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Chapter 10

Adira POV:

It's my second to last day here with Damien, and we have been talking about Sex Clubs. Although I was still pretty traumatised about what happened at the ball, I wanted to get it off my mind.
None of us have brought up that I need to go. Maybe they forgot?
If I am being honest with you, I haven't ever gone to Sex Clubs and I REALLY want to go.
I asked if me and Damien went, if Daniel and Cassidy wanted to go. They said they were alright, but Imogen wanted to come. OBVIOUSLY I would say yes- if we went.
Right now, I am in Damien's room watching him get changed. I can do this anytime- just watching him get changed.
"Do you remember when we were talking about how much fun it would be to go to some sort of sex club one day?" I ask.
"Vaguely." he says, sounding somewhat suspicious and slightly nervous. I don't understand why he would be suspicious, we have been literally been talking about it and I have been hinting at the idea that we are going to go sooner or later.
"What if... well I have been researching sex-clubs and found one that's perfect for beginners." I say and he laughs.
"You're joking, right?"
"Nope." I reply, smiling.

"Deadly serious. I have found a professional company that runs discreet clubs all over the world. They vet people before they can become members. I had to sit through a proper Skype interview last week before I could book this one." I say and he's silent for a moment and I can't tell what he's thinking.
"You booked it without me?" He asks.
"Hope your not mad." Of course, I understand him having some reservations. Privacy is a big thing for both of us, which is why I interrogated the person who interviewed me about what measures they have in place to ensure confidentiality.
They talked me through their policies, ensured me they had the most sophisticated data protection systems in place and, most importantly, that all visitors are banned from using any form of camera in their clubs, especially phones.
"Ok." He says.
We've talked about exhibitionism and voyeurism a lot over the last week. There are aspects of both that we find incredibly exciting. We've also shared fantasies about other people being involved, in various different ways.
I can recall a time when I showed him details of a hotel complex that I had found in Mexico on my phone that was described as 'adults only, clothing optional.' Whilst full-on naturism isn't something that really appeals to either of us, the idea of a grown-up playground, designed for exploring new pleasures, definitely does.

I sent him a picture of one of the suites, which had a whirlpool bath, big enough for several people, surrounded by mirrored walls. I also sent one of a canopied beach bed, surrounded by sheer white drapes.
We imagined what it would be like to fuckk on one of those in broad daylight, knowing others would be walking by. We also discussed what it would be like to be walking along and see or hear such action, knowing that the sea breeze would cause the curtains to gape and reveal the erotic images within.
"I am ready!" I say as I run all the way to the front door exited.
"Commme oooooon Damieennnnn!"
He walks out of his door checking his pocket to see if he had forgotten anything.
"I'm here, I'm here!" He exclaimes. I grab him by the wrist and attempt to pull him. Instead, he pulls me to his chest.
"Damieeeen! Now is not the time! We will have sex when we get there!" I complain. He chuckles at my enthusiasm to get there.
"Ok then. Let's go." He says.
He walks to the car while I hop in excitement to it.
"You are going to twist an ankle love."

He says getting in the car. When I get in, I turn to him and make my fingers dance on his lap. He stops doing his belt and looks at me.
"I was hoping you would make me not walk for an entire day, not the hopping." I stare him dead in the eye and I see his eye colour change. I smirk and remove my hand from his thigh and he continues to do his seat belt.
I get Damien's phone out and decide to call Imogen.
"What do you want Damien?" She yawns. "Please go fight with Adira, I am really sleepy."
I laugh at Imogen.
"Adira?" She askes curiously.
"Yep!" I assure her.
"Did you need anything? Is Damien being a pain in the ass again?" I laugh at her statement.
"Hey! I can hear you!" Damien exclaimes.
"Oh shoot!" She whisper yells and I laugh again.
"Don't worry. Damien is a big boy, he will get over it." I say. I bite my lip and look at Damien that saves a glance for me. He places his hand on my thigh and squeezes it.
"So? What did you need?"
"Well you know how we were talking about going to a Sex Club? Well we are going now. We are on our way to your apartment." I say.
"Good thing my roomie isn't here. She is OBSESSED with my brother and I like you." She says.
I bite my lip a little harder and Damien's hand goes further to my core.
"Thank you, we will be there in a few minutes. Be ready." I say.
"You got it." I hang up the phone and put it on the dashboard.
"Damien. As much as I would like to have sex in the car, I don't want your sister sitting in crap the back of the car."

He chuckle and put his hand on my knee. I sigh in relief because leaving me hot and bothered wasn't the way to go.
We arrive to Imogen's apartment and she is waiting outside with her sun glasses on.
"Finally! You're here!" She opens the door and sits in the back of the car.
"You didn't have sex here did you? I really don't want to be sitting on my non- existent nephew's and niece's." I laugh and Damien turned around to face her.
"Shut your big mouth Imogen. You were lucky I even took this car to pick you up in." Imogen rolls her eyes and closes the door.
"Let's go now." Imogen says. We make our way to the Sex Club and Damien gets out his door to open mine.
"If you don't want to... It's okay. It's really not a problem." He stands looking at me for a moment and then his face breaks out into a huge smile.
"Only live once, right?" He says.
"Right." I say, the relief in my voice evident.
"Now let's go have some fun." We grab each other's hands and make our way to the front door. I press the buzzer and we are welcomed by a guy in a suit who looks like a bouncer. We wait in the hallway for the hosts to arrive, both of us looking around, excited as to what we might see. Imogen goes around exploring by herself and I am left with Damien.
The couple who run this venue are the people who interviewed me and approved my membership application. They greet me like an old friend, both kissing and fussing over me as we make introductions. We're offered drinks and, once these appear, they begin the guided tour of the building.
Downstairs is mainly a chill-out area, fully of comfy sofas and tables. There are a few people sitting around, drinking and chatting, and most look up to smile or say hello as we walk through.

We climb the impressive staircase, which leads onto a galleried landing containing a number of doors. Some are open, some are closed. We are told that these are the playrooms, all with different themes, and that the etiquette is if a door is closed, it means the action going on behind it is private. If it's open, anyone is welcome to walk in.
There is a further staircase at the end of the landing. We are told that this leads to what's called The Attic, and it's set up for those who enjoy what our male hosts describe as, 'more extreme activities.' I give the woman a quizzical look. She laughs and tells me it's a bondage room, and it's generally not recommended for those on their first visit.
We're asked if we have any questions, to which we say no, and told to enjoy ourselves. They tell us they will be milling around and to come and find them if we need anything, then head of in different directions, leaving us standing there alone.

"What do you want to do?" He whispers, an excited tone creeping into his voice.
"I want to get another drink." I reply with a heavy breath.As we get back into the chill-out area, a member of staff asks what we would like to drink and tells us to make ourselves comfortable. We sink down on one of the plush sofas and furtively look at the people around us.
We're sipping on our drinks when another couple, who look around our age, come over and ask if they can sit with us. We say yes and they park themselves opposite. They're friendly and chatty, introducing themselves and telling us a little bit about themselves, without giving away or asking for personal information.
They quickly detect the difference in our accents, so I briefly tell them that we met at work- which was partly a lie, and that this is the first time we have spent time together in person. I expect them to be surprised by this, but she explains that they are also in a slightly unconventional relationship that started at work, and that they meet up a few times a year, normally at clubs and venues like this.
We've emptied our glasses and I know that he is itching to go and look around, so we tell the others we will see them later and head back upstairs.
The first door we come to is closed, although we can hear loud moaning coming from behind it. I try to stifle a giggle as we keep walking, which is partly due to nervous excitement, but mostly due to drinking on an almost-empty stomach.
The next door is open so, after exchanging quick affirmative glances, we step inside.

There's a large bed in the middle and an older couple are having sex on it, doggie-style. There are floor cushions and beanbags dotted around the room and two other couples are watching avidly, as if viewing a spectator sport. They barely register our arrival; their eyes are fixed on the bed.
Without saying anything, I grab his arm and pull him towards the door and back onto the landing.
"Everything okay?" He asks worriedly.
"Yeah... I guess. It was just a bit... weird." I say.
"What was?"
"You know... watching other people have sex. Close up." I clarify.
He laughs.
"Was that not what you were expecting, somewhere like this?"He asks. It's a good point and I can't help but laugh.
"Well yes, I suppose so, but... oh, I don't know. Anyway. Let's try another room, shall we?" I suggest. He takes my hand and walks to the next open door. This room looks like a bathroom, except it only contains a big jacuzzi-type bath.
There are quite a few people standing around the outside, watching the three attractive woman who are in the bubbling water, seemingly naked and drinking cocktails. They're sitting close together and whispering to each other, but don't seem to be doing much more.

I feel an arm around my waist and assume it's Damien, so am confused when I then see him standing on my other side. I turn to see whose arm it is and find it belongs to a guy I saw downstairs when we first arrived.
"You go in the water?" He asks, in an accent I cannot place.
"Maybe later." I reply, quickly stepping back so that I am out of his reach.
I feel another arm being wrapped around my shoulder. This time, it's the right person.
"You're popular." His voice is drowned out by the sound of the jacuzzi.
"So, are you getting in the water, or not?" He asks and I attempt to dig him in the ribs with my elbow, but he's moved before I can make any real contact. With nothing much to see in here, he gestures towards the door and I nod in agreement.
The next room is instantly more interesting. It has a large bed, similar to the first one, but here there are two couples in action on it. The women are facing each other in the middle and are kissing; each is being fucked from behind by their respective partner.
There are already several people watching them, but I can see some empty cushions in one of the corners, so go and sit down. He joins me, pulling me close and wrapping his arm around my shoulder. He rests his free hand on my leg.
We watch the couples in action without saying a word.

It's incredibly hot, watching something so intimate take place only a few feet in front of us, hearing every sound. As the women begin to touch each other, my breath is getting faster and so is his.
The hand that he has around my shoulder lowers so that he can stroke the outline of my hardening nipple through my top. The hand on my leg is inching further and further upwards. I can't resist it; I reach for his crotch and smile as I discover he's hard. We're both enjoying the show in front of us.
After a while, the room starts getting busier, so I whisper in his ear that we should try somewhere else. He gets to his feet first and holds out his hands to pull me up. As I straighten up, I plant a quick kiss on his lips, before moving past the other people and making our way outside.
"Fuck, that was hot." He murmurs as we wander down the landing.
There are a few more closed doors, and only one open one remains. We walk inside to find that it's set up as a cinema room. There's a giant screen on one wall and the usual array of cushions and beanbags on the floor, several of which are already occupied. As we find somewhere to sit, I realise it's a porn movie and inwardly laugh at myself for not figuring that out sooner.
We resume the cuddle position we had in the previous room and start watching the screen, which involves a threesome between a woman and two guys. It's an idea that's always fascinated me, although I've never contemplated the reality of trying it. It's fun to watch though and, yet again, I feel his hand reaching up my skirt. He discreetly rubs my pussy through my soaking panties, and I have to bite my lip a few times to stop myself making a noise.
I feel someone sit down on my other side and glance over to see who it is, only to see Imogen smirking whilst looking at the screen. I turn back to the movie aswell and keep watching.

She leans towards me and whispers in my ear.
"So, how's it going? Having a good time?"
I'm not sure if we're supposed to be talking in here, so I just smile at her and nod my head.
I feel his fingers moving again and try to keep my breathing at a normal rate, not wanting to draw attention to myself.
All of a sudden, I feel a hand squeezing my knee. I instantly know it's her. I'm equally stunned and aroused by this surprise gesture, and I'm frozen to the spot as I feel the two different hands on me.
I turn to look at her again and she's watching me intently. She reaches towards me and tucks my hair behind my ear, before gently stroking my cheek and trailing her fingertips down my neck.
I wonder if he knows what's going on and if so, what he thinks.
He must read my mind as he whispers in my other ear.
"Have some fun, I'm enjoying the view. And the results."
My brain is struggling to keep up with everything that's happening to me, but all I know is that it feels beyond exciting. I look to her again and this time, she leans in and kisses me. Fuckk! It's been years since I have kissed another woman, and I'd forgotten how good it feels. As does the attention that my pussy is receiving from his fingers.
I assume she doesn't know what he's doing to me, but then she softly murmurs:
"Imagine how good it will feel when he makes you cum."

I gasp as she kisses me again, this
time more passionately. I reach out
to touch her face as the kiss
continues, and she starts squeezing
my knee again, occasionally trailing
her nails a few inches up the inside
of my thigh.
I've never experienced anything
quite like this before, being
sandwiched between two pleasure-
givers in such a way. I begin to
stroke the outline of his hard cock
once more with the hand on that
side, and I run my other hand through her long hair as we continue to kiss.
In no time at all, I feel the orgasm
building. As it takes over my body, I
moan into her mouth, which stifles
at least some of the sound, but not
all of it. I notice other heads in the
room turning towards us and
wonder if I was louder than I
"Come on, I think we should
get another drink. I bet you
need one!"

She laughs, going to get up.
I turn to him and he is smiling at me
with a slightly astonished look on his
"Did you... ?" His smile grows bigger and he leans in for a kiss. I give the kiss back to him and smile into it.
"I'll see you in a few minutes." He whispers, and I giggle, realising what the issue might be.
"Ok Master." I whisper. He winks and leaves to go sort out his " little" problem.
Imogen comes back and sits next to
me. She smirks and I can't help but
to smirk back.

"Just letting you know Adira, my brother hasn't told me to do anything like that before." She says taking a sip of her drink.
"But when did he tell you? I was with him all day today." I ask curiously.
"He told me before. You kept on talking about Sex Clubs and I owed him a favour, and TRUST me, he never wastes his favours on Sub." I bite my lip and she nudges my shoulder.
"You're special to him. I wouldn't mind if you are my sister in law, quite frankly I prefer you over my roomate." I smile and look up at the now black screen.
Damien comes back with a glass and
I cup Damien's chin, kissing him and
slipping my tongue in his mouth. He
rests his hands on my hips and I pull
away, sitting in my seat and resting
in it like nothing happened.
"Well that was a bit unexpected."
I smile at him.
"You can say that again." I say. He chuckles and gets a piece of my hair, twisting around his finger.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed watching you." I blush at his words.
"So, do you want to go back upstairs and see what's going on?"

He swirls his glass, making the ice- cubes clink as he considers the question.
"No, I want to get back to the house. There's one last thing I want to tick off my list before tomorrow." He says. Great(!) Looks like he didn't forget.
"Ohhh... What's that?" I ask curiously.
"You'll find out, soon enough." He says.
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