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Chapter 11

Adira POV:

My mind races at the possibilities. Surely there's not much else left that we haven't already tried?
We finish our drinks and, saying goodbye and thank you to the hosts, go and go in Damien's car. We quickly climb in, grateful to escape from the cold weather.

We spend the rest of the journey in silence, both reflecting on the incredible but crazy night we've had. Back at the house, we head straight to Damien's room. I open the door and he closes it behind us.

Looks like Cassidy is out with Daniel having her final time with him.
The curtains are still open, and I go over to look out the windows and take in the magnificent views once more.

"I'm going to miss seeing this everyday." I sigh as I think things over.
"I just hope I never forget it." I realise that it sounds as if I am talking about more than just the view, and I hope he doesn't think I'm about to get emotional. In truth, I am, but I don't want to do that. Not tonight.

"Well I might just have a way to make you remember it." He comes from behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"In fact, it's the thing I mentioned earlier." I don't ask him what he means as it's clear I will be finding out shortly.

He kisses the back of my neck and runs his hands all over my body. I try to turn towards him, but he stops me. Slowly he begins to peel off my clothing, one item at a time, kissing my back and shoulders in the process. I moan as he nibbles the patch of skin on my neck that he now knows will make my knees weak.

I hear him undressing behind me and I try again to turn around, but he holds me where I am, preventing me from moving. I gasp as I feel his hard cock pressing against my back and once more as he grabs my breasts with his hands. Gently, he pushes me towards the window and places my hands against the glass, raised above my head.

Instinctively, I open my legs, knowing what he wants to do. Sure enough, I feel him moving behind me as he bends slightly and slides inside me. I'm still a soaking mess from when I came earlier. With one hand on my hip and the other stretched out over one of mine, he slowly fucks me as we look down at the brightly lit city below us.

It's unlikely that anyone can see us with how high up we are, but neither of us would care if they could; in fact, the idea of someone watching us right now would only add further to the experience.

He begins to whisper in my ear about how turned on he got as he watched me kiss another woman. He goes on to tell me what he would've liked to happen, how he would've liked the three of us to find an empty room and continue to enjoy each other there.
My splayed fingers are sliding down the glass as he begins to pound me, but I never once remove them.

I lean back into him, enjoying the feeling of having him so deep inside me. He wraps an arm around my chest, just under my tits, and pulls me even closer to him. The other hand reaches for my pussy and once again, his expert fingers stroke my clit until I am ready to explode.

"Don't ever forget this." He growls in my ear the exact moment I feel my orgasm start.

I cry out as my pussy begins to contract around his cock. He continues to fuck me as I try to stay upright; my legs are like jelly now, and I'm not sure how much longer I can stand. As if he can read my mind, he quickens his pace and cums, hard, whilst buried deep inside me.
"Fuck, I needed that." He whispers as he pulls me onto the bed and into his arms.

My head is spinning by now. I've had more sexual adventures in these last few days than I have in the last few years. I'm mentally and physically exhausted, I've eaten little all day and drunk a little more than I probably should.

I know tomorrow morning will be one of the most difficult moments of my life. I know that I am leaving here a different woman to the one who arrived last month.
I know I need to sleep and, before I can think of anything else, I have dropped off.

Unlike the previous nights, the last one was restless. I woke again, just a few hours after falling asleep. I think I'd had a bad dream, though I couldn't be sure what that involved. All I know is I woke feeling desperately sad and unsettled.

I lay there in the dark, replaying everything that had happened since we got here. I thought about the fun we'd had, the laughs we'd shared. I remembered the conversations we'd enjoyed.

And I recalled every sexual encounter in vivid, graphic detail. We had done things that I had never imagined I would ever actually do. With his help, I had pushed my boundaries in ways previously inconceivable. And I had loved every single minute.
I could not bear the thought that it was nearly over, never to be repeated.

The more I thought about what I would be losing, the more desperate I began to feel. How could I walk away from this man who had given me so much? I could not contain the tears any longer. I wept silently, trying not to move. Then I felt his arm tighten around me, pulling me closer to him.

"It's going to be okay. We will talk everyday, nothing's going to change." But that was exactly what the problem was. It had already happened. In just this month, everything had changed. Nothing would ever be the same again. I did not reply, pretending to be asleep. Soon after, he dropped off again. By the time the alarm goes off, I have been awake for six hours.

"Hey beautiful." He says, sleepily stretching his arms. Damn he's so perfect in the morning too!
"Good morning hot stuff." I reply, attempting to sound more cheerful than I feel. He pulls me back towards him, and I contentedly snuggle up with my head on his shoulder, taking in every detail of him and willing myself not to forget a single thing. When he leans down to kiss me,

I respond enthusiastically, knowing that in a few hours' time, these lips will only be a memory.

As the passion continues to build, he rolls me onto my back and climbs on top of me. For a moment, we just stare into each other's eyes, exchanging silent messages. I am tempted to vocalise my feelings, but just at the point where I open my mouth to speak, he rubs his thumb across my lips with the tiniest shake of his head.

That's the point where I realise that it's affecting him as much as it is me.
Almost replaying our first time together, he enters me slowly and fucks me tenderly, sensually and deliberately. Every nerve ending in my body responds to his touch as he thrusts long and hard, never once taking his eyes away from me. My emotions soon turn into pure desire; all I can think of is how amazing this feels as we move together.

The closer we get to orgasm, the more intense the kisses become. We use our mouths, our lips, our tongues and our teeth to say what we need to, without using words. My fingers dig into his ass cheeks as I push him deeper inside me; I simply cannot get enough of him. His hands are in my hair, on my breasts and on my neck.

Without warning, he grabs my legs and pulls them up, bending my knees towards my chest and then over his shoulders. This allows him to give me even more of him, and I moan loudly as his cock hits the spot that will quickly send me over the edge.

He kisses me hard once more, and that's the moment when I cum in delicious waves, screaming his name as I thrash around against the pillows. A minute later, he joins me, grabbing my ankles tightly as he drives into me for one last time, filling me with yet more of his hot, sticky fluid.

"I fucking love you." He mutters and I don't think I was supposed to hear that.

But am I ready for love?
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