Master (18+)

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Chapter 13

Adira POV:

After that morning to remember, sadness hits me all over again.
We stay cuddling for a few more minutes before I decide to get up.
"Where are you going love?" I look back at him and he is looking worried.
"I'm going to go get ready." I say. His eyes droop with sadness like mine do and he nods.
"Ok love." He says. The truth is I had been so attached to a man I couldn't keep. Staying there longer, despite already getting emotionally attached, I would realise sooner or later that I couldn't live without him.
I head to to the bathroom, get naked and hop in the shower. Soon after, Damien follows.He gets naked but I am facing the shower head. I can see him in the reflection of the tile.
I bit my lip as my eyes travel down to his erection and I turn on the shower. He walks towards the shower, but as soon as he steps in, he hisses.
"Why the hell do you like to shower in skin boiling water?!" He exclaims.
"Because I am from hell and I am homesick." I respond with sass. He chuckles and pinches my ass. I yelp and place my hands flat on the shower wall.
"Damien!" I scold. He changes the water temperature and hugs me from behind. His beard is trickling the soft spot on my neck and I shiver.
I move my head to the side to give him a hint that I want him to bless me in the fucking shower. He gets the hint and chuckles while kissing the spot behind my ear. I moan and one of his hands travel down to my core and the other gently '<needs my breast.
"Is this what you want my dirty little slut? Do you want daddy to fuck that little, tight pussy of yours?" I bite my lip at his dirty words.
"Yes Master." I say. His fingers dance across my folds, teasing both my clit and my entrance.
"Oh my God Damien..." I whisper under my breath. He grabs my leg, turning me around and picking me up, putting my leg over his shoulder and putting my back against the cold shower tiles.

He looks down there and licks his lips.
"Remind me kitten, whose pussy is that?" He says.
"D-da..." I get quieter as his thick fingers enter me slowly.
"What was that love?" His husky voice whispers. He starts to move his fingers in and out faster and I arch my back off the wall.
"Daddy's pussy." I say.
"And who is daddy?" He says. He curls his fingers inside me and I let out a loud moan.
"You are- GOD!" I scream as he adds a third finger in me.
"And who am I to you kitten?" He stretches me out even further and I hold on his shoulders for support.
"My Master." I feel myself going on edge and feel Damien use his thumb to massage my clit as he keep pumping in and out of me- fast.
"That's it my love. Spread your beautiful cum all over my fingers. Never forget that I am the one who gave you all these sex adventures and I am the one you love." With these final words, I burst on his fingers while screaming his name.

I feel my pussy beat and his fingers move out of me slowly. I hiss at the loss of contact and he put my leg down on the floor.
I shake and fall into his chest. My breathing gets heavy and I look up at him. He is already smiling and looking down at me.
"What?" I smile. I shiver a little while looking up at him and he cups the back of my head.
"You cold love? Want to go back in the water?" I look around and see that we have moved away from the hot water to the front shower tiles.
"Yeah." I move first to the water and I could feel his eyes on my ass.
"Stop staring and got your ass on this chair now." I say. I put the towels that were on a chair, on the floor and put the chair under the water.
"Why do we need a chair?" He asks and I look at him. He is looking puzzled, good.
"Just sit down." He follows my orders and sits down on the chair. He moans quietly as he is in contact with the water.
I walk over to him and throw my legs on either side of him. I sit right above his cock and grind against it. He rests his hands on my hips and throws his head back.
"Holy fuck..."

I look down and I see the way I make his dick move as i grind on it.
He shuffles a little, making the head of his cock enter me slightly. I moan and rest my head on his shoulder.
"Sorry love."
I smile and bring my fingers to entangle in his hair.
"Don't be." I whisper. I get up slightly and one of my hands run down his chest to stroke his hard cock.
He mutters under his breath and i start to stroke slower like i was a predator ready to pounce on prey-In this case, his cock is the prey. I am going fuck that little fucker until Damien knows that he doesn't belong to any woman but me.
"Can I take control Master?" I ask
He looks me in the eye and nods. I smile and get off him.
"Where the hell are you going? Are you just going to leave me with this cock you turned into a fucking monster?" I bit my lip at him and he follows. I get on my knees, placing both hands on his thigh, holding my own hair up. I look up at him and he is watching me carefully.
"Do you want daddy's cock in your little mouth baby?" I wrap both my hands around the head of his cock and squeeze a little. He clenches his jaw and smirks at me.
"Yes daddy." I say.

He pats my hand away from his cock and I look confused.
"Daddy, I want your cock in my mouth, let me have it."
He chuckles and wraps his own hand around his cock, stroking it up and down.
"Play with yourself my love. You have a vibrator in the bathroom cupboard if you prefer me watch your breast bounce up and down whilst you fuck yourself on a fake dick." I smirk at his thought and get up to go get the vibrator. I get one that is waterproof and has a socket for it to stay in one place.
I walk back in to see Damien still stroking himself whilst enjoying the hot water that is pleasing both his skin and his cock.
"I'm back." I announce.
He looks at me and smiles.
"Ok my dirty kitten." I sit on my ass on the warm floor and circle my entrance with my middle finger. Damien watches my every move.
I spread my legs further apart and rub my clit whilst looking at his cock disappear and reappear as his hand moves up and down it.
I get on one of my elbows and grab the vibrator, turning it to a medium power. I massage my clit with it first before putting it in myself. I moan as soon as the vibrator vibrates against my g-spot.
Damien is still watching me, only this time, he is also playing with his balls. I decide to do two things at once.
I change my position so that I am ontop of the vibrator and remove Damien's hand from his cock.
He holds my hair up in bunches as I put my lips around the head of his cock, steadying myself over the vibrator.

I sink down on the fake dick and move down Damien's cock at the same time.
As I bob my head up and down, I also bounce myself up and down, feeling the new sensation of sex.
"I'm so fucking close..." He mutters. I decide to focus on his wanting for sex and only make him reach his peak. When he bursts, I remove my head to see his thick, white liquid flow out of him. He relaxes and looks down at me while i am smiling at his cock.
I just sit on top of the vibrator which tingles in me and clench around it watching Damien's cum drip down the side of him.
I lick from the bottom all the way to the top before taking him all back in, 'cleaning' him.
I pepper kisses around his cock and balls, imagining him giving me non stop orgasms. I finally reach my end and sink in the vibrator as I cum all over it.
I moan and take myself off it, making my way to Damien's lips and sitting on his lap.
"I was supposed to take charge." I mutter and he chuckles.
"You did. If I was in charge, I would have fucked you against the shower wall." I smile and give him a small kiss on the lips.
"We were supposed to shower to get cleaned, but we got more dirty." I say and he chuckles.
"We have plenty of time for that love."


One thing in the world I don't have right now...
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