, your wrong. People can see right through it. The way you use swearing, it doesn't make you a woman, it makes you an insecure little girl."
She looks like she is fuming with anger. Good. She should feel like that, she knows it's true.
"Ok ladies! Be ready please! There is 15 minutes left!" Maika is the boss of the lady Subs.
"Hope I see you never loser." Chloe snarls.
"You will be doing us all a favour." Cassidy is full on laughing and Lina is trying to cover her laugh while Chloe screams in frustration.
"Fuck you!"
"I already do." I say in response to her 'command', and that's true, if I can't stand a man to give me pleasure, might as well do it yourself.
She stomps away with her minion right behind her. God these women are like dogs.
"You really can't be asked, can you?" Cassidy says as soon as she is FAR away.
"Nope." I say popping the 'p', making Cassidy giggle.
"Let's touch up our makeup!" We hurry to our station and put makeup on before getting called by Maika.
"So ladies, you will go in rows on stage. There will be five sets."

<<Fast forward to set 5>>

"And set 5:
Our most requested!" Cassidy leans over to my ear. "Yay, we are in the same set!" She whispers excitedly.
"We are always in the same set Cass." I whisper back and we smile at eachother. Cassidy is one of a kind.
"Ok, now let's get going!" Maika finalizes before we stay behind the side curtains to observe. One by one they get picked by Dom's wearing masks. Some are old, and some are smoking hot.
I make eye contact with one. He holds it and I am wondering who could be under that mask. My eyes bore into his and I swear I see his eyes darken for a moment.
Our little eye fuck moment gets ruined when he gets called by one of his mates and they move out of my sight.
"Hey, we are going on any minute." Cassidy reminds me and I nod.
"That's good."
"Now for the final set; Chloe, Cassidy and Adira!" Maika announces and Chloe pushes through.
"Move out of the way losers. Watch how I will get the most men to bid for me." I decide to play with her.
"I thought you were seeing someone." She huffs holds her chin up.
"That's none of your buisness!" I shake my head and walk in after Cassidy. When we turn to watch the people in the crowd, the light is blinding but I don't flinch.
"Bids open for Chloe, starting at $500!" Maika announces and soon people start saying number after number.
"500." says one.
"750." Says the other.
"1,500." Say and old man.
"3,000." Says a man that looks like he's sixteen.
"4,500." Says the old man again.
"$4,500 going once." Maika says.
"Going twice." She says again.
"Warning." She gives the chance to bid again.
"And sold to the gentleman in the front!"
She says 'sold' like she is selling junk instead of actual people.
Come to think of it, it is quite wierd when I said 'selling people'. Oh God Adira, just shut your mouth.
I look over at the man that bought Chloe. Damn he is old. I'm glad I am a brat. I hope I don't get an old man, I will give them a heart attack if one disobedient word comes out of my mouth.
I look over at Chloe and she is looking disappointed. Ha, Karma is definitely a bitch.
Chloe walks off the stage to her new Dom. I see her new Dom smiling like a creep. Ok, he is definitely a pervert and he is making me feel sorry for her.
"Now next is the lovely Cassidy! We will start at $1,000!" One by one, they get close to $5,000.
"5,600." One says.
"6,700." Says the other.
"7,500." Says the lady Dom.
"Going once." Maika says.
"Going twice." She says again.
Meh, the Dom lady doesn't look bad. I had a lady Dom once and she was fine, but her brother wasn't. Her brother came to me and thought he could fuck me. Boy was he wrong.
"$10,000!" A REALLY good looking man says. Cassy really got a Hotty to bid for her, $10,000 aswell! I'm so proud of her! That's the most she had gotten! He moves to the spotlight and I instantly recognise him as Mr Mysterio's friend he was talking to.
"$10,000 going once." She says.
"Going twice." Maika says again.
"Warning." She gives a chance to bid again. Silence. Oh boy yes!Go get him Cassy!
"And sold to the gentleman in the back!" Maika announces. Cassidy looks at me and smiles. I smile back and she leaves to join the side of her Dom.

My turn.

"Now, for our final Sub for the day, Adira! The most bratty of them all! Bid, buy and try to tame this tiger, but be careful because she bites." The crowd laugh and I try not to rroll my eyes.
"We will start our bid at $2,000 for her." Numbers and shouting fill the room as people spit out words.
"3,000" starts one.
"5,500" starts the other.
"10,000" says someone.
"35,000" protests the other.
"40,000" the room is silent. Another guy? Now this is life. I will make him regret buying me.
"40,000 going once." Maika addresses.
"Going twice." She says.
"Warning." She gives a chance for other people to bid.
"$50,000!" What? It was the same Dom that bought Cassidy, what the hell? Is this even allowed in the auction? I look at Cassidy that is looking up at her new Dom with the same confused face as mine. The personal assistant of the boss quickly scurries onto the stage, whispering something in Maika's ear, making Maika clear her throat.
"$50,000 going once." Is she really going through with this?
"Going twice."
"And sold to the gentleman in the back." This is getting interesting. No way in hell has this happend before. Watch when people are going to start doing the same thing. I walk over to the Dom and I stand near Cassidy. Is he going to share the both of us? Oh hell nah. He messed with the wrong bitch to think I will give him that shit.

I walk over to him and he smiles at me.
"Let's go ladies." We walk with him outside where we see a car waiting for us.
"Get in and buckle up." Me and Cassidy get ready to sit in the back before the Dom starts to speak again.
"No Cassidy, may you sit in the front please?" Did a DOM just ASK a SUB to do something? Ok then, respect ticked of my list for being a good Dom-that doesn't mean I am going to give him anything he wants because he is being nice right now. For all I know, it might be fake.

Cassidy gets in the front and I get in the back. Gassy is nothing like me, she is the good and obedient kitten. Me? I am a big kitten- a fucking tiger just as Maika said.
We start moving and whatever this Dom has planned for me, he is going to forget it.
"So ladies, you might be wondering why I bought the both of you." He starts and I roll my eyes, cutting him off before he can say anything after.

"The answers obvious, you want two for your own pleasure. Well guess what pal, you ain't going to get me in your bed even if it means all the dimes in the world. I'm priceless and worth the whole universe, not the $50,000 you paid for me." He just chuckles, the kind of chuckles that make your panties wet, but it didn't work for me.
"No Adira. My brother said he wanted you. He had an early flight to London." London? I have always wanted to see London until, you know, the incident.

"What?! I mean, sorry Master." Cassidy apologises sheepishly to the Dom while he chuckles again.
"It's okay Bunny, I know that slipped accidentally." Huh. Maybe he won't be such a bad Dom.

"So we are going London? You British?" I ask curiously.
"Yes." I nod at the expected answer.
"Well that's cool I guess." The car stops in traffic and the Dom pulls out what looks like a collar.

"If you don't know, I do not like other people touching what is mine. When you put this on, it will show other people that you belong to someone else. It may only be for a month, but you are under my protection. Do you understand Bunny?"

"Yes Master." The Dom puts the collar around Cassidy's neck and I sit back in the car seat impressed. I haven't seen a Dom be this kind, at least to me.

Soon after we arrive at the airport and I look out of the car window stunned.
"Just in case you didn't catch it, my name is Daniel." I look at him and see him smiling at Cassidy but talking to me.
"Well you are a very respectful man Daniel. You have my respect for now, make sure you don't loose it." Respect is a big deal for me, the only people that have it is Cassidy and Mr Sùarez, the boss of the auction.

"Well it's a pleasure that I have your respect. You look like a person that doesn't give trust and loyalty out easily." I shrug.
"I don't. One of the only people that have it is Cassidy, so you better not hurt her." He looks from me to Cassidy.
"Well you are going to be treated very nicely my little Bunny." He ghosts his hand over her thigh and looks her in the eye, asking for permission to put it there.
"Master." Cassidy says with a nod. He lightly rubs her thigh with a smile on his face. Oh, if every guy had the same softness he had for Cassidy.

"Clothes will be provided." The car starts moving again.
"I hope you got your phones and keys with you." I roll my eyes and tut.
"We live in an apartment, not on the streets and we need our phones. Of course we have all of that on us." He chuckles and puts one hand up, keeping control of the steering wheel with the other.
"Okay, just making sure." His hand returns to Cassidy's thigh and he smiles at her.
"Your friend is a little ball of fire, isn't she Bunny?" He softly pats her thigh.
"Yes she is Master." Cassidy says quietly, hoping not to get in any trouble.

"Bunny, you can be quiet if you would like, but if you disagree with anything you can tell me. I'm not going to punish you." Ok I like this Dom. Respectful and understanding. I don't know, if he was my Dom, I think I would let him fuck me. I said I think!
"O-ok Master." Cassidy manages to stutter out.

The rest of the car ride there fell into a comfortable silence.
Great. Now to make my new Dom's life a living hell.
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