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Chapter 15

Adira POV:

A Month Later...

Its been a month since we left Damien and Daniel.
Miaka moved our auction date because she expected me to come back earlier than usual.
Cassidy has become more quiet and I haven't wanted to pick any fights with Chloe. She would just run her mouth and I would take it.
We talked for the first week on the phone, and ever since, he has ignored me.
Now I am wondering if this was all a game to him just to play with my feelings then leave me emotionally unavailable and emotionally tired.
"Hey Cass..." I say tired. Have I forgot to mention I would cry at some times when the emotion and image of him would overwhelm me?
"Hey..." She says with a sad smile. Even Daniel has ignored her. The first man I gave my trust to look after Cassidy. He broke her fucking heart too.
I told you all boys are shit. I should have listen to my Bratty side, she was the one that got rid of any man that tried to overpower me.
I had gone soft the last months. Crying? Only Damien has made me do that. And it is not because he did things without my consent or scared me, because he was ignoring me and I was missing him. Son of a bitch. And not ONCE have we taken the necklace and ring off.
"What time is the auction?" She says.
In all honesty, I forgot about the auction. The time has come.
"In an hour." I say.
"We better get ready then." Cassidy says. We walk silently to the dressing rooms to get changed into our dresses.

The dresses we are wearing are ones Damien and Daniel gave us for the ball. We kept it all this time.
"I miss him." Cassidy says with a sigh. I look at myself in the mirror and nod.
"Me too." Obviously we are talking about our own men, but can we really call them that?
"Ok girls! Get ready!" Maika calls.
"Move bitch." Chloe nudges her shoulder with me and smirks. I have a neutral face, not giving her the attention she so desperately wants.
"You need to be careful Adira." Cassidy says and I look at her curiously.
"Why do you say that Cass?" I ask.
"Daniel told me the guy that was at the ball, was called Atlas. He said he would be here." My heart rate increases a little at Cassidy's statement. Shit, I forgot about him! The past won't let me get on with my future!
"Thanks for reminding me." I say. She nods and smiles a bit. I wish this could last longer than just a few seconds. I hated seeing Cassidy sad. The moment is ruined when Miaka shouts through the microphone.
"Come on girls! Show time! Same groups as last time."

We are in our groups and people are talking, but my eyes are off the stage and into the crowd, looking for Damien. Although I shouldn't hope, I can't help but get a little hope that he would be here.
I keep looking and he is no where to be found. The only person I saw was THAT son of a bitch, and please do not get me started on all the bullshit this man has said and the piece of shit he is.
"Now group 5: Chloe, Cassidy, Adira" Maika introduces. We all go on the stage together this time and my eyes still look in the crowd. Everything is useless. He is not here. He is not coming for me.
Chloe gets sent off with what looks like a decent young man and instead of Cassidy going first, Miaka says this...
"Now we have changed things up a little. This month is a one time thing, We will have these two sisters get sold to one person! Two in one, how does that sound ladies and gents?" They all clap and I am looking back at Miaka in disgust.
"Miaka what is this? We didn't sign up for this!" I whisper. There was no way in hell, that is that son of a bitch buys me, am I putting Cassidy at risk. Miaka covers the microphone for a moment.
"You will be fine sweetheart." She says and I start to get annoyed.
"Miaka-" I whisper yell but get rudely interrupted by her voice blaring into the mic.
"OK! Bidding for these two lovely ladies start at $10,000."

"Half a million dollars!" Atlas shouts. I could hear gasps in the crowd. This is not how an auction is supposed to work anyways! This idiot! You are supposed to build the money up, not say your highest price!
"Oh... Well half a million going once." Miaka says.
"Half a million going twice." She continues.
"Warning..." She says.
I am going to beat the living shit out of that bastard if he tries anything with Cassidy. I am so fucking READY to put him 6ft under this earth.
"These beautiful ladies are so-" Miaka gets interrupted by Mr Suarez.
"Enough!" Mr Suarez gets on stage and everything goes deadly silent.
Mr Suarez is the boss of this auction, and a really nice old man.
"Sorry to disappoint anyone, but these women are not for sale." He starts.
"Sir I-" He turns to Miaka and gives her a glare.
"Enough Miaka. This wasn't in the contract." He turns to the crowd and holds a hand up.
"You may continue to bid for other women. These are not available anymore."

We hear groans and I am so thankful that we won't go anywhere.
He whispers just enough for me and Cassidy to hear.
"Let's go girls." I look back and see that Atlas isn't there anymore. Thank God!
We are walking down the corridor to his office.
"Thank you so much sir." I say and he chuckles.
"It's not me you should be thanking." We stop at the door.
"Walk in there. I will see you another time girls." I want to ask him why we have to go in there on our own, but I feel like I am being rude.
"Yes sir. Thank you."
He smiles and walks away, leaving us alone.
"What do you think is in there?" I ask and Cassidy shrugs.
"I'm not sure. Just open it."
I open the door and my face falls in shock. It's like looking at a painful memory.
There stands Daniel and Damien.
Oh God...
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