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Chapter 14

Adira POV:

Now it is time to leave.
We had all gotten ready, and eaten before we leave.
I look better than I feel if I am being honest. Cassidy is waiting on the couch next to Daniel and I know she feels like shit.
In all truths I don't want to leave, but I feel like I have to, for some reason. Am I even ready to take a step in life?
Daniel is holding Cassidy's hand and it looks like she is wearing a promise ring.
I keep looking at the ring on her finger. She is going to the auction with me, for me. I feel bad separating her and Daniel.
Out of nowhere, a hand goes infront of my face holding something.

I look back and see that it is Damien that is wearing a sad smile.
"Hey." I say.
Hi." He says.
He wraps sometthing around my neck and I am thinking it is a choker.
"What's this?" I ask. He clips it on and I turn around to look at him. He is smiling at it but I can't see what it is.
"Go check in the mirror" He says. I look over to the mirror and just gasp. Oh My Lord. Is he... Is he for real?
Never have I had someone give me a choker CLAIMING to be theirs.
"Damien..." I whisper. I touch it and observe the beauty around my neck.
He hugs me from behind and kisses the side of my neck.
"You're mine. If anyone touches you, they are a dead man."
I turn around to kiss him. After our tongue fight for dominance, I eventually give up and break the kiss, laying my forehead on his.
"Yes sir." I say. He smiles and brings my lips in for another kiss.
"Good." He says approvingly.

We look back at Cassidy and Daniel and they are also looking into eachothers eyes.
"Stay Cassidy." I say and they both look at me.
"What?" She asks. I smile at her.
"Stay with the love of your life. I won't force you to come. I want you to be happy, and I haven't seen you this happy before. Stay." Her tears start to build up and she shakes her head, smiling at me.
"I will always be with you Adira. You are my sister. No matter how in love I am, nothing comes before you."
Daniel smiles and kisses Cassidy's hand.
There is only one bad thing about the auction, you cannot buy the same person twice. Why? Well I don't know.
My alarm beeps and I look down at my phone with a frown.
"Time to go." These three words made everyone deep frown.
"Ok." Damien says and Daniel frowns.
"Let's go my love."
We all walk to the car and get in. The only thing I go with me is the dress from the ball.
In a few minutes we are at the jet and me and Damien look at eachother. We get out of the car and Cassidy stands on my side whilst Daniel stands near Damien.

"Well... I guess this is goodbye then..." I say. The boys put their hands in their pockets and we stay silent for a moment.
I drop the bags in my hand and walk up to him for a desperate kiss. He wraps his arms around me tight and kisses me hard.
"You son of a bitch. Making me get emotionally attached to you. One day I am going to kill you." I whisper against his lips. He chuckles and grabs my hair into his fists.
"It's your fault too. You made me emotionally attached to you too."
I hug him tight and bury my face in his neck.
"I am going to miss you." I say. I squeezes me tighter and kisses my shoulder.
"I will too." He says. We break the hug and I see Cassidy has tears down her cheeks.
"Cassy stay. I hate seeing you cry." I say. I really hated the fact that I made Caassy cry.
"No. I'm fine. I just need some time." She says. Daniel pulls her in his arms and kisses the top of her head.
"I love you sweetheart."
"I love you too." Cassidy says.
"Don't forget about me." Daniel says in a teasing tone.
"Wouldn't dream of it." Cassidy says with a smile on her face. The moment got interrupted when the pilot asked for us if we were ready.
We walk in the plane doors but I turn around to Damien.
"I love you Master." I say. He seemed taken aback by my confession and was ready to say something. I'm sorry Damien, I don't have the bravery to have this talk with you yet. All I know, is that I love you with all my heart Damien.
We make our way to the auction place in silence. Bye bye London. It was nice knowing you. Thank you for all the adventures.
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